Why I Consider SEO Powersuite an Essential Tool - My Review


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My review of SEO Powersuite will show you exactly why I've been using it for 3 years and keep it as an essential tool for all and any SEO

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Why I Consider SEO Powersuite an Essential Tool - My Review

  1. 1. mat t hewwoodward.co.uk http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/reviews/seo-powersuite-review-essential-seo-tools/ by Matthew Woodward SEO Powersuite Review – Why I Consider It An Essential Tool I consider SEO Powersuite to be central to my online business. I have been using their suite of tools f or a number of years and they have paid f or themselves multiples times over. Each tool helps you out in dif f erent areas of SEO & website management. You can use Website Auditor to diagnose onsite problems, RankTracker to keep track of your search positions, SEO SpyGlass to f ind your competitors backlinks & LinkAssistant to f ind high quality backlink sources. It really is the best ‘all in one’ suite of SEO tools that I use on a daily basis and this is also the reason its at the very top of my tools of the trade page. This SEO Powersuite review will show you the benef its of each tool and how to use them, consider it a tutorial and review wrapped into one! My SEO Powersuite Review Tutorial Click Here to Read the Transcript Website Auditor Website Auditor is great to get a f ull review of your onsite SEO. Downloads inf ormation f rom your site Checks f or onsite problems Create customisable detailed reports The main f unction of Website Auditor is to locate onsite SEO issues that you can f ix. Rank Tracker RankTracker can be used to track a variety of rankings across the web. Search and compare rankings in over 300 search engines Check rankings f or hundreds of URLs and keywords track your competitors Create customisable reports But most importantly you own all of the data!
  2. 2. SEO Spyglass SEO Spyglass is great f or spying on your competitors backlinks. Search and download backlinks f rom a wide range of sources Find your own or your competitor’s back links Compare your competitor’s link prof iles Create customisable detailed reports It is a great tool f or monitoring any link building campaign! Link Assistant Link Assistant helps you get new backlinks & manage the outreach process. Identif ies potential linking partners Of f ers a mass mailing tool f or large email campaigns Keeps track of your outreach campaigns I actually use it to automate guest posting. Now let’s take a look at these tools in detail! Website Auditor Auditing your website is easy! Just enter your website URL under Create New Website Optimization Project, check expert options and click Next. You’ll see a bunch of dif f erent choices so I’m going to select internal options, page rank, and all the options f or the coding and structure of the site.
  3. 3. Click Next and select Scan all pages of no depth limit and everything else can be lef t at def ault. You will see it came back with a list of URL’s and now you want to click Yes to update the various ranking f actors. Want to add more ranking f actors? Just click on Add more ranking factors and tick the social media and some other external f actors that weren’t added initially. Hit Next and af ter it is done, you’ll see the f inal report all nice and updated. It is a bit complicated when you look at it at f irst but I’m going to show you a f ew ways you can arrange the
  4. 4. data. There is a drop down bar on the right where you can choose how to view the data either by page rank, pages with HTML Errors, unavailable pages or popularity in social media. If you check out the social media popularity data, you’ll see that Google plus is missing f rom the columns. To add Google Plus, click settings, highlight social media statistics, click edit and add the Google Plus column and other ones you want. The real magic is the audit reports it creates. It includes a bunch of things like- Crawling stats Content and structure crawl stats HTML validation CSS validation Google PR distribution Link statistics Broken links If you are planning to sell the reports, you can enter your company prof ile f or branding and customize it to how you like. The report breaks everything down in detail so it’ll tell you if there are any broken links, meta tags missing, duplicate page titles and so on. You can use this report to go through and address all the issues it f inds. As you can see this is very handy in that sense. I see that I have lots of HTML errors that I need to f ix! Rank Tracker Creating a new rank tracking project is easy with the wizard. All you need to do is-
  5. 5. 1. Enter your URL and hit Next 2. Select your search engines 3. Enter keywords and click Next Depending on your location, choose which search engines you want to look f or which is organised by countries. Since I’m in the UK I’m going to select Google UK, Yahoo UK and also Bing UK. You can change it so that it checks the top 1,000 results or leave it at def ault to check the f irst 100. The results are displayed with a report and a progress graph underneath.
  6. 6. You can see I have results in the number 1 position on Google UK f or some keywords but not in Bing and Yahoo UK. I’m number 1 f or Matthew Woodward, Matthew Woodward SEO, and tiered link building. You can change the display to show dif f erent ranks and dif f erent ways to view your data f or more details. Since this is the f irst report we’ve created, you won’t see too much but let’s take a look at an older one with lots of data. This graph shows a ton more data f rom one of my personal sites over the past f ew months. I was ranking pretty good on Google USA until I got hit and the rankings took a huge dip. I’ve been working hard to bring them back up to that number one spot which it slowly has. With this report you will be able to see- Progress graph Historical records Ranking data Visibility graph Visits graph (with Google Analytics account) Rank by keyword The data gives you a bunch of detail that you can look at it in dif f erent ways in terms of keyword ranking. You can export these customized reports to show clients or your boss. You can even compare your competitor’s statistics to see how you do against them. So this is why I think this is the number one rank tracker tool out there. It has plenty of advanced options and the best part is that you are the owner of this data. If you happen to rely on a web based service that loses the data you are in trouble. This happened to me with
  7. 7. SEScout losing all my historical rankings so now I like to be in f ull control of the data. SEO Spyglass Now onto SEO Spyglass! To start a new project, either enter the keyword or URL you want to grab the backlinks f or. Make sure that show expert options is ticked! Next choose the backlink sources you want it to use. I’m going to check all of the USA ones and hit Next again. Remember you can include your Google Analytics account to see more traf f ic details on the backlinks you chose. When you get to Step 4, tick exclude duplicates and unlimited number of backlinks to find.
  8. 8. Af ter its gone and f etched all of the backlinks, you can choose to f etch more data about them. Say Yes and you can add other metrics like- Anchor text used If the link is still live Indexed in Google Social media popularity Internal f actors such as domain age External f actors such as Google Page Rank Hit Next f or the system to update all the data.
  9. 9. There are several ways to customize your columns to sort the data how you like. To look at just the active links, you can click on Link Back and delete all the links that have no links. Choose the drop down bar on the right to view dif f erent reports and click Statistics to see a stat report about all the links. Click through the tabs to check stats about Domain Page rank, Domain, Webpage PR, Keywords, Anchor text, anchor URL, IP address and so on. You can also export a detailed report and customise it like this-
  10. 10. The report gives you data about several statistics such as: Domain statistics Current backlink statuses Follow vs no f ollow Any other data it has f etched It also includes various inf ormation such as the top 30 Anchor URl’s, top 30 anchor texts, and top 30 linking domains. You can look at the reports in all sorts of ways depending on what you want to f ocus on. All these reports are customizable to personalize f or your boss and they will easily be able to see all the inf ormation they want. Your boss will thank you! This is a super usef ul tool f or looking at your competitor’s backlinks since it breaks everything down in an easy to understand way. There’s even a project comparison f eature that you can use to compare your own link prof ile against your competitor’s backlink prof ile easily. Link Assistant Using LinkAssistant to f ind high quality link partners is easy as well! 1. Start a new project 2. Enter website URL 3. Enter Anchor text and description 4. Enter Contact inf ormation
  11. 11. So now select Search and you have a f ew options to f ind partners. Let’s select Find sites by keyword f irst. Enter a f ew keywords to look f or and I lef t the number of partners at 10. If you use the interested partners f ilter, this will bring back only recommended results or results that already have resources directory partner links. The rest can be lef t at def ault and set the ranking f actors to how you want your results to be f iltered in. As soon as it has brought back the results, choose which ones you want to add. I’m just going to pick a couple and click Finish.
  12. 12. Right away, you will see the potential partner list come up along with their email, partner domains, backlink page and status. So that is one way to f ind possible partners. Let’s take a look at some other ways. This time let’s choose f ind sites with link submission f orms. Enter your keywords again, choose your partner using scripts, tick the interested partner f ilter and hit next to complete the search. I’m going to check all of the results to add them to the partner list. Now we have a bunch more potential partners. Click the settings button to include more inf ormation like domain
  13. 13. page rank or Alexa rank. Once you’ve chosen which extra inf o to add, click OK and select update ranking f actors. Make sure to review all of the domains f irst! Af ter it’s updated, you’ll see the new updates in your complete report. You can decide to visit the f ound backlinks or email the selected partners. If you choose to email, Link Assistant has some pre-made templates you can use but I suggest writing your own to ask f or a link, not a link exchange. Like the other tools, you can brand your own custom reports to send out. Link Assistant makes it easy to f ind potential partners and to contact them f or a backlink that your competition may not get. This gives you a great edge up on your competitors! Guest Post Automation You can also use Link Assistant to automate the guest posting process somewhat. I have created a much more detailed tutorial about this if you want to check it out. In f act it has lots of cool uses if you think out of the box a little bit. Watching my more detailed tutorial will show you what I mean. Wrapping It Up! For the past three years, I’ve been using SEO Powersuite as a crucial part of my SEO regime. It includes 4 awesome tools- Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant. You will be able to track your and your competitor’s perf ormance, inspect your backlinks, f ind possible partners and create detailed SEO reports.
  14. 14. There is even a f ree version f or you to try out!