Cultural Shift in Marketing - Pubcon NOLA 2013 Presentation


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Matt Siltala's Slide Deck presentation from Pubcon NOLA 2013 talking about Integrating Social Media into an overall strategy and the cultural shift going on in marketing.

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Cultural Shift in Marketing - Pubcon NOLA 2013 Presentation

  1. 1. Social Media – A Cultural ShiftMatt Siltala,
  2. 2. @Matt_SiltalaIntegrating social media into your marketing is not just addingnew tactics, it’s a cultural shift.
  3. 3. “People and their voices – the heart and soul ofsuccessful social anything – aren’t bought orcontrolled or predicted. They never have been.They’re earned. And the very act of earning not justthe attention but the affinity of those people meansyou have to risk doing something different in orderto do something truly valuable.”-Amber Naslund@Matt_Siltala
  4. 4. @Matt_SiltalaSocial media can’t bedone in isolation, thewhole team needs tocome along.
  5. 5. “Many B2B marketers still take the traditional method tointegrate social media. Like most marketers, they takethe route of just adding on another line of business andtypically assign a team resource whose time will be spentposting and responding within social media platforms inisolation.”-Jeremy Roberts@Matt_Siltala
  6. 6. @Matt_SiltalaSocial is the catalyst that driveprospects through the buying process.
  7. 7. @Matt_SiltalaGive up being boring. Forever.Being boring will kill you(unless your audience is boring, re: accountants)
  8. 8. “Companies need to understand that it’s actually permittedto be fun. It’s written nowhere that you have to be boring.”- Damien Van Achter RTBF social managerConsider your company culture.If you’re funny, be funny in your social media posts. If you’reanalytical, be analytical.@Matt_Siltala
  9. 9. @Matt_SiltalaSocial Media rewards those who respond and react fast towhat’s going on in the world.Tip: Reserve some marketing budget for last minute campaigns based on trends orcurrent events. Being the first to spot or give commentary (even if just in yourindustry) on something that’s popular at the moment gives you an edge.When everyone is talkingabout something thatrelates to your business…It’s time tojump into theconversation,giving your ownunique take onthe topicMake sure to have Google Alerts, ortools to track and spot trends and opportunities
  10. 10. @Matt_SiltalaDuring the Superbowlblackout, Oreo tweetedan ad that related to itLIGHTS GOOUT AT THESUPERBOWLIt became a viral hit, retweeted morethan 15,000 times in the first 14 hours. Itwas also featured in the Washington Post.
  11. 11. @Matt_SiltalaBeing the first company in yourindustry to comment on things thataffect or impact your niche gives youan advantage in search results andestablishes you as a leader.
  12. 12. Utah small business,Pluralsight, markets togeeks, and computerprogrammers. They took atrend in mainstreamsociety and made it theirown by creating a videowith their authorslipsyncing to the pop hitsong: Call Me Maybe. Theyare not polished or slick,they are in true geek form.59,685 Views@Matt_Siltala
  13. 13. @Matt_SiltalaHire a goodgraphics/image/designer Alwaysimportant, now evenmore important.Facebookemphasizes imagesmore in the newnewsfeed. Bloggersstand to gain somuch traffic fromPinterest and arecreating pinnableimages foreverything they do.
  14. 14. @Matt_Siltala
  15. 15. @Matt_SiltalaBAD EXAMPLE
  16. 16. @Matt_SiltalaDevelop a human voice,talk in your customer’svoice, not corporatevoice. Your look andlanguage shouldn’t becorporate, staged orforced. It should befriendly, funny, clever,and relevant.Visa small business ad posted on Facebook and promoted.Most of the 62 comments on this post called Visa spammers,several were negative. This image is corporate and fake feeling.DOESN’T GET IT
  17. 17. @Matt_SiltalaGOOD EXAMPLE
  18. 18. @Matt_SiltalaSocial MediaThis baby clothes company “ad” share to win contest has emotionalappeal, is really eye catching and has a social component.DOES GET IT
  19. 19. @Matt_SiltalaDOES GET ITBloggingAll this smallbarbershop does iscreate a blog andpost before/afterphotos.
  20. 20. DOES GET IT@Matt_Siltala
  21. 21. DOES GET IT@Matt_Siltala
  22. 22. @Matt_SiltalaINTEGRATE EVERYWHERE
  23. 23. @Matt_SiltalaALL IMPACT YOUR SEARCH RANKINGSSearch EnginesComments & Shares Retweets
  26. 26. @Matt_SiltalaVitamin Water makes social ads
  27. 27. Integrate ContentPictures, text, articles,testimonials, successstories, news about yourbusiness, published online.@Matt_Siltala
  28. 28. @Matt_SiltalaIntegrate InYour EmailAsk people to shareor follow you onsocial sites on youremails. Social mediareferences can offera higher click-through orengagement rate onyour emails as itsupports the primarycall to action andmessaging.
  29. 29. @Matt_SiltalaIntegrate On Your WebsiteAdd social buttons, social login (let people sign in with theirFacebook or Twitter account), one click to follow.
  30. 30. Watch the conversation that happens on popular videos,Facebook posts, blog comments, in your industry or thosewho have your same targetmarket to get a feel for thevoice of your customers.@Matt_Siltala
  31. 31. @Matt_SiltalaA FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER
  32. 32. @Matt_Siltala•  Cultural Shift•  Get The Whole Team Involved•  Social Interest + Social Influence = Decision Making•  Don’t Be Boring•  React Fast To Breaking News•  Be Creative•  Hire A Good Designer•  Integrate Social Media Everywhere
  33. 33. @Matt_Siltala
  34. 34. @Matt_SiltalaWhere you can find this presentation:
  35. 35. Matt Siltala, You!