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Conflict Mineral Compliance InfoGraph


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Assent Compliance provides Environmental Compliance Software Services and Consulting. …

Assent Compliance provides Environmental Compliance Software Services and Consulting.

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  • 1. CONFLICT Con·flict Min·er·al ’kän-flikt’’min-rl’, ‘mi-na- noun: 1. Conflict minerals are minerals mined in conditions MINERALS where armed conflict and human rights abuses occur. Commonly used for 4 minerals (3TG): Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin, and Gold that are mined in the eastern region of the Democratic Republicof the Congo (DRC). These minerals 3TG are used in the production of various goods such as electronic devices and jewelry. Worldwide Production W W W Au Au W W Sn Au Ta Ta Sn Sn Ta Sn W Ta Sn Au Ta Au The Top 5 Producers in Metric Tons - 2009* = Democratic Republic of the Congo = Rest of the World Tungsten Tantalum Tin Gold 61,130 (99.72%) 583 (87.01%) 250,600 (96.38%) 2,448 (99.92%) W Ta Sn Au 170 (0.28%) 87 (12.99%) 9,400 (3.62%) 2 (0.08%) China Brazil China China 51,000 (83.2%) 180 (26.87%) 115,000 (44.23%) 320 (13.06%) Russia Mozambique Indonesia United States 2,500 (4.07%) 113 (16.86%) 55,000 (21.15%) 223 (9.10%) Canada Rwanda Peru Australia 1,964 (3.2%) 104 (15.52%) 37,503 (14.42%) 222 (9.06%) Bolivia DRC Bolivia South Africa 19,273 (7.41%) 87 (12.99%) 19,273 (7.41%) 197.698 (8.07%) Austria and Australia Brazil Russia Portugal 81 (12.09%) 13,000 (5%) 190.693 (7.78%) 900 (1.46%) DRC DRC DRC DRC 170 (0.28%) at 87 (12.99%) at 9,400 (3.62%) at 2,000 (0.08%) at $25,700/mt = $73,110/mt = $14,200/mt = $31,300,000/mt = $4,369,000 revenue $6,359,700 revenue $2,621,400 $3,815,820 funding the war funding the war $62,600,000 revenue $37,560,000 funding the war $133,480,000 revenue = $1 Million = $1 Million Funding the War $80,088,000 funding the warTungsten is from Wolframite. Tantalum is from Coltan Tin is used in solder, Gold is used in electronics, Used in the vibration of ore. Used in capacitors, electronic components, electronic components, cellphones, filaments in condensers, cutting tools, coating for steel cans, jewelry, dental crowns, vacuum tubes and vacuum tube filaments, bearing alloys, and and coins. electric lights, contact and camera lenses. glass making. points in cars, electrodes, rocket engine nozzles, and cutting tools. Who is Involved Tungsten W Countries Involved in the Mine Locations Illegal Trade of Conflict Minerals Au Tantalum Ta 1. Angola Au Tin Sn 2. Burundi 3. Central Sn Gold Au African Rep. Fighting Forces Ta 4. Rep. of Congo 3 7 Sn Sn Within the DRC 9 6 • Congolese National Army W Sn 5. DRC 4 5 Sn 2 • Various Armed Rebel Groups 6. Rwanda Au 8 • Democratic Forces for the 7. South Sudan Liberation of Rwanda 1 Sn 8. Tanzania 10 9. Uganda Sn Sn 10. Zambia Sn There were 5.4 MILLION deaths as of 1998. That is equal to 3.5 times the population of Philadelphia. PA, USA 45,000 die each month. = 10,000 Deaths Industries Affected What is Being Done Who Should Care Healthcare Industrial Manufacturing The United States passed the • Publicly traded companies and 2300 page Dodd-Frank Wall Street the companies that supply them Reform and Consumer Protection Act in May of 2010. It was signed by • Companies that use these minerals Electronics Aerospace President Obama on July 21, 2010. “necessary to the functionality Section 1502 of this law is referred or production” of its products to as the “Conflict Minerals Law” manufactured (or contracted and requires all companies that to be manufactured) are registered with the SEC to disclose the source of minerals • The Securities and Exchanges in their products. This is the first Commission is expected to finalize Jewelry Automotive of its kind in the world. updates to 17 CFR parts 229 and 249 by the end of 2011. The United Nations and DRC have started a pilot project aimed at creating 5 mineral trading centers in the eastern section of the country to regulate the sale of minerals. For More Info Enough Project Genocide Intervention Global Witness Raise Hope for Congo Sources Assent Compliance - Element 14 -‐36052/l/conflict-‐materials-‐-‐exploring-‐the-‐dodd-‐ frank-‐act Environmental Chemistry - - http://gold-‐‐tungsten-‐gold-‐bars.php InfoMine - Le Monde Diplomatique - PBS - Penn Political Review -‐but-‐deadly-‐the-‐war-‐on-‐conflict-‐minerals/ Random - TransAfrika Resources - United States Geological Survey - United States Securities and Exchanges Commission -‐frank/speccorpdisclosure.shtml Your Single Source for Surface Mount Passives *2009 USGS data used is latest available