Best Places To See In Costa Rica


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Best Places To See In Costa Rica

  1. 1. Best Places To See In Costa RicaHaving Visited panama and nicaragua , , I have compiled a list of the best locations to go to. This listis simply by no means comprehensive or complete, its really a checklist of all the areas I would visitwhen i go to Costa Rica.Arenal VolcanoThe Arenal Volcano area is one of Costa Ricas top points of interest. Only 3 hours away from SanJos, inside the town of La Fortuna, stands a regal 1,633m volcano, known to be one of the mostactive in the world. Despite its constant activity, the volcano is very safe to visit as long as you keepwithin the safety perimeter. In this area take advantage of the perfect natural surroundings! proceedfishing, horseback riding; take a canopy tour, river rafting or experience a significant canyonexpedition. Whatever you decide, be sure to visit the relaxing hot rises in the area, the most well-known being Tabacon as well as Baldi.La Fortuna and SurroundingsOften merely referred to as La Fortuna, the town of La Fortuna de San Carlos is the gateway for themagnificent Arenal Volcano. A charming as well as quiet town, la Fortuna is easily available from thecapital metropolis San Jose, and offers some panoramic views of the spectacular Arenal, CostasRicas the majority of active volcano. Hanging out 10 kilometers away from town and regularlyspewing smoke as well as ash for some time right now , the Volcan Arenal is the countrys premiertourist attraction which is indeed a picture to behold.Over the last few years in particular, la Fortuna has become quite a bustling town. However , thereare plenty of accommodations, resorts and hotels here to suit each budget. A must test when in LaFortuna are the amazing resort spas surrounding the volcano. On a clear day you can watch thevolcano erupt and when you wait for nightfall, the Arenal places on a brilliant show with bright redrocks tumbling down its sides. NExt to the volcano, this city has other fantastic tourist attractions likethe la Catarata de la Fortuna, Tabacon hot Springs, white water river rafting , hiking excursions,water-skiing , canoeing, fishing, horseback riding , canopy tours as well as Cao Negro boat Tours arejust a few of the many activities any particular one can enjoy while you are the following.Monteverde Cloud ForestMost famous for being associated with the Monteverde Cloud natrual enviroment Reserve,the tinycommunity of Monteverde is a small village located near the access of the cloud natrual enviroment.Monteverde was started by the Quaker local community that migrated coming from North America topanama and nicaragua , in the 1950s. Around , which is actually father christmas Elena, youll findbanking institutions , drug store, a local hospital , book store, service station , ATM machine, policestation, post office, grocery stores , internet cafes, restaurantsAs the weather here is very chilly and misty, due to the village getting high up in the Tilaran MountainRange, you need to bring some thick clothes and a mild jacket to stay comfortable. When here, dontforget to try out the tasty local cheeses, that are a treat to eat. If you are a bird watcher, this kind ofvillage offers several lovely bird watching opportunities , even though you are not inside the cloud
  2. 2. forest by itself. However, if you prefer to do the more touristy point , visit the local craft centers, thewomens co-op center, the butterfly garden and also the Hummingbird Gallery around.Dominical BeachLocated on Costa Ricas amazingly gorgeous Central Pacific shoreline , the small village a fDominical is a surfers paradise where waves may reach over 12 feet high, a spot rich in islandbiodiversity and amazing marine flora and fauna. It is the ideal combination between the substantialgolden coasts packed with scenic beaches & luscious mountains.Dominical is a 4 kilometer long beach remove , with a few hotels, lodges, resorts and eating places inthe area. While going swimming here is near impossible with the strong increases and rip tides, onecan kayak off the coast or take pleasure in some diving or snorkeling opportunities in the area.Horseback tours can also be arranged to the neighborhood Nauyaca Waterfalls, or one can visit theMarino Ballena National park , which is home to several marine mammals such as turtles and whalesthat come here seasonally to mate as well as nest. If you like, you can take a short tour to the lovelyCao Island just off the coast. This island is considered one of the best adventure scuba diving spotsin the world which is home to an impressive selection of underwater marine life.TortugueroTortuguero National park is one of Costa Ricas most biologically diverse wildlife areas. Offering oneof the most verdant areas in the country, the 26 ,156 hectare park was created with the main purposeof protecting saving money sea turtle nesting area. Tortuguero owes its very wet tropical forest for the5000 to 6000 millimeters of rainfall it receives each year. These climatic conditions are favorable togreater than 400 tree varieties , around 2200 types of other plants and more than 400 birds, sixtyamphibian and 25 fresh water fish species, along with several endangered pets including tapirs,monkeys, ocelots, jaguars, manatees and sloths. Tortuguero is characterized by beautifully sceniccanals, lagoons and rivers which may be toured by boat , canoe or kayak. In addition to the greenturtle, three other sea turtle species nesting on the parks shorelines.MalpaisMalpais is situated around the Pacific coast regarding Costa Rica on the southern tip of the NicoyaPeninsula. Also known as the Hawaii of latina America, there are several shorelines to swim, dive orsnorkel climax main attraction is actually its unique conditions for surfing and its pristine subtropicaldynamics. Horseback riding, sportfishing, cover tours, scuba, as well as nature tours make up someof the other popular activities nearby. Malpais is a community as opposed to any other in panama andnicaragua , with a strong surf culture and a the laid-back atmosphere which maintains the type of sunkissed tourism that created Costa Rica famous.MalPais boasts a great collection of places to stay as well as eat from camping out on the beach tobe able to luxurious resorts and a wide range of actions. Without a doubt its a very attractive place toloosen up and enjoy the golden rays of the Pacific setting sun.Turrialba ValleyWith several stunning views regarding Costa Ricas rural countryside, Turrialba is really a charminglittle city in the lush as well as beautiful Central area in Cartago province. Famous for being any white
  3. 3. water rafting hotspot and base camping , this town is situated 53 km east of the capital metropolisSan Jos which is an excellent place to visit the pre-Columbian wrecks at Guayabo countrywideMonument, or the seldom visited but lovely Parque Nacional Volcan Turrialba. A quiet city , Turrialbawith its captivating street corners as well as gorgeous surrounding sceneries is among the few areasin Costa Rica with direct access to a volcanos crater. From the smt of the volcano, you can on a clearday time , see the Irazu, pos and Barva volcanoes in the distance Botanists and gardeners wouldwant to pay a visit to the Center for Agronomy Research as well as Development (CATIE), which canbe located 5km (three miles) southeast regarding Turrialba on the road to Siquirres. This center isone of the worlds foremost amenities for research into tropical agriculture.Dominical Costa Rica