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  • Considering you cover all aspects of social media, I thought you might be interested in hearing about Ubokia, the first commerce platform for Pinterest. The tool allows Pinterest users the capability to actually purchase items they find on Pinterest (without leaving the site), that are not posted by a vendor, and let sellers compete for their business. Consider this: you're looking for jewelry for your GF. You have no idea what she likes/wears other than that it's silver, shiny, square-ish and green. But, you know she has a Pinterset account. So you stalk her Pinboards and see what she's been eyeing. You select an item on her board, use your Ubokia "Want-It" button to post it on your account, and you have the entire Ubokia community helping you find the item or LIKE times, and negotiate with you to do business on your terms. It's taking Pinterest from "that weird photo thing your girlfriend is obsessed with" to "that awesome wish list that helps you buy the best anniversary present EVER."
  • Everything Pinterest - Bend Webcam

    1. 1. Everything Matt Siltala, President matt@avalaunchmedia.com @Matt_Siltala
    2. 2. Sparks Emotion @Matt_Siltala
    3. 3. Because Images Spark Emotion @Matt_Siltala
    4. 4. For Example @Matt_Siltala
    5. 5. @Matt_Siltala
    6. 6. Who Is Doing It Right? @Matt_Siltala
    7. 7. @Matt_Siltala
    8. 8. @Matt_Siltala
    9. 9. @Matt_Siltala
    10. 10. @Matt_Siltala
    11. 11. The first commerce platform for Pinterest @Matt_Siltala
    12. 12. Not Just For Women @Matt_Siltala
    13. 13. @Matt_Siltala
    14. 14. @Matt_Siltala
    15. 15. @Matt_Siltala
    16. 16. - Why? @Matt_Siltala
    17. 17. @Matt_Siltala
    18. 18. @Matt_Siltala
    19. 19. - A Few Case Studies @Matt_Siltala
    20. 20. Case Study 1: Rod Works•Pinterest single-handedly forced Rod Works into launching a web store.•Kudos to my good friend Janet Thaeler of Pinnablebusiness.com for sharing this story with me. @Matt_Siltala
    21. 21. Case Study 1: Rod Works•Rod Works is a Utah-based company with stores in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.•They sell “cute stuff”...ie. home decor.•Until earlier this year, they did not sell online or use social media in any focused manner. @Matt_Siltala
    22. 22. Case Study 1: Rod Works•Enter a blogger named Lindsay who wrote a blog post on October 31, 2011 showcasing a rod from Rod Works. @Matt_Siltala
    23. 23. Case Study 1: Rod Works• The picture was pinned to Pinterest and then re-pinned over and over. Someone mentioned that the rod could be purchased at Rod Works. See http://pinterest.com/search/?q=picture+rod• The problem was that Rod Works did not have an online store...yet @Matt_Siltala
    24. 24. Case Study 1: Rod Works•Rod Works was literally bombarded by Pinterest users into opening their online store in February 2012.“We got emails daily for months from Pinterestusers, so we eventually opened up our online storein February. We quickly sold hundreds of theframe rods and now sell many other unique itemsdaily.” ~Rod Works @Matt_Siltala
    25. 25. Case Study 2: PinnableBusiness.com – Find aneed•Goal - To come up with a strategy to establish PinnableBusiness.com as a Pinterest authority.•Idea - To build a killer infographic that would display all of the best practices for making a website image perfect for pins.•Results - Wait a slide ;)... @Matt_Siltala
    26. 26. Case Study 2: PinnableBusiness.com•We created a beautiful infographic. You can see the full graphic here: http://mashable.com/2012/03/26/optimize-images-pinte•We decided that our client would get a lot more out of having the graphic featured on a major publishing site rather than their own.•Mashable seemed to be a perfect fit, so we pitched the idea and the graphic exploded. @Matt_Siltala
    27. 27. Case Study 2: PinnableBusiness.com @Matt_Siltala
    28. 28. @Matt_Siltala
    29. 29. Case Study 3: BuildDirect.com•StumbleUpon traffic results average “time on site” of just about 10 seconds.•Pinterest traffic results in an average time on page of just about 10 minutes, with an average page visit of about 5 pages!•Thanks to BuildDirect for the stats @Matt_Siltala
    30. 30. Wise Advice•My dad use to say, “Son, my job is to make sure you’re useful.” And this is how I look at graphics designed for Pinterest. They have to be useful. The audience loves instruction, DIY, How To’s, etc. @Matt_Siltala
    31. 31. @Matt_Siltala
    32. 32. @Matt_Siltala
    33. 33. @Matt_Siltala
    34. 34. @Matt_Siltala
    35. 35. @Matt_Siltala
    36. 36. @Matt_Siltala
    37. 37. @Matt_Siltala
    38. 38. Where to mine for DIY/How To ideas Etc. etc. etc @Matt_Siltala
    39. 39. @Matt_Siltala
    40. 40. Use to gain competitive advantage•Use Tools to spy on allthe hubs. • Content • Products • Influencers • Trends @Matt_Siltala
    41. 41. Hot off the Press! @Matt_Siltala
    42. 42. My Favorite - Lets Start With The Best @Matt_Siltala
    43. 43. Real Time “Alerts” @Matt_Siltala
    44. 44. What is your competition doing? @Matt_Siltala
    45. 45. @Matt_Siltala
    46. 46. @Matt_Siltala
    47. 47. @Matt_Siltala
    48. 48. Real Time Spying• What’s Hot Right Now!• What’s getting the most comments?• Who is pinning? (Find Influencers)• Prices/Specials/Offers/Contests?• Ideas?• Content Ideas @Matt_Siltala
    49. 49. Finding InfluencersTools for finding out how powerful a Pinterest user is:• PinReach• PinPuff @Matt_Siltala
    50. 50. @Matt_Siltala
    51. 51. @Matt_Siltala
    52. 52. AnalyticsFully integrated analytics platform for Pinterest • Pinerly http://pinerly.com/pinalytics @Matt_Siltala
    53. 53. @Matt_Siltala
    54. 54. Competitive Intel & Research Do Better. Do More.• Repinly• Find Influencers• See Trends @Matt_Siltala
    55. 55. @Matt_Siltala
    56. 56. @Matt_Siltala
    57. 57. @Matt_Siltala
    58. 58. @Matt_Siltala
    59. 59. @Matt_Siltala
    60. 60. Other Free Facts and Trickshttp://pinterest.com/source/YOURWEBSITE.comIf you haven’t already heard...this is the place to find out ifanyone is pinning anything from your site...or your competitor’ssite. :) @Matt_Siltala
    61. 61. @Matt_Siltala
    62. 62. @Matt_Siltala
    63. 63. @Matt_Siltala
    64. 64. Use This Tool:•What Images Get Most Comments• Who Is Your True Audience• Board Names• Who to contact @Matt_Siltala
    65. 65. What is the best time to Pin? Think “55 Rule”: @Matt_Siltala
    66. 66. Tips for Success•Know Your Audience Is your audience Male or Female?•Establish Good Pinning Habits Are you re-pinning?•Are you contributing Are you commenting?•Research Monitor all activity and boards (and find influencers)•Participate Don’t be the creepy neighbor - get known. @Matt_Siltala
    67. 67. Bonus Case Study: Content idea gained that helped make the sale @Matt_Siltala
    68. 68. @Matt_Siltala
    69. 69. @Matt_Siltala
    70. 70. Results: (so far from this campaign) $10,400 in sales • Toppers • Mattress Covers • 15.6 min avg. visitor • 4 page views average/ visit @Matt_Siltala
    71. 71. TAKEAWAYS• Drive More Traffic• Make More Sales• Research Competition• Stay One Step Ahead @Matt_Siltala
    72. 72. Thank You!Matt Siltala, President matt@avalaunchmedia.com @Matt_Siltala