Short film posters


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Analysis of film and short film posters

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Short film posters

  1. 1. Analysis
  2. 2. Film Posters inGeneral The Slogan.Film posters conventionallyhave the same information onthem regarding the film. The Main Logofilm posters are used to sellthe The Main Character. The Actors and Actresses starring in the film. The Title. Film Information. The Date of release.
  3. 3. Inception- Film Poster AnalysisThe use of the actors names is a large part of selling filmas the use of big stars and well know actors is key for thefilms sale.The tagline is the good for giving the audience in siteinto the story of the film and what may happen.The background gives an insight into the way the film may panout using the movement of theThe main character has a stance which shows he is ready foraction with the use of the gun as a prop allows the character tohave a cool look about him.They have used a san serif font showing the film is modern.The inclusion of the accreditation allows for all of thecopyrighted information. The date is key for the sale of the film as the marketing of the film is key to making a profit on the film.
  4. 4. Posters
  5. 5. Connected-Film Poster AnalysisThese are the main characters of the film the stance of thecharacters give the idea of the film being reliant on onecharacter helping the other around.The title of the film also links the two characters togetherbeing connected with the pipes and this is good for explainingthe plot of the film giving the audience some ideas of how thefilm may turn out. The names of the actors and the directors are key to sale of the film but when it comes to short film they are normally lesser known stars and they will be ones which are trying to get seen as actors and actresses
  6. 6. One Man Band-Film Poster AnalysisThis is the production company this is key to making the filmthey are world renowned and this is a huge selling point for theshort film.This name is in font which really is good for explaining thestoryline with the way it has been made of differentinstruments The face of the main character is not seen it allows the audience to wonder why the character is involved and how it has been used to create the sense of the unknownThe names of the people involved is important for the film tosell it and to acknowledge the filmmakers.
  7. 7. Beyond Black Mesa– Film poster analysis The use of the main character holding a gun I clear to the audience that the film is an action film, the stance and the costume of the character also suggests this and the silhouetted image which has been used adds a element of the unknown to the telling of the story from the way the film poster has been put together.The title is in a font which is very similar to what is used byfeature films from the action genre.What has been done here is very different to the way theposter is not using the names of the actors and crew for thefilm but they have used the date of release at a film festival thisgives an incite into the audience which they have been tryingto target with there film.
  8. 8. Conventions of short film posters.• Short film posters use many of the same features of a feature length film poster but them seem to have less information on them E.G. the date of release and format of the film such as IMAX or 3D. There is an acceptance to the rule with the Beyond Black Mesa poster where they have given a festival date.• They also are very simple compared to feature length posters using one or two characters which are the main focus of the poster it is clear they are the main character/s• They also have the general information which would be expected on a poster the name of the film, a production company, the director/s names and the actors name . This is generic information which is needed for the poster.• The posters also give small clues of the film with the props or the way the character is standing, the genre of the film can also be seen with the fonts used.