Optimising Your Omni-Channel Strategy


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Omni-channel presentation I presented at the Online Retailer 2013 conference in Sydney.

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  • Congrats on making it to last session of conference, should I be offended – keep it quick and actionableKeep it interesting questions throughout – first to answer gets somethingBackground on BNGoogle went down last week – internet traffic dropped 40%Favourite comments – “I guess the other 60% must have been accessing porn.” --- “ Quick outage while they hook up another feed to the NSA” --- “Did they try turning it off and on again?”
  • Single Touch PointThe legacyMultiple Touch PointsThe realityA number of separate channels operating independentlyDifferent templates across devices?Cross ChannelMultiple touch points acting as part of same brandE.g. buy online, return in store
  • Just experience a brand, not a “channel”Customer views you as one brand, should view them as one customerStay close to your customerThis is driven by changes in customer buying behaviour
  • In-Store, Mobile, Social, Game Consoles/Smart TV’s, DOOH, Web, Tablet
  • A couple of omni-channel examplesGerry Harvey would call Mary the Devil, but responding to lack of content available
  • A number of touchpoints before purchaseHear about your brand, jump on mobileHTO service
  • Amazon dominates ecommerceOnline pioneerOnline market huge, offline biggerWants to take offline market
  • Opposite of AmazonWalmart thousands of stores90%+ population within a 10-15min driveLeverage amount of stores
  • Don’t sue meBest omni-channelWhen you buy in store, you buy on a device – introduce to using device/buying onlineStaff have iPhone’s to track orders
  • Be a part of buyers decision making processCustomer demands information, give it to themIf they are on your website, why let them leave – offer info, alternativesIf in store, offer a price guarantee – “scan with phone”, offer an app with similar products, bundles
  • Gotten a bad wrap in press, eCommerce the saviour, PurePlayBad idea at Online Retailer conferenceSmart people do it wellLove a storeCustomer feedback on the spot
  • Popup – Chatswood Chase, 100sqm, cheap, fitout done – Broadway, Bondi Junction, Oxford StCollect data in store, iPad’setcAllow people to browse full range in storeOffer C+C for local customers
  • Can be done for <$2000, cheaper if now updates to siteGood for SEOWarby Parker – good branded mobile site
  • Data is keyCan’t tell you how to get itMesh data from different sources, including qual, and make estimates
  • New Orleans
  • However good it is now, make it better70/20/10 ratioMake eCommerce customer service like in store, advice etc
  • Listen in on conversations, particularly TwitterWhere appropriate join in the conversation“Likes” next to productsFB store – integrates with Magento, BC, Shopify, WP
  • Optimising Your Omni-Channel Strategy

    1. 1. Optimising Your Omni-Channel Strategy Matt Taylor
    2. 2. Single Channel Multi Channel Cross Channel
    3. 3. Driven by the consumer, not by you! Omni Channel
    4. 4. Some Omni-Channels
    5. 5. Negative Omni-Channel Experience Mary goes into Myer to buy a pair of new shoes. She finds a great pair of Lipstik boots, and to verify the price she scans the barcode with her smartphone. She finds that she can get it on StyleTread.com.au cheaper and have it delivered that same day so orders on her phone while standing in the store. Positive Omni-Channel Experience John decides to go into a menswear store in his local shopping mall. After browsing he doesn’t find anything he likes. As he leaves the store he is approached by a store assistant who shows him the stores new range on an iPad. He finds something he likes and pre-orders to pickup the item next week.
    6. 6. 75% of home-try-on customers visit a Bailey Nelson store at some point in their journey Most shoppers start shopping online
    7. 7. What is the capital of Canada?
    8. 8. Competing with B+M retailers Local DCs Pickup Lockers
    9. 9. “We want to know what every product in the world is. We want to know who every person in the world is. And we want to have the ability to connect them together in a transaction.” - Neil Ashe, President Global eCommerce 60% of online orders picked up in store
    10. 10. • When you buy in store, you buy on a device • Staff have iPhone’s • Apple ID used at every point of process • The store “looks” and “feels” like the website, the mobile site, tablet site etc. • Receipt and follow up’s emailed to you immediately Do what these guy’s do!
    11. 11. Be a part of the buyer’s decision making process!
    12. 12. Why is bricks & mortar so shit? IT’S NOT!
    13. 13. Open a store… Open a popup if you don’t want to commit to a lengthy lease Collect data in store Allow customers to browse full range, full website. Introduce them to the idea of purchasing online Offer Click + Collect
    14. 14. Responsive Web Ensure the same experience across: • Web • Mobile • Tablet • Any screen size
    15. 15. The Power of Data Mash-ups of data from multiple sources will give savvy retailers an ability to do predictive analytics to make location and time-specific offers and recommendations to each of their potential and existing customers. Analyses CCTV footage & intercepts mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals to understand customer visiting patterns per store and the movement behaviors of customers and employees within each store. Data is no longer the limitation. The ability to analyse it is.
    16. 16. In which city was 2013 Super Bowl held?
    17. 17. Improve Your Customer Service Use social media to interact with your customers, not just as a marketing channel. What are they saying? What do they want? Turn an angry customer into a brand advocate Live Chat Allow customer service reps to recommend products/styles and give advice. Empower your team to answer questions quickly and decisively! Integrate UGC & customer reviews throughout your website
    18. 18. Embrace Social Media Listen in on other’s conversations, join in if appropriate Open a Facebook store Display “Likes” in store Engage with social media users, not just customers
    19. 19. Content is (Still) King Display online UGC in-store A number of product photos Product videos Encourage user ratings/reviews Price comparisons
    20. 20. Key Actions • Open a B+M store – Offer Click & Collect • Build a responsive website template • Analyse data across all your channels • Improve your customer service – UGC • Add more content
    21. 21. mjwtaylor@gmail.com mjwtaylor 0405 678 941