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Flashed Media is a dynamic back-lit Poster advertising system that is motion activated.

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  • Flashed Media is a
  • Flashed media kit

    1. 1. www.Flashedmedia.com<br />(702)463-0569<br />Flashed Media<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Welcoming comments:<br />Thank you for spending your valuable time reviewing our media kit. Our content is for powerful visionary people seeking to make a difference in the advertising world.<br />It is an indescribable honor to be able to convey our vision in these pages. With every client, every campaign, every insightful idea, we challenge you with this one question: Am I successful with the form of advertising I am using today and am I getting the results needed to grow in the future ? ?<br />We feel that the answer lies with Flashed Media. It is a mindset we are challenging. We ask you to take a closer look into what works and doesn’t work in the world of traditional advertising campaigns..<br />Flashed Media has a look that is fresh, clean, attention getting, head turning and powerful to every person that see it. We have a phenomenal niche that cannot be found in print, TV, radio, billboards or any other form of advertising in the world. Flashed Media interacts with the consumer to get them talking about us and in turn retaining the product . <br />Read the enclosed content and see if you feel and see the power of Flashed Media yourself. <br />Pause for a moment and ask yourself these 3 questions: Am I happy with my current success level with my current advertising campaign? Are the consumers retaining my ads and am I directly in front of the groups I need to be in front of?<br />For answers, we offer a very simple suggestion: Flashed Media.<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />
    3. 3. ffffffffff<br />Flashed Media is an advertising platform that is both fun and creative. It is programmable to start as a mirror, and switch to an advertisement panel when the consumer moves in front of it. Or it can be reversed, it can start as an advertising panel and change to a mirror when someone is standing in front of it. Flashed Media’s compact sleek design, eco friendly structure allows for unlimited applications in its placement locations; such as bars, restaurants, health clubs, restrooms, retail stores, airports, sport and concert arenas, movie theaters, elevators, convention centers and much more.<br />3<br />What is Flashed Media ?<br />
    4. 4. Flashed MediaRetention Percentage<br />Flashed Media’s interactive advertising mirrors peak the consumers interest in how the product works In turn they end up viewing the ads 3x longer than the normal static advertisement. Creating a strong and lasting memory.<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />4<br />
    5. 5. 5<br />Why Flashed Media Works.<br />A successful campaign with Flashed Media will achieve a clear, crisp <br />and creative communication of your message<br />Flashed Media is uncluttered advertising, you<br />do not share or rotate your ad with anyone else.<br />Because<br />98% of respondents were positive toward seeing <br />Flashed Media ads in restroom facilities.<br />Because<br />92% could name specific advertisers without being<br />prompted after viewing ads on Flashed Media<br />Because<br />84% of respondents recalled seeing advertisements<br />on Flashed Media mirrors<br />Because<br />Effective, persuasive and attention grabbing advertising is key to success for any well thought out marketing campaign. Flashed Media can deliver these results.<br />Because<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />
    6. 6. Restroom Ads are getting noticed.<br />6<br />“Talk about your captive audience. Your attention is riveted directly on the space in front of you. People indeed read the ads—thoroughly. Restroom advertising is naturally, an efficient medium for targeting strictly male or female audiences.” <br />“If you went to the restroom three times, you'd read it again and again. Not only can indoor billboards reach a very discerning customer, but they've got that customer's undivided attention.” <br />“When we first talked about it we all laughed, but it seems to have gotten results’” says Michael Swanson, media planner at Fallon McElligott. “People are looking for something new that's targeted and attention-grabbing. This is the way to do it.” <br />“ Potential customers cannot change the channel, turn the page, or in any way tune out the message being presented to them. You will receive their undivided attention.”<br />“...the ads reach the audience most coveted by advertisers: 21-35-year-olds who like to go out and spend money. Restroom ads also allow companies to target a gender with 100% accuracy.”<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />
    7. 7. Why Flashed Media Ads Work!!<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />7<br />
    8. 8. Flashed Media<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />8<br />
    9. 9. WWW.FLASHEDMEDIAL.COM<br />9<br />Comparison Page <br />Traditional Advertising Facts:<br />1st time someone sees your ad they don’t see it, 2nd time they don’t notice it, 3rd time they are conscious of it existence, 4th time they faintly remember it, 5th time they pay attention to it, 6th time they turn their nose up at it, 7th time they see it they say “there's that ad again, 8th time they wonder if it amounts to anything, 9th time ask a friend about it, 10th time they think it might be worth something, 11th time they think it may be a good thing, 12th time they remember how long they’ve wanted such a thing, 13th time they think they’ll buy it someday, 14th time they count their money more carefully and the 15th time they see it, they buy it.<br />“With Flashed Media you go from seeing the ad, to remembering the ad, to buying the product all in a Flash.”<br />QUICK ADVERTISING FACT<br /><ul><li>Advertising is constantly changing.
    10. 10. When you stop advertising you stop growing.
    11. 11. To move ahead you need smart advertising.
    12. 12. Your competition isn’t quitting.
    13. 13. Advertising strengthens your identity.
    14. 14. Advertising is essential to survival and growth.
    15. 15. Advertising builds the confidence of clients.
    16. 16. Advertising builds your reputation and credibility.
    17. 17. If you don’t present yourself as the best choice, someone else will</li></li></ul><li>Flashed Media LLC.<br />200 S. Jones Blvd<br />Las Vegas, NV 89107<br />702-463-0569 or<br />702-413-4351<br />www.flashedmedia.com<br />10<br />Flashed Media<br />Contact us for location s and placement.<br />WWW.FLASHEDMEDIA.COM<br />