Why (and How) Your Small Business Should be Using Google+


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How to effectively implement a Google+ strategy into your social media mix. From Google Authorship to Google+ Business Pages, learn about the importance of the search giant’s social network.

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Why (and How) Your Small Business Should be Using Google+

  1. 1. #SBSM14 Why (and How) Your Small Business Should be Using Google+ Presented by: Matt Cullen @MattCullenSEM +MattCullen
  2. 2. #SBSM14 Why Should I Care? • Google has 68% of the U.S. market share for search
  3. 3. #SBSM14 Why Should I Care? Fastest Growing Social Network ~500M Active Users (3 years old) Facebook ~1.3B (10 years old) LinkedIn ~300M (11 years old) Twitter ~260M (8 years old)
  4. 4. #SBSM14 This Isn’t About Search! • If the largest search engine is integrating their social media network into the search results, it’s time to wake up!
  5. 5. #SBSM14 Personal Google+ Page •Highlighting your role at the company Current Company Bio w/Links
  6. 6. #SBSM14 Personal Google+ Page •Most Importantly = CONTRIBUTOR TO: Add the sites that you contribute to!
  7. 7. #SBSM14 Take Control •Google+ Business Page = You are telling Google about your business – do not make them guess. •Contact Information •Tagline •Introduction •Custom URL •Verified Website •Linked YouTube Channel •Links •Social, Important Pages
  8. 8. #SBSM14 Link Your Website <link href="https://plus.google.com/{plusPageUrl}" rel="publisher" /> “rel publisher markup” <head> of each page on your site
  9. 9. #SBSM14 Google+ to Site •Adding a Google+ badge (to your G+ Business Page, Personal Page, Community) Various styles… http://bit.ly/CreateBadge
  10. 10. #SBSM14 Share / + 1 Button for Content Share +1 (w/optional Share)
  11. 11. #SBSM14 + 1 > Share Button for Content If people +1 your content, those they are connected to will see that in the search results. Adds credibility! http://bit.ly/PlusOneButton
  12. 12. #SBSM14 Organize Circles Follow People Follow Businesses Acting as your Google+ Business Page
  13. 13. #SBSM14 Interaction Share Updates / Links / Photos / Videos / Events Target Segments
  14. 14. #SBSM14 Post Formatting Bold = *text* Italics = _text_ Strikethrough = -text- Bold & Italic = _*text*_ Your updates can be LONG! w/ multiple links + hashtags
  15. 15. #SBSM14 Hashtags Clicking on a hashtag leads to more ideas & related updates
  16. 16. #SBSM14 Interaction Share Updates / Links / Photos / Videos / Events Acting as your Personal Google+ Profile
  17. 17. #SBSM14 Google+ Authorship Contributor To: MyQuote.com On my Personal Google+ Page http://bit.ly/AuthorTest
  18. 18. #SBSM14 Google+ Authorship •WordPress for your blog? •Yoast SEO Plugin (FREE) •Adds Google+ URL field to Author configuration •Different Content Management System / No CMS? •Add a custom Google+ URL field for Authors •Make sure rel=“author” is added to each blog post if Google+ Page exists for that author http://bit.ly/YoastPlugin
  19. 19. #SBSM14 Communities •Create a Public or Private Community •Communicate with your customers •Let your customers interact •Find new business opportunities
  20. 20. #SBSM14 Communities •Join Communities & Get Involved •Interact with communities in your industry •Find people and companies to Circle/Follow •Become a thought leader DO NOT SPAM
  21. 21. #SBSM14 Events •Create an Event! •Find Events / Keep track of Events
  22. 22. #SBSM14 Events •You do not need a location •Online-only events •Live Video •Interact in the Event page with attendees
  23. 23. #SBSM14 Hangouts •Google+ Hangouts covers instant messaging, video Video call with up to 10 people! * Computers, iOS, Android Devices
  24. 24. #SBSM14 Hangouts •Powerful tool for Events •Standalone Hangouts for Q&A, Presentations •Share Google Docs/Presentations
  25. 25. #SBSM14 Google+ Local Pages
  26. 26. #SBSM14 Google+ Local Pages • Claim & verify your B&M location • Keep Google up-to-date with the latest information on your local business • Manage Photos • Respond to Reviews (good and bad) • Ask customers for reviews!
  27. 27. #SBSM14 Google+ Local Pages
  28. 28. #SBSM14 Google+ Local Pages IMAGES??
  29. 29. #SBSM14 Knowledge Graph • Free Real Estate for brand searches!
  30. 30. #SBSM14 Insights • Once you have a Verified Google+ Local Page you can access your Dashboard Views, Minutes Watched, New Subs BONUS:
  31. 31. #SBSM14 I Can’t Manage This Alone! • Google understands - You can be the Owner and then you can assign Managers & Communication Managers
  32. 32. #SBSM14 Recommended Learn from these great G+ content creators Community
  33. 33. #SBSM14 Conclusion • Setup Personal & Business • Authorship on web content • Interact, Get Involved! • Hangouts, Events, Communities • +1/Share Button, Badge/Follow • Google+ Local – Photos, Review Responses • Insights (stats)
  34. 34. #SBSM14 Thank you! @MattCullenSEM Connect with me: matt@AdHarmonics.com +MattCullen