Review of Inspyder Backlink Monitor, an Advanced Backlink Checker


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Inspyder Backlink Monitor has a range of advanced backlink checker features that makes it a great tool to monitor and check your backlinks, saving you tons of time

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Review of Inspyder Backlink Monitor, an Advanced Backlink Checker

  1. 1. mat t by Matthew Woodward Inspyder Backlink Monitor Review – An Advanced Backlink Checker Tracking and managing your backlinks is critical to the success of any SEO campaign. The only problem is f or the past couple of years the only way to do this properly was with a series of Excel spreadsheets and multiple Scrapebox projects. It was a very long, boring and repetitive process especially when dealing with tiered linking structures. My Favourite Backlink Checker I had been searching f or a decent backlink checker tool f or quite a while and came across Inspyder Backlink Monitor a couple of months back. Af ter using it f or a while it has f ound its place in my arsenal of tools and saves me around 20 hours per month. All you have to do is paste in a list of your backlinks and click start. It will check if the link is alive, what the anchor text is, if its indexed and what the page rank is. Not only that but it will automatically recognise tiered linking structures and sort them all out f or you. You can export a variety of reports and statistics as well as some of the more advanced f eatures such as scheduling and automated emailing of reports. It really is the best backlink checker I have come across and most importantly it is available f or a f lat one time f ee – no monthly subscriptions here! Insypder Backlink Monitor Review I’m going to show you how to check your backlinks and manage them all with ease using Inspyder Backlink Monitor. I will teach you how to- Handle massive link campaigns Control an indef inite amount of links Design a report about your link prof ile Schedule the whole process automatically The Before Times As you may have seen in some of my older link building tutorials I used to use a spreadsheet to track & organize all of my backlinks. The problem with this is it was quite time consuming to keep updated and maintained.
  2. 2. First you need to manually work out which links are on which tiers and separate it all out in tabs. Second, you need to check that all your tiers are correctly linked together such as tier one is linked to the money site, tier two is linked to the f irst tier. To do this you need to create several scrapebox projects that will check the links and additionally, input the data one tab at a time. That step alone will only tell you if the links are working and linked, nothing more. To check f or other f eatures such as page rank or index status, you will need to create more Scrapebox projects. One of the downsides to this type of report is the lack of inf ormation it gives you. There’s no easy way to see the number of links in a tier, the keywords used, or even a summary of the anchor text. Introducing Inspyder Backlink Monitor Inspyder Backlink Monitor is a new tool I have been using to manage all of my backlinks in an ef f icient & organized way.
  3. 3. I started using this tool about a month ago, saying goodbye to the long drawn out excel and scrapebox procedure! If you take a look at my project, I’ve already loaded almost 60,000 backlinks! So let me show you how it’s done. Create New Project To start a new project: 1. Click New 2. Enter name and URL of money site 3. Paste your backlinks 4. Click Go
  4. 4. Don’t worry about separating out your tiered links. The system will automatically sort it out f or you. Af ter it’s done, click on the main backlinks tab to see a complete report of your links including current status, outbound links, f ollow/nof ollow, page rank, Ip address, indexed URL or not and the anchor text. Click on the anchor text tab to see a detailed report of anchor texts including unique IP’s, unique domains, and unique class c’s, all of which are very helpf ul inf ormation. The real shining star is the link hierarchy tab. This separates out all your links to their respective tiers automatically. So all the work that goes into checking if the links are tiered correctly is completely done by the system.
  5. 5. At f irst glance, this tool is already pretty powerf ul. Let’s take a deeper look to see what else it can do. More Detailed Reports The extra detailed reports are really what puts Inspyder on the map when it comes to managing your links. You can check summaries which gives you overall stats of your backlink prof ile, a breakdown of page rank f or each tier, a summary of the anchor text, number of naked URL’s, how many keywords, and so on. You can insert your own generic anchor text or arrange the visual report to what you want to see f irst. For example you can choose to show all of the non-indexed links f rom the f irst tier and it will automatically highlight those links f or you. Select all of those links, right click to copy and send them to scrapebox to get them indexed.
  6. 6. You can also export a csv report, there are various scheduling options and email options. If you want, you can set it up to automatically update your links f or you once a month and email you the report. Inspyder Backlink Monitor makes it really easy to see all of the detailed inf ormation f or your links. Adding New Backlinks Adding new links is very simple. All you have to do is paste your new links into the box, click on tools to sort and remove duplicate URL’s. Once you have done that just click on Go, it will go through and update all of the link prof iles.
  7. 7. Once it’s completed, click on the changes tab and it’ll tell you what links were removed and if there were changes to the prof ile f rom the last update. This cuts down a ton of time that you would spend bef ore in scrapebox to f ind out if your links were alive or not. With Inspyder, all you have to do is copy and paste, hit go and it’ll sort it all out f or you in just one click! Other Options There are lots of options and advanced settings to play with including- 1. Crawl settings 2. Def ault project settings 3. Proxy set up 4. Indexing service I lef t all of these options at def ault except f or the crawl settings which I changed the number of threads available. For proxies, I suggest getting semi-dedicated proxies since you’ll be checking thousands of URL’s. Wrapping It Up The Inspyder Backlink Monitor team are continually adding new f eatures and releasing updates f or the sof tware including automatic platf orm detection and integration with other services. Overall, this is very handy tool that gives you an easy way to manage and organize your links. It saves you a bunch of time, you can make the process completely automatic and all the work you have to do is done in less than 3 clicks. Right now, Inspyder Backlink Monitor is available f or $74.95 one time f ee BUT I have an exclusive $10 discount
  8. 8. f or my readers! – It really is the best backlink checker – exclusive $10 reader discount automatically applied at checkout. – My pref erred proxy provider – the cheaper semi-dedicated ones are perf ect!