Startup Engineering in Quotes

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A collection of quotes about startups, engineering, and building great teams and products.

A collection of quotes about startups, engineering, and building great teams and products.

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  • 1. Startup Engineeringin QuotesMatt, May 29,
  • 2. “Every time anengineer joins Google,a startup dies.”- Chris DixonWednesday, May 29,
  • 3. “People who don’t takerisks generally make abouttwo big mistakes a year.People who do take risksgenerally make about twobig mistakes a year.”-  Peter Drucker  Wednesday, May 29,
  • 4. ProductWednesday, May 29,
  • 5. “There is nothing souseless as doing efficientlythat which should not bedone at all.”- Peter F. DruckerWednesday, May 29,
  • 6. “Features are like kids,once you have themyou have to supportthem for the rest ofyour life.”Wednesday, May 29,
  • 7. “Do not compromise” - Steve Jobs Wednesday, May 29,
  • 8. “Do not compromise.”Wednesday, May 29,
  • 9. ProcessWednesday, May 29,
  • 10. “Move fast, breakthings.”- Mark ZuckerbergWednesday, May 29,
  • 11. “Process is anembedded reaction toprior stupidity.”- Clay ShirkyWednesday, May 29,
  • 12. “It is not done until itships.”- Steve JobsWednesday, May 29,
  • 13. “Done is better thanperfect.”Wednesday, May 29,
  • 14. “Engineers don’t hateprocess.They hateprocess that can’tdefend itself.” - Michael Lopp (Rands)Wednesday, May 29,
  • 15. TechWednesday, May 29,
  • 16. “Boycott complexity!”- Misha DyninWednesday, May 29,
  • 17. “Always leave thecampground cleanerthan you found it.”- National Park ServiceWednesday, May 29,
  • 18. “We are too busymopping the floor toturn off the faucet.”Wednesday, May 29,
  • 19. “... a startup should always berunning at the ragged edge ofwhat their systems can handle:to do otherwise would meanthat youre not using all yourresources efficiently.”- Piaw NaWednesday, May 29,
  • 20. “Generals always fightthe last war, especially ifthey have won it.” Wednesday, May 29,
  • 21. The End“I always have a quotation foreverything - it saves originalthinking.”- Dorothy L. SayersWednesday, May 29,