Top Ten Best Places To Avoid ConflictWith country disputes and tribal combat becoming a daily event in the news, its hard ...
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Top Ten Best Places To Avoid Conflict


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Top Ten Best Places To Avoid Conflict

  1. 1. Top Ten Best Places To Avoid ConflictWith country disputes and tribal combat becoming a daily event in the news, its hard to imaginelocations in the world where you might be left at peace. Conflict in the world weighs large on the soul,and many of us seek out the actual solace of freedom and calm.• New Zealand - geographically, New Zealand is easily the most expansive and isolated fully developed country in the world. It gives no borders as well as sits at a distance from other countries, as well as ranked number one in the global peace index in 2009.• Bhutan - one of the most isolated nations in the world, Bhutan is landlocked through mountains, making any kind of invasion difficult. Its peace is also significantly because of the religious attitude of its peoples, who believe in peaceful resolution to conflict.• Iceland - Iceland is a stable country , stable enough in fact to have no army forces. It is arranged apart from other nations and has virtually no opponents in the world.• Tuvalu - the third least populated country on the planet , Tuvalu is limited in the middle of Micronesia, and it is an island, so has no border conflict. It is also arguably one of the most stunning places in the world.• Finland - historically recognized as neutral in all conflict, it ranks ten in the worldwide peace index.• Seychelles - nestled right in the middle of the indian ocean, the island provides safety and relaxed.• Canada -- whilst being the second biggest nation in the world, this shares a border with the USA, however historically this has been a peaceful union. It also has excellent expanses of wilderness , making it a perfect place to hide out in any conflict.• Papua brand new Guinea - some of the regions in this country are yet to be discovered , so it makes sense which Papua New Guinea is one of the safest locations on earth.• Costa Rica - panama and nicaragua , offers a stable democracy, disbanded military and a national policy of neutrality. What more would you ask for?• Switzerland - having always remained neutral, as well as bordering Austria, another neutral country, switzerland is a great bet if you are seeking peace.With each one of these countries, although risk-free , make sure you do not travel without the relevanttravel cover policies can be found on the internet , but they are important for anybody making a trip.Costa Rica marketing