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My presentation from Search Fest SEMPDX 2013 talking about content promotion and growing your brand via Pinterest.

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  • You wont be listed on category pages if you upload … most people don’t know that (might even exclude you from search) so what you need to do is blog about it and THEN pin it so it sends traffic to YOUR site etc
  • Good opportunity to help you drive sales when people comment on your stuff …
  • Look for the influencers here
  • Growing your brand Search Fest 2013 SEMPDX

    1. 1. Growing Your Brand With Matt Siltala, President @Matt_Siltala
    2. 2. What Is A Typical User? @Matt_Siltala
    3. 3. @Matt_Siltala
    4. 4. @Matt_Siltala
    5. 5. Not What You Might Think @Matt_Siltala
    6. 6. BOTH @Matt_Siltala
    7. 7. Yes, this is my FIL’s Page @Matt_Siltala
    8. 8. @Matt_Siltala
    9. 9. @Matt_Siltala
    10. 10. @Matt_Siltala please send me a link to that amazingexplanation of Social Media! #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    11. 11. Grow Your Brand @Matt_Siltala
    12. 12. WHY DOES WORK? @Matt_Siltala
    13. 13. Because Images Spark Emotion @Matt_Siltala
    14. 14. For Example @Matt_Siltala
    15. 15. @Matt_Siltala
    16. 16. AND @Matt_Siltala
    17. 17. @Matt_Siltala
    18. 18. Average attention span of ahuman is 8 seconds in 2012,and an image only takes onesecond or less to consume. @Matt_Siltala
    19. 19. How Do I UseTo Grow My Brand? @Matt_Siltala
    20. 20. Infuse Personality -Naming of Boards -Descriptions -Know your Audience -Have a Theme -Tell a Story with your Brand -Be the ExpertTweet: Infuse brand personality to Pinterest by board naming, descriptions, having a theme, telling story, and being the expert @Matt_Siltala
    21. 21. For the Geeks @Matt_Siltala
    22. 22. Social Savvy Brand-Things You Can See Out Of A Plane-Art That Customers Have Done @Matt_Siltala
    23. 23. Express Brand Through Popular Categories-how crafts are done with sharpies-home décor ideas using sharpies @Matt_Siltala
    24. 24. Creative Ways To Get People To Use Your ProductsDrive Sales – How? People need to buy duct tape to do the crafts they pinned. @Matt_Siltala
    25. 25. @Matt_Siltala
    26. 26. Tweet: Pinning gives the best opportunity to go viral vs uploading #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    27. 27. Tweet: Always rename your images that you upload to Pinterest #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    28. 28. Tweet: Pin from a variety ofsources as opposed to one specific site #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    29. 29. Tweet: After you upload animage you should edit your pin to add a link #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    30. 30. Tweet: Users hate long descriptions onPinterest #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    31. 31. @Matt_Siltala
    32. 32. Tweet: Comment, Like, andre-pin other peoples images. #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    33. 33. Tweet: Make the board names keyword rich #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    34. 34. @Matt_Siltala
    35. 35. Tweet: Mat has the MOST adorable looking son! #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    36. 36. Tweet: Pinterest Image Optimization graphic #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    37. 37. - Case Studies @Matt_Siltala
    38. 38. •Pinterest single-handedly forced Rod Works into launching a web store. @Matt_Siltala
    39. 39. •Enter a blogger named Lindsay who wrote a blog post on October 31, 2011 showcasing a rod from Rod Works. @Matt_Siltala
    40. 40. •The picture was pinned to Pinterest and then re-pinned over and over. Someone mentioned that the rod could be purchased at Rod Works. See•The problem was that Rod Works did not have an online store...yet @Matt_Siltala
    41. 41. •Rod Works was literally bombarded by Pinterest users into opening their online store in February 2012.“We got emails daily for months from Pinterest users, so we eventually openedup our online store in February. We quickly sold hundreds of the frame rodsand now sell many other unique items daily.” ~Rod Works @Matt_Siltala
    42. 42. •StumbleUpon traffic results average “time on site” of just about 10 seconds.•Pinterest traffic results in an average time on page of just about 10 minutes, with an average page visit of about 5 pages!•Thanks to BuildDirect for the stats @Matt_Siltala
    43. 43. Any SEO Benefits? @Matt_Siltala
    44. 44. @Matt_Siltala
    45. 45. @Matt_Siltala
    46. 46. @Matt_Siltala
    47. 47. Tools To Grow Your Brand• Content• Products• Influencers• Trends• Measure• Monitor @Matt_Siltala
    48. 48. Where to mine for Content ideas Etc. etc. etc @Matt_Siltala
    49. 49. Tweet: Use Google Suggest to stay on top of content ideas for Pinterest #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    50. 50. Real Time “Alerts” @Matt_Siltala
    51. 51. Know The Moment Someone PinsTweet: Use @PinAlerts to know the moment someone pins something from your site #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    52. 52. @Matt_Siltala
    53. 53. @Matt_Siltala
    54. 54. Grow By Finding InfluencersTools for finding out how powerful a Pinterest user is:• PinReach• PinPuff @Matt_Siltala
    55. 55. @Matt_Siltala
    56. 56. @Matt_Siltala
    57. 57. MeasureGreat for finding Trends, Hot Categories, Pinners etc • Pinerly @Matt_Siltala
    58. 58. @Matt_Siltala
    59. 59. Other Free Facts and Tricks you haven’t already heard...this is the place to find out ifanyone is pinning anything from your site...or your competitor’ssite. :) @Matt_Siltala
    60. 60. @Matt_Siltala
    61. 61. @Matt_Siltala
    62. 62. @Matt_Siltala
    63. 63. @Matt_Siltala
    64. 64. @Matt_Siltala
    65. 65. @Matt_Siltala
    66. 66. @Matt_Siltala
    67. 67. @Matt_Siltala
    68. 68. Tweet: @Matt_Siltala & @W2Scott gave THE most awesome session at #SearchFest @Matt_Siltala
    69. 69. Thank You!Matt Siltala, President @Matt_Siltala
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