Competitive Intelligence using Social Media


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Here is Matt Siltala's presentation on Competitive Intelligence using Social Media at Pubcon Vegas 2013 - Learn everything there is to know about keeping an eye on the competition in regards to Social Media - Shared is an outline and tools of how to do this.

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  • {"27":"Use Circle Count for Google+ \n","16":"Spy on your competitors email strategy, sign up for their emails, notice their sign up process, content and subject lines. You can even go further by using a service that helps you get metrics for example – InfusionSoft \n","5":"Social MeOWdia Explained on Visually example \n","22":"Facebook graph search example competitive intelligence searches. \n","11":"AdAge example – Social Media Stats of the Day\n","28":"Additional Tools\n","17":"Scraping. Scraping is gathering information amongst several sources to get a general consensus. It’s so useful, that even the US Gov is using this tactic with social media. \n","6":"Pinterest Image Optimization Graphic Example\n","23":"Use Kickstarter \n","12":"Social Media Stats of the Day\n","1":"Competitive Intelligence – Social Media Tools and Tactics by Matt Siltala\n","29":"Really understand your competitors by using all the tools that are out there, and dig even deeper by learning from case studies that were successful. Research your competitors to identify opportunities, Get ideas for how your brand can engage in the social media channel – Finally Dominate your over all market with your new approach. \n","18":"Royal Caribbean Case Study\n","7":"Search Press Releases – or look at the news section of their website. Note the ones that talk about strategy and success. \n","24":"Pebble Watch case study \n","13":"Follow Key Influencers on Twitter – Find and follow them on other social networks they are most active on. When you get to know key people more personally, you have a more complete picture of your competitor and benefit from their best thinkers and most influential employees. \n","2":"Why do social competitive research? 1. To get ideas for how your brand can engage in the social media channel. 2. To gauge the overall marketing for your product or service engeges in social media or a specific network. 3. To identify opportunities your competitors may be missing (and therefore your brand can uniquely offer). \n","30":"Thank You! \n","19":"Tools\n","8":"Learn about their Facebook fans and their interest by using graphic search. Use this to determine what kind of content your audience responds to. Think of ways you could spin off popular ideas into videos, ebooks, white papers, comics, Facebook posts and other content. \n","25":"Elevation Dock\n","14":"Sources of Social Intelligence\n","3":"Basic Outline – for keeping an eye on the competition. \n","20":"Topsy lets you search the entire history of Twitter\n","9":"Subscribe to their email newsletters and if possible use tools to determine what works best and follow their best practices. \n","26":"CIRADAR – Marketing Research Tool\n","15":"Press release sites such as PR Newswire have a search and you can for example search “social media campaign” to see what other brands are doing or have done. People often send out press releases to brag about their successes. When you read about and follow the links to see what they did you can see what worked and adapt it to your industry. \n","4":"Study what type of content works on which network or even if a specific network is worth your effort by seeing what is working for others, especially those in your niche or industry. \n","21":"Facebook Graph Search \n","10":"Note what blog posts work best – How can you spin the ideas that are doing well into content for your brand, like video, white papers, infographics, newsletter articles etc. \n"}
  • Competitive Intelligence using Social Media

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