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2010 Best Of Staffing Exec Summary
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2010 Best Of Staffing Exec Summary


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 2. From the Publisher Inavero’s vision is to provide meaningful feedback and resources to staffing firms based on research to dramatically improve the level of satisfaction for those who work for or with staffing firms. Three years ago, Inavero launched its first client satisfaction study exclusively for the staffing industry. The evolution of this study and the positive, comprehensive impact it has had on the client experience is the ultimate inspiration for the Best of Staffing™ competition and award. There are thousands of unique staffing firms in the U.S. Differentiating between the industry’s leaders and its laggards can be a daunting task. The Best of Staffing award for client satisfaction provides an independent, 3rd party validation recognizing staffing firms that have truly proven satisfaction levels far beyond industry norms. More than 2.5 million Americans are put to work daily with the help of staffing and recruiting firms, according to research provided by the American Staffing Association. The $86 billion staffing industry is a fundamental component of overall U.S. employment. It’s imperative we hold the staffing industry to the highest performance standards and recognize those firms who are distinguished. The survey process - Inavero delivered web links to more than 60,000 staffing industry clients who were asked to complete a short, three-question survey about their experiences with their staffing firm. Nearly 17,000 responses were analyzed utilizing the Net Promoter Score® methodology made famous by client loyalty author and former Bain consultant, Fred Reicheld. A single question, “how likely is it that you would recommend this firm to a friend or colleague?” is at the core of this methodology. The result – The 2010 Best of Staffing list representing 47 staffing brands that you can trust to deliver extraordinary client service. These firms scored significantly higher than the industry average. Nearly 75% of clients who use firms that are listed on the 2010 Best of Staffing list rate their willingness to recommend that firm a 9 or 10 out of 10. This is truly remarkable compared to the overall industry benchmark of 55%. Additionally, Best of Staffing winners achieved a 69% Net Promoter Score (NPS), compared to the NPS benchmark of 41% for staffing industry. Finally, I would like to thank our presenting sponsor, CareerBuilder, for their support, guidance and industry leadership. Our partnership has strengthened Best of Staffing and widened its scope tremendously. CareerBuilder’s dedication to the staffing and recruiting industry is reinforced in the assistance they provide to their clients, partners and communities on a daily basis. It is my sincere hope that you will find the Best of Staffing list to be a useful guide and indicator of high-quality client service for the staffing and recruiting industry. My team and I look forward to continuing our work to help the industry grow through measurement and improvement of the client and job candidate experience. Sincerely, Eric A. Gregg, MBA Founder, Inavero Institute ¹Net Promoter Score is calculated as: % Promoters (9 or 10 on a 10 point scale)- % Detractors (0-6 on a 10 point scale)
  • 3. 2010 Best of Staffing List Showcasing Staffing Firms Who Have Proven Exceptional Client Service The following staffing firms have achieved Inavero’s Best of Staffing designation for client satisfaction levels by more than 22% than the industry average. 52 Limited Inteligente Solutions, Inc. Adams & Associates JustinBradley ADD Staffing Kelly Services, Inc. The Advanced Group of Companies Labor Finders Allegiance Staffing* Lofton Staffing Aquent Mee Derby & Company Attack! Monroe Staffing Services Berks & Beyond Employment Services, Inc. National ProSource CompHealth Allied Staffing Novotus CompHealth Locum Tenens Office Team Delta Locum Tenens The Plus Group, Inc. Devon & Devon PRN Specialty Services EdgeLink PrideStaff Employment Plus Professional Staffing Group Employment Trends Robert Half Finance & Accounting Express Employment Professionals Robert Half Technology GDH Consulting Rx relief Helpmates Financial Staffing SOS Staffing Services Helpmates Staffing Services Superior Search & Staffing Hire Dynamics That’s Good HR, Inc. Hiring Partners TopSource Hudson TRC Staffing Services, Inc. Infinity Consulting Solutions Weatherby Locums Instant Technology ZeroChaos Insurance Relief *Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX, El Paso TX, Houston, TX, Nashville, TN 2010 Best of Staffing Highlights Staffing Industry Percentage of 9s and 10s 74% 55% Net Promoter Score 69% 41% presents in partnership with COPYRIGHT © 2010 INAVERO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NET PROMOTER, NPS, AND NET PROMOTER SCORE ARE TRADEMARKS OF SATMETRIX SYSTEMS, INC., BAIN & COMPANY, AND FRED REICHHELD
  • 4. higher. Most staffing firms report a focus on long-term partnerships with clients, but the Whenever I call, I receive celebrity Best of Staffing award winners for client service; no matter how small the request. satisfaction live it on a daily basis. As a client, The responsiveness and professionalism you should expect nothing less. of their firm is without rival in this industry. Staffing firms and their clients have a vested Regional Law Firm interest in building relationships that result in mutual success. Loyalty is a two-way street, Nearly 17,000 clients of staffing and recruiting and staffing firms have to prove that they are firms have spoken. Anyone involved with the in it for the long haul. Pointing out what may staffing and recruiting industry can learn from not be in their immediate best interests, or what has been said. The firms who made the walking away from an assignment that can be 2010 Best of Staffing list stand head and better filled through a different firm are two of shoulders above the rest of the industry. This many ways that staffing firms can distinction is evident in the scores they demonstration putting themselves on the line received from their clients. The trends to best service your account. identified among the firms on this list provide invaluable information in creating successful For clients, a healthy partnership comes by staffing and recruiting partnerships. giving staffing and recruiting firms the framework and access they need to succeed. The 2010 Best of Staffing firms have Allowing (and perhaps even requiring) on-site committed to providing their clients with five visits and interviews with your key account best practices. Based on the thousands of manager at your staffing firm is a great way to comments and suggestions provided by build mutual understanding. Partners know clients, countless opportunities have been and trust each other – you can’t have one identified, but here are the five lessons that without the other. stand out. [The reasons we rate the firm so highly is] Lesson 1: Expect immediate and honest their ability to be a true business partners communication not just a supplier of people. National Retailer Nobody should expect their staffing firm to get it right 100% of the time. But, forthrightness in every occasion that affects your organization should be expected. Best of Staffing award Lesson 3: Empower strategic solutions from staffing firms, not just order-filling winners consistently instill the importance of candor in their staff. This openness ultimately No staffing firm, in fact no professional service helps improve client satisfaction and retention. firm anywhere wants to be seen as a commodity in the eyes of their clients. It is a It is important to staffing firms that you view constant challenge to avoid such a fate. them as a trusted advisor and resource. Trust is often earned during the difficult times. The Best of Staffing award winners bring more Anyone can be trustworthy when things are to the table than just sourcing and placing going well, but you should be able to count on talent. List makers bring unique knowledge of experiencing the same level of trust and their clients’ industry, job placements, and the openness when things go wrong. organization in which they are placed. You deserve this level of expertise, and staffing firms deserve the opportunity to put their Lesson 2: Expect and retain a staffing breadth of understanding to use in a way that and recruiting partner (not a vendor) benefits your organization. Demand and empower strategic solutions to your Staffing industry research conducted by organization’s staffing needs. Select firms who Inavero, has shown that a client who views can bring the creative ideas and expertise that their staffing or recruiting firm as a strategic create a competitive advantage for you in the partner will rate their overall satisfaction talent you utilize.
  • 5. [The staffing firm] is so connected within within each staffing firm that you work with. How long has your account manager been in our market and our industry and they staffing and recruiting? How well do they know are a phenomenal resource to me. your industry or sector? National Technology Manufacturer If you aren’t completely comfortable with how your account is being handled, look for changes within your staffing partner before Lesson 4: Make sure candidates fit your looking elsewhere. Inavero found that many organizational culture times, a simple change in account management can lead to a significant increase Inavero’s survey also found that in addition to in your satisfaction with your staffing partner. technical fit, clients feel that cultural fit is equally as important in successful candidate Like in each of the other areas, those earning placements. However, in most cases, staffing the 2010 Best of Staffing distinction excel in and recruiting firms place a disproportionate retention of internal staff. Throughout the emphasis on skills testing and capabilities. thousands of survey responses, the stars of Candidates who are well suited for the client’s these firms rose to the surface time and again. unique culture, are more likely to complete an They were mentioned by name as one of (and assignment or transition smoothly from a new often the primary) reason that clients rated hire to a functioning member of your team. their loyalty to partner staffing firms so high. The Best of Staffing survey highlighted countless times when award winners were Cynthia goes above and beyond applauded for getting to know their clients organization, and also for understanding their expectations, and keeps close contact corporate culture. with us for assurance. We really appreciate her commitment to our A considerable investment of time is organization’s success. necessary to truly understand both the Regional Facilities Management Company technical and non-technical skills required to succeed in a position. It’s important to recognize and value the Best of Staffing winner’s focus to understanding your Living the lessons organizational culture and making it a focal point in their placement strategy. Both staffing firms and their clients have a responsibility to make the relationship successful. The 2010 Best of Staffing award winners display the best practices that truly The people I have worked with always set them apart from the rest of the industry put in the effort to find physicians that "fit" through their extraordinary level of client with our practice. They have been equally satisfaction. The secret to a successful staffing relationship does not call for rocket science, as adept at serving us when the doctor but it does require tremendous commitment by has not been a good fit. both the staffing firm and your organization. Midwest Health Clinic Give the staffing firms you utilize the guidance that they need to be successful, but, also, hold them accountable for delivering exceptional, strategic, customized service in the field of Lesson 5: Expect exceptional account staffing and recruiting. management from your staffing firm Each of the four prior lessons are encompassed in the fifth lesson – consistent, reliable and exceptional staff working with you. As a client, you should feel completely COPYRIGHT © 2010 INAVERO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NET PROMOTER, NPS, AND NET PROMOTER SCORE ARE TRADEMARKS OF SATMETRIX SYSTEMS, INC., BAIN & COMPANY, AND FRED REICHHELD comfortable with the key account manager
  • 6. Inavero Inavero designs and manages satisfaction surveys for a global list of clients in more than 15 countries, with 5 different languages represented. Inavero’s custom created technology platform gathers and reports staffing firm client and candidate satisfaction information through quick online surveys. Satisfaction feedback from more than 100,000 accounting, legal, and staffing firm clients and job candidates is analyzed by Inavero’s team. Inavero’s client feedback system protects more than $4.3 billion in professional service firm annual revenue. For more information contact Inavero at 1-800-921-2640 or e-mail | COPYRIGHT © 2010 INAVERO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NET PROMOTER, NPS, AND NET PROMOTER SCORE ARE TRADEMARKS OF SATMETRIX SYSTEMS, INC., BAIN & COMPANY, AND FRED REICHHELD