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    Presentation Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing Planby Spark GamesMatissTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • ProductA twine game created by myselfplayable on any platform thatsupports a web browser.What is a twine game?A game created using the twinesoftware which exports in htmlformat.The games is simple andtext based and different tocommon console or PC games.Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • ProductPlace❖ On the internet accessibleon any device, compatiblewith internet browser andinternet connection❖ Local pubs and night clubsadvertising to attractaudience to Facebook pageand play the game.❖ Promoting throughcompetition t-shirts onFacebookPlaceTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Price❖ Free of charge❖Attracts potential audienceas they don’t have to pay toplay❖The game is not highdefinition and not long, lengthwiseTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • PromotionI decided to use three typesof promotion:❖ Direct advertising❖ In-direct advertising❖ PromotionTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • brief/objectives❖ Produce three types ofmarketing to promote mytwine game❖Through marketing get asolid fan base who supportthe game❖ Promote Twine games anddo it yourself gamingTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Primary ResearchDo 15-20 year olds know/playtwine games and if they wouldbe a suitable audience for thegame and marketing?Action:Change the audience to 18-34 year oldsConclusion:15-20 year olds not suitable.Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Secondary Research❖Twine users and communityTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Gamer Demographics❖Richard Bartle’s theoryWhen looking at my game,the gamer type that wouldbe mostly attracted wouldbe the socialisers. Thereason is because in mygame you meet a lot ofdifferent computercharacters to which youhave to interact. Differentsituations appear which Ithink the socialisers wouldlike.To aim my marketingcampaign towards thesocialisers I could use socialnetworking sites such asFacebook and Twitter, whichthe socialisers would bemore likely to use. I couldpost updates and gamingmaterial, such as imageryand design material toattract more people. Also,forums would be a goodplace to go which couldcombine the realistic gamefans with the socialisers.Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Target audience summary❖ 18-34 year olds❖Twine game makers❖Artistic people❖ Socialisers❖ Beginner game makersTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • BrainstormingTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Marketing scheduleTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Direct advertisingPosters:❖ Facebook page❖ Local pubs❖ Night clubs❖ UniversitiesTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Indirect advertising❖ Blog about making the twine game❖ Like an online diary of making the gamehttp://getsomebooze.tumblr.com/Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • PromotionTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Tuesday, 25 June 2013
    • UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP Code)Guidelines and regulations I have to use to protect my company and the consumer:8.17Be!ore purchase or, i! no purchase is required, be!ore or at the time o!entry orapplication, promoters must communicate all applicable signi!cant conditions.Signi!cantconditions include:8.17.1how to !!!ti!i!!teHow to participate, including signi!cant conditions and costs, and othermajor !actorsreasonably likely to infuence consumers’ decision orunderstanding about the promotion8.17.2!!ee-e!t!! !o!te e!!l!!!tio! Any !ree-entry route should be explained clearly and prominently8.17.3St!!t !!te The start date, i! applicable8.17.4closi!g !!te 8.17.4.a A prominent closing date, i! applicable, !or purchases and submissions o! entries orclaims. Closing dates are not always necessary, !or example:comparisons that re!er toa special o!!er (whether the promoter’s previouso!!er or a competitor’s o!!er) i! theo!!er is and is stated to be “subject toavailability”; promotions limited only by the availabilityo! promotional packs(gi!ts with a purchase, extra-volume packs and reduced-price packs)andloyalty schemes run on an open-ended basis8.17.4.bUnless the promotional pack includes the promotional item or prize and theonly limit is theavailability o! that pack, prize promotions and promotionsaddressed to or targeted at childrenalways need a closing date8.17.4.cPromoters must be able to demonstrate that the absence o! a closing datewill notdisadvantage consumers8.17.4.dPromoters must state i! the deadline !or responding to undatedpromotional material will becalculated !rom the date the material wasreceived by consumers8.17.4.eUnless circumstances outside the reasonable control o! the promoter makeit unavoidable,closing dates must not be changed. I! they are changed,promoters must do everythingreasonable to ensure that consumers whoparticipated within the original terms are notdisadvantagedTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Extra advertising❖ Google twine groups (forums)❖ Night club stamps❖ Beer mat’s for pubsTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Collecting feedbackCollecting feedback❖ Facebook Insights show:1 active users2 daily active user breakdown3 new likes4 demographics5 activity❖A questionnaire at the endof the gameTuesday, 25 June 2013
    • Collecting feedbackLink to my gamehttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/184784776/twine%20game/get%20some%20booze.htmlTuesday, 25 June 2013