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Social Media is the bridge between online and offline marketing
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Social Media is the bridge between online and offline marketing


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My presentation during State of Search Dallas 2013 - This presentation dives into the cultural shift in marketing and how the online and offline worlds are coming together

My presentation during State of Search Dallas 2013 - This presentation dives into the cultural shift in marketing and how the online and offline worlds are coming together

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Follow me on Twitter - @Matt_Siltala
  • 2. @Matt_Siltala
  • 3. @Matt_Siltala
  • 4. Integrating social media into your marketing is not just adding new tactics, it’s a cultural shift.
  • 5. “People and their voices – the heart and soul of successful social anything – aren’t bought or controlled or predicted. They never have been. They’re earned.” -Amber Naslund @Matt_Siltala
  • 6. Social media can’t be done in isolation, the whole team needs to come along. @Matt_Siltala
  • 7. “Many B2B marketers still take the traditional method to integrate social media. Like most marketers, they take the route of just adding on another line of business and typically assign a team resource whose time will be spent posting and responding within social media platforms in isolation.” -Jeremy Roberts @Matt_Siltala
  • 8. Social is the catalyst that drive prospects through the buying process. @Matt_Siltala
  • 9. Give up being boring. Forever. Being boring will kill you (unless your audience is boring, re: accountants) @Matt_Siltala
  • 10. “Companies need to understand that it’s actually permitted to be fun. It’s written nowhere that you have to be boring.” - Damien Van Achter RTBF social manager Consider your company culture. If you’re funny, be funny in your social media posts. If you’re analytical, be analytical. @Matt_Siltala
  • 11. Social Media rewards those who respond and react fast to what’s going on in the world. When everyone is talking about something that relates to your business… It’s time to jump into the conversation, giving your own unique take on the topic Make sure to have Google Alerts, or tools to track and spot trends and opportunities Tip: Reserve some marketing budget for last minute campaigns based on trends or current events. Being the first to spot or give commentary (even if just in your industry) on something that’s popular at the moment gives you an edge. @Matt_Siltala
  • 12. LIGHTS GO OUT AT THE SUPERBOWL During the Superbowl blackout, Oreo tweeted an ad that related to it It became a viral hit, retweeted more than 15,000 times in the first 14 hours. It was also featured in the Washington Post. @Matt_Siltala
  • 13. Being the first company in your industry to comment on things that affect or impact your niche gives you an advantage in search results and establishes you as a leader. @Matt_Siltala
  • 14. Utah small business, Pluralsight, markets to geeks, and computer programmers. They took a trend in mainstream society and made it their own by creating a video with their authors lipsyncing to the pop hit song: Call Me Maybe. They are not polished or slick, they are in true geek form. 59,685 Views @Matt_Siltala
  • 15. Hire a good graphics/image/ designer Always important, now even more important. Facebook emphasizes images more in the new newsfeed. Bloggers stand to gain so much traffic from Pinterest and are creating pinnable images for everything they do. @Matt_Siltala
  • 16. BAD EXAMPLE @Matt_Siltala
  • 17. DOESN’T GET IT Develop a human voice, talk in your customer’s voice, not corporate voice. Your look and language shouldn’t be corporate, staged or forced. It should be friendly, funny, clever, and relevant. Visa small business ad posted on Facebook and promoted. Most of the 62 comments on this post called Visa spammers, several were negative. This image is corporate and fake feeling. @Matt_Siltala
  • 18. GOOD EXAMPLE @Matt_Siltala
  • 19. DOES GET IT Social Media This baby clothes company “ad” share to win contest has emotional appeal, is really eye catching and has a social component. @Matt_Siltala
  • 20. DOES GET IT Blogging All this small barbershop does is create a blog and post before/after photos. @Matt_Siltala
  • 21. DOES GET IT @Matt_Siltala
  • 22. DOES GET IT @Matt_Siltala
  • 23. INTEGRATE EVERYWHERE @Matt_Siltala
  • 24. Search Engines Comments & Shares Retweets ALL IMPACT YOUR SEARCH RANKINGS @Matt_Siltala
  • 26. INVOLVE YOUR EMPLOYEES Hooters invites more than 300,000 former servers to take selfies and post them on Instagram to celebrate Hooters 30th Birthday. #stepintoawesome @Matt_Siltala
  • 27. INVOLVE YOUR EMPLOYEES An auto repair shop builds trust with their customers by tagging their employees in photos. They believe “Trust is built on knowing the people doing the work.” @Matt_Siltala
  • 28. INVOLVE YOUR EMPLOYEES Avalaunch Media asked employees and followers on Facebook to post their best Grumpy Cat impression for National Cat Day. Employee costumes were shared on Halloween. @Matt_Siltala
  • 29. INVOLVE YOUR EMPLOYEES @Matt_Siltala
  • 31. INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA EVERYWHERE A dog named Jester leads a Queensland Tourism Instagram Campaign in Australia. Showing off sites through the eyes of a dog aims to reveal the everyday life of a Queenslander. @Matt_Siltala
  • 32. INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA EVERYWHERE Salt Lake Comic Con used social media marketing to gain a firstever 70,000-80,000 at the SLC event. SLC Comic Con leveraged Facebook to promote anticipated celebrity appearances, memes, and other great content. SLC Comic Con is already hosting give-aways on Facebook for tickets to the 2014 event. @Matt_Siltala
  • 33. INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA EVERYWHERE The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia gave away free one-night stays to Instagrammers with 10k+ followers. @Matt_Siltala
  • 34. INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA EVERYWHERE Nilla Wafers integrates social into their packaging. Nilla wafers direct consumers to Pinterest for more recipes. Consumers will need to buy more Nilla wafers if they want to make the recipes they find on Pinterest. @Matt_Siltala
  • 35. ENCOURAGE USERS TO ENGAGE Michaels integrates social into their ads. @Matt_Siltala
  • 36. SOMETIMES COOL THINGS HAPPEN This is The Oatmeal in a random Amsterdam bar. h/t Rebecca Kelley @Matt_Siltala
  • 37. Integrate Content Pictures, text, articles, testimonials, success stories, news about your business, published online. @Matt_Siltala
  • 38. Integrate In Your Email Ask people to share or follow you on social sites on your emails. Social media references can offer a higher clickthrough or engagement rate on your emails as it supports the primary call to action and messaging. @Matt_Siltala
  • 39. Integrate On Your Website Add social buttons, social login (let people sign in with their Facebook or Twitter account), one click to follow. @Matt_Siltala
  • 40. Watch the conversation that happens on popular videos, Facebook posts, blog comments, in your industry or those who have your same target market to get a feel for the voice of your customers. @Matt_Siltala
  • 41. A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER @Matt_Siltala
  • 42. 90% 90% of customers think that custom content created by marketers is valuable. 73% 61% 73% prefer to get information about a company though custom content. 61% are more likely to buy from a company that utilizes content marketing. (Reported by TMG) @Matt_Siltala
  • 43. 82% of buyers say they trust a company more when its CEO and senior leadership team are active in social media. @Matt_Siltala
  • 44. •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Cultural Shift Get The Whole Team Involved Social Interest + Social Influence = Decision Making Don’t Be Boring React Fast To Breaking News Be Creative Hire A Good Designer Integrate Social Media Everywhere Involve Your Employees @Matt_Siltala
  • 45. @Matt_Siltala
  • 46. Thank You! Matt Siltala, President @Matt_Siltala