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Century 21 Real Estate LLC, the franchisor of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization, today announced the results of its spring home selling survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive among 2,058 U.S. adults (18+) in May, 2013. The CENTURY 21® survey revealed that 33 percent of people currently searching for a home have been on the hunt for more than a year, and that the vast majority of them are willing to negotiate with sellers and make compromises to find their next home. In particular, prospective homebuyers are willing to compromise on popular amenities and their home’s location.

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Cnn sellers calling the shot may

  1. 1. Sellerscalling the shotson home dealsBy Les Christie @CNNMoney May 30, 2013: 5:40 AM ETAccording to the survey, 42%of the people shopping for homes placed offers in the past six months, yet only 11%of the bids were accepted.NEW YORK (CNNMoney)In adramaticabout-facefor thehousingmarket,sellersarenow callingtheshots.A survey of morethan 2,000 Americansfound that 33%of the365 who weresearchingfor ahomehavebeen on thehunt formorethan ayear and many werewillingto makecompromiseson wherethey liveor thetypeof homethey would buy in order toclosethedeal,Century 21 Real Estatereported Wednesday."Therecovery hastransformed themindset of many buyersand sellerswho grew accustomed to thebuyers market wesaw foryears," said Rick Davidson,CEO of Century 21."Buyer confidenceisbuildingback up and demand isstrong...sellersarenow in amorefavorableposition."Related: 5 best marketsto sell ahomeCurrently,thereare2.16 million existinghomesfor sale,down 13.6%from 12 monthsearlier.With fewer homesfor saleand morebuyerscomingonto themarket,sellersarelesswillingto negotiateon pricelikethey wereduringthehousingbust.Accordingto thesurvey,42%of thepeopleshoppingfor homeshaveplaced offersin thepast sixmonths,yet only 11%of thebidswereaccepted.That hascaused buyersto rethink their positions: 85%said theyrewillingto compromiseto get dealsdone.Just over half saidthey would beflexibleon theclosingdate; 31%said they would purchaseahome"as-is;" and 29%would pony up morecash thanthey originally planned.Thehomeshopperssaid they arealso willingto let go of someof theitemson their "wish lists."Related: Best dealsin real estate
  2. 2. Morethan half would giveup on an in-ground pool; 49%would sacrificeafinished basement; 37%would compromiseon eitheran updated kitchen or walk-in closets.A majority of buyersarealso morewillingto look beyond their preferred locations,willingto livefarther away from work,fromfamily or from restaurantsand shopping.Find homes for saleFirst Published:May 30,2013:5:40 AM ET© 2013 Cable New s Netw ork. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved. Terms under w hich this service is provided to you. Privacy Policy. Ad choices .S. Florida realestate making a comebackby TaboolaYou Might Also LikeEconomist: Why the DowWill Hit 60,000(Shocking)NewsmaxBillionaire TellsAmericans to PrepareFor "Financial Ruin"MoneynewsHow Much Do NavySEALs Get Paid a Year?eHowJim Cramer: Buy These4 Stocks and Sell This 1Stock NowWall St. Cheat SheetRecommended for YouHave we all been duped by the Myers-Briggs test?How police can find your deleted text messagesFarewell 3% mortgage ratesAround the Web8 Things That Lower Your Home ValueMoney LivingA kitchen remodel for under $5kHomeGoodsHow to Rent a Vacation[whats this]