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Brief overview of MBS and Whole Loan collateral analytic solutions. Please call me at 949-218-8312 or email at momalley@dataquick.com

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MBS & Collateral review overview_abridged

  1. 1. Overview of DataQuick’s Collateral Validation and MBS Solutions Presented By DataQuick Financial Services Matthew O’Malley momalley@dataquick.com 949-218-8312
  2. 2. DataQuick The nation’s largest independent provider of real estate data 20+ years supporting lender’s data and analytic needs The nation’s richest historical repository of sale and loan transaction data Industry leader with the most extensive data attributes and advanced predictive modeling
  3. 3. Data Compilation County Recorder County Assessor DataQuick Phone Numbers, Household Level Geo-Codes & Other Demographics, Data Overlays Behavior Traits, (Data Layers) Lifestyles Overlay DQ Derived Intelligence: LTV, Market Value, Current and Historical Loan Positioning Automated Valuation Modeling N-Level HPI Precision CLTV, CV, Occupancy
  4. 4. Where does our data come from? County Assessor Data National Coverage. Over 100 million Assessor Records County Recorder Data National Coverage Over 250 Million Recorder Records. DataQuick Proprietary Data for individual properties. Current Open Loans – determines current open loan type and loan position Historical Loans – determines historical loan type and position Coverage 93% coverage of sales & loan volume, 88% coverage of total properties Footprint aligns with mass of loan origination and sales volume activity
  5. 5. Assessor provides… Ownership Site and mail address Property characteristics: beds, baths, sqft, etc. Assessed and Market values Tax Delinquency Legal description Property tax Property boundaries/parcel (plat) maps Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN): Unique identifier Land use description
  6. 6. Recorder provides… Transaction types: Seller/buyer name (Ownership Resale changes) New Subdivision Buyer mailing and site address Timeshare Lender name(s) Loan Loan amount(s) Construction Purchase price Foreclosure Sales Date Assignment Title company Affidavit of Death Assessor’s Parcel Number Land Contract (APN) Legal description: Tract Lot Block
  7. 7. DQ Proprietary Derived Intelligence Loan To Value / CLTV Percentage of the Loan compared to Current Market Value ! New ! Precision CLTV using Collateral Validation Methodology Market Value Estimated Market Value based on DataQuick's Automated Valuation Models (AVM) or Precision Market Value using CVM. Loan Modeling Determines the Mortgage Type (Purchase, Refinance, Equity Loan and Equity Line) Determines the Mortgage Position (1st Lien, 2nd Lien and 3rd Lien) Neighborhood Level HPI Granular, current, forecasts, property specific ! New ! Foreclosure Central Segments short sales, REO’s, Investor acquisitions, etc.
  8. 8. The Solution MBS Analytics MBS Analytics Package unique and configurable automated batch solution marries loan level and/or servicing data from a MBS to specific property address data, models and analytics from DataQuick, using proprietary processes and technology creates the most robust data and analytics set which can be used as granular and property specific inputs to risk models (cash flow, prepayment, collateral, etc.) …thereby creating competitive advantage while reducing risk in evaluating a MBS
  9. 9. Better data means better predictive modeling Output may include but not limited to: Property Address Borrower/Owner Name CLTV and Forecasted CLTV Neighborhood Level Home Price Index Lien Position Foreclosure rates and sales activity Owner Occupancy Transaction History (purchase, refi, equity) Tax Delinquency Changes in ownership or title Collateral Validation
  10. 10. The Solution Collateral Validation …is an automated valuation review solution …tests and reconciles individual valuations …creates a process and output that is objective, transparent and auditable …provides an immediate and substantial cost savings It’s methodology provides precision valuation
  11. 11. Collateral Validation Benefits Comprehensive Interrogation of Value Audit Trail Consistent Review Process Easy to Implement Scalable Immediate ROI, up to 3x – year 1!
  12. 12. Collateral Validation Overview Interrogation of any value (AVM, appraisal, BPO, etc.) Values automatically reconciled against other “expert opinions” Current “expert opinions” AVM’s Intelligent/User selected sales comp’s Historical “expert opinions” Prior valuations Purchase history Other user provided ‘expert opinions” Any valuation Historical values are detrended based on DataQuick’s proprietary neighborhood level HPI User configurable output yielding objective, supported, immediate decisions on value quality.
  13. 13. DataQuick’s Neighborhood Level HPI San Diego MSA HPI A single MSA level index may not be representative of the housing price trends among various local markets
  14. 14. Two Views of San Diego Housing San Diego Neighborhood Level HPI
  15. 15. DQ n-Level HPI vs. Case-Shiller HPI Appreciation Rate From Dec 2006 Thru Dec 2007 Green: Depreciation is less compared to CS HPI Red: Depreciation is greater compared to CS HPI
  16. 16. Sample Collateral Validation Report Valuation Module Market Area HPI and Default Trend Module Market Area Sales Activity Module
  17. 17. Questions? DataQuick is an experienced solution partner with expertise in: • Nationwide housing data • Advanced analytics • Application development For more information or to engage in testing, please contact: momalley@dataquick.com 949-218-8312 direct 949-545-8499 cell