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Mixed Media SERPs Updated
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Mixed Media SERPs Updated


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My presentation at SES Chicago on Mixed Media SERPs

My presentation at SES Chicago on Mixed Media SERPs

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  • 1. -Matt Siltala -Dream Systems Media
  • 2. I Asked For Others Take On The Subject: Debra Mastaler: What can I do to create content for my site so I turn up for all the blended searches.  Video, image, shopping , local - etc  how can I make my site show up in each of those "one boxes’? Vince Blackham: It's about controlling more than just regular SERPs, but the images/youtube/and local that could show from a result, its all about the blended result instead of just the regular SERPs these days!
  • 3. Recent Example: (Thanks Andy Beal)
  • 4. How Does This Help Me?
  • 5. I Asked
  • 6. Research Your Audience
  • 7.
    • Asking Questions About?
    • Looking For Answers On?
    • Looking For Videos About?
    • Looking For Images About?
    • Looking For Reviews On?
    • Looking For Testimonials On?
    • Reading Blog Posts/Articles On?
    • Looking For Tips On?
    • Looking For Help On?
    Find Out What People Are:
  • 8. Mixed Media In The SERPs
    • Images
    • Videos
    • News
    • Shopping Results
    • Blog Posts
    • Books
    • Review Sites
    • Local
  • 9. Industry Examples: Content
    • If I owned a travel blog/affiliate website I would be all over this information.
    • Blog Posts
    • Tips Section
    • Articles
  • 10. Industry Examples: Videos A guitar blog/product site/whatever could use these sites to get video ideas and then post them on their blog. Could even throw some viral in there and get funny.
  • 11. Industry Examples: Images Create a Flickr group with all different kinds of Round Bed Images. Include those images on your own website & blog. Besides creating something that will show up in a ‘Mixed’ SERP, you can also answer these questions now, and drive traffic to your sites.
  • 12. Industry Examples: Shopping Go find out what networks are being used here, and join them!
  • 13. Industry Examples: Press Figure out where they are getting their press (industry specific) and submit a release!
  • 14. Industry Examples: Local (Yahoo Local showing up in a Google result.) Find the places where people are getting listed local - and get listed too!
  • 15. Industry Examples: Reviews Pay attention in the SERPs for sites that are reviewing & comparing. AND YES - See what it is going to take to get your site or products listed.
  • 16. Get Creative
  • 17. Highlights: Images - How can you better use images and get them to show up in the SERPs? Videos - How are others using video? How can you implement with current strategy? Create a YouTube Channel. News - Are you posting regular press releases? Use your competitor to get ideas. They will show up in the SERPs. Shopping Results - Are you using sites like Shopzilla to get into shopping results? There are plenty others too. Blog Posts - Are you even blogging? Find the questions that people are asking - and answer them! You be the one that provides that killer content! Books - Could you write a book about your industry? Review Sites - Make sure your company is listed on review sites. Local - Make sure and set up all your local accounts.
  • 18. Matt Siltala Dream Systems Media, Founder @Matt_Siltala on Twitter