At One - Boutique Hotel and Facilities for Middle Head


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Response to Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Expression of Interest and Management Plan for Middle Head.

'At One’ - a unique, boutique, sustainable wellness hotel with highly compelling services meeting the needs of all stakeholders, preserving the environment, the original owners of the land and with deep involvement opportunities for the locals, local businesses and general public.

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At One - Boutique Hotel and Facilities for Middle Head

  2. 2. At One is a rich experience. My life is significantly enhanced every time I visit At One. It is a haven. I truly am at one, connected to my purpose, connected to all and every thing, leaving a positive footprint on this planet. You are about to read of my three day business trip to Sydney, staying at the world's coolest boutique hotel – At One Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  3. 3. Day One Miss T met me at the airport after a 24-hour flight from New York. I flashed her my black At One card. Its proximity with her smart phone immediately gave Miss T my vitals – completely secure – and validated me: my last visit, visits to other global At One facilities, the food cooked especially for me by the organically trained chefs, my health and visits and routine, business KPI’s, room fridge requirements, my travel itinerary, spouse’s interests and, most importantly, my calendar. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  4. 4. The electric vehicle in which Miss T picked me up cruised quietly to the entrance of At One. The first impression of At One is cool – discreet, calm, and tranquil. Being an ex-army post, At One is also secure and efficient. Once I’m validated my card gives me access to certain areas. Me, I get all access; the restaurants, the bars, the grounds, the pools, green areas, and the small farm plot; I am engaged and connected with At One’s team, who are deeply experienced in health, wellness, and business and who work together to help me meet my objectives in life. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  5. 5. From the outside, At One blends in with the headland with little sign that a haven is deeply embedded into this historic Middle Head which once helped to protect Sydney. In a way, it still does. The reception is inviting, with high walls, a pitched roof and high deeply angular, exposed wooden beams – its bones - and a generous space. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  6. 6. The floor area is open functional plan, with lounge areas, bar, and tasty organic treats – it’s a chill out relax/greeting/welcome area – stay for an hour and then move on. There were some cool tunes playing and a nice mix of people. Not having to deal with normal hotel check-in protocol, Miss T transitioned me effortlessly over to my butler who carried my bags and escorted me across the road to my favorite room, number 23. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  7. 7. The room faced north, it was large, comfortable and inviting. Every item is organic sustainable in At One – the sheets, the cottons, the bedding, the bathroom amenities, the paint, the carpet. It was open and comfortable with an ensuite that reached out to the ocean with beautiful sunlight streaming in. The butler disappeared quietly after hanging my items while I lay on my back on the large comfortable king sized bed looking out over Balmoral Beach as the sun was setting. “Ahh… thank you” I said to myself. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  8. 8. I was feeling a little hungry and looked into the expansive bar fridge and pantry that was afforded to most units in At One. As always, the fridge and pantry is populated with my favorite foods. I poured a grey goose on the rocks and took the three oyster ‘welcome’ dish from the fridge. I turned on the digital radio and my favorite station was preset, playing the tunes I liked. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  9. 9. I picked up the remote and turned on the large flat screen LED TV. The opening screen is a calendar displaying my weekly planned events – already synced when greeted by Miss T at the airport. I looked over the calendar that I had confirmed prior to leaving New York and noticed that in between some slots which I always keep clear when staying in this hotel At One had, with insight, made a number of suggestions. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  10. 10. That night was Sunday, and I was quite fortunate. Sunday was Soul Sessions - Raising Inspired Children. I clicked on the event and eagerly read the following: Inspiring Children by Empowering Parents It's been said that you need two types of saving funds as a modern parent: one for your offspring's education, the other for their therapy. British Psychologist Oliver James wrote an anxiety provoking book about the parent-child reality titled They f*ck You Up. Whoa! But what if we didn't have to f*ck our kids up? What if the world's best thinkers applied their knowledge and expertise to ways we can raise a generation of kids who are equipped to handle just about anything that comes their way? What if parents could get access to cutting edge science and information far superior to anything that has ever existed before? What if we as parents armed ourselves with new tools and modi operandi that mean our children are raised consciously? What if? What if? I immediately confirmed my attendance. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  11. 11. Ok, no need to worry about food or entertainment for the evening, I took my oysters and ‘goose’ onto the expansive verandah and looked out over Balmoral Beach - I had 30 minutes before I needed to make my way to Soul Sessions so I picked up my iPad and had face time with my daughter to let her know that I arrived safely. I love the internet connectivity here – always on – full broadband. “Ahhh…thank you” I thought. Soul Sessions is simply brilliant. It’s situated in an intimate, 30 person stage like venue. Organic food is exquisitely prepared and made by the wonderful chefs. The people who attend Soul Sessions are intelligent, open, loving, and present – they are on their journey. I meet someone new and interesting in all walks of life every time I go – diverse and engaging. And tonight the presenter is the amazing Dr. Joseph Dispenza D. C. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  12. 12. Still quite excited after Soul Sessions I made my way to one of the several bars in At One. Sunday is usually locals and new starters to At One – it has its own vibe. I enjoyed some beautiful energy before I retired to my room. “What was on the week’s agenda?” I thought as I drifted asleep in the beautiful king size bed… Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  13. 13. Day Two I was up early reading and taking in my podcasts and international news that I relate to and that I rely on - I’m productive in the mornings - my calendar displayed onscreen – technology live. At 8am my butler delivered breakfast, taking it to the balcony and poured me my English breakfast tea, piping hot. This morning’s breakfast included scrambled biodynamic eggs, with chili and coriander - produce from the onsite farm - with a piece of freshly baked on premise organic, spelt sourdough. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  14. 14. At 10:45am my reminder indicated that I had an 11am session with Momentum for Life so I cleaned my teeth, put on some shorts and a singlet and walked to the Fitness Centre. Leila met me at the entrance holding her iPad. She had reviewed my previous workout sessions in New York, took notice of my aims and objectives and had me ready for a 40 minute personalised workout. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  15. 15. This is not a typical gym – far from it. This is about functional exercise based on the principals of eating right, acting right, thinking right and moving right. We did warm ups using a swiss ball and deep stretching and then on to the cables where I stood crouched on my single right leg, looking up, pulling a weighted cable with my left arm in a precise symmetry. Leila’s sharp eye was used to point out any flaws in my form and encourage me when it was done right. After a relatively short and intense all-body session, Leila took me to the lounge to cool down and recover and talk about my diet and plans for the week. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  16. 16. I was back in my room by 12 and showered using the unique organic products At One has for use. Fired up, ready to go. Miss T was in the car, fully charged, out the front with the luncheon address. I sat in the back, made some calls, did some emails (wi-fi in car) and was delightfully delivered to lunch. It was a full day through to a dinner where I was attending a presentation given by a good friend - an agriscientist entrepreneur - on the development of a series of villages in Australia that are sustainable and innovative. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  17. 17. DAY THREE Another day: work, breakfast, and my daily calendar. I have meetings from 12pm today hosted at the At One facilities. I have access to board rooms, meeting rooms, outside areas, cafes, and restaurants – all organic – all sustainable. The entire place is Wi-Fi enabled – inside and outside. And at 4pm I have a 2 hour business workshop hosted by Sue. Sue is ex-McKinseys and with her team has developed an holistic business health program for the CxO level. She and her team have been working with me on some issues in my corporate world helping me to unblock some of the serious challenges I am facing. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  18. 18. My day was well planned and I moved forward in leaps and bounds. At 6pm I went to Yoga in a beautiful space looking out with a 270 degree view of the Sydney Harbour, the headland and middle Harbour. It was always a good session letting go, opening my mind, being ready for answers to form. After a shower and clean up I decided to eat in tonight, for one, at a restaurant specialising in organic Wagyu and local grass fed beef – the greens and accompaniments picked freshly from At One’s garden and local surrounds. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  19. 19. Having thoroughly enjoyed the meal, I took a brief stroll around At One taking in its beauty, its tranquility and its history while peering into the select organic shops open until 8pm most nights. I stopped at Feather and Bone – the local organic providors and suppliers to the restaurant where I had just eaten. I retired early, watched a movie which was synced from my iPad to my large LED screen and drifted off. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  20. 20. The radio came on gently at 2:45am, and then at 2:50am a notification from my calendar of a Skype session with my New York partners to start at 3am. I got up, made a cup of tea and waited for the call on the LED with its brightness automatically set to night time viewing. It was a 2 hour meeting and by 5 we had had it and decided to finish off. Being a little wired I decided to walk down the track, take a skinny dip and then walk to the beautiful Balmoral Beach and watch the sun come up. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  21. 21. I was meeting a friend here at 4pm, she’s a local and loves coming here to have a spa treatment using the world famous Australian organic skincare products by Sharon McGlinchey. She also takes organic cooking lessons with Jo Rushton but not today. Today was the treatment and then I was meeting her at one of the green suites – a private pool where we were going to be served a private dinner party. After a delightful afternoon we walked back to my room past the lap pool and juice bar where people where mingling by the water that forms the backbone of At One. Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  22. 22. At 6am I was woken by my butler who knocked and entered with a tray of light breakfast and tea – I had an 8:30am flight back to New York. There is always some sadness when I leave At One but I knew I was going to be in Geneva soon staying again at an At One – they will know of my visit here, be ready for my arrival and suggest beautiful experiences for me. “Ahhh… thank you” Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  23. 23. ~ END ~
  24. 24. Team Concept Delivery Financials Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 August 2012
  25. 25. A BESPOKE BOUTIQUE HOTEL In full cooperation with The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust we intend to develop the site for an 80 room high-quality, sustainable boutique hotel. This unique, world-class hotel will be centered on innovation with unique wellness facilities for both the individual and corporate consumer in the high-end domestic and international market. We will use the latest in green building and renewable energy technologies, source the produce from local farms and be sustainable, high-tech and innovative. This site is undeniably unique with extraordinary potential and requires a unique, bespoke approach. It has the potential to be a showcase for the world and as such we have assembled a unique team with a combination of skills that are best of class to deliver an outstanding product.
  26. 26. As potential custodians of this historic headland, we take this opportunity to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land (both past and present) and you, the Trust, for your vision. As a new custodian, together, we will enhance this unique and historic site and produce a bespoke, innovative and sustainable boutique hotel, known as, At One. At One, is an 80 room world-class hotel centered on innovation with unique wellness facilities for both the individual and high-end corporate consumer - both domestic and international. At One is wellness in health, wellness in business, wellness in life – a unique offering that includes a number of significant businesses that are current, operational and successful - run by Sydney’s industry leaders - coming together, to be At One. At One is the latest in green building and renewable energy technologies, it is food sourced from local farms, it is organic and sustainable, it is high-tech and innovative. At One is a rich experience. Your life is significantly enhanced every time you visit At One. It is a haven. You truly are at one, connected to your purpose, connected to all and every thing, leaving a positive footprint on this
  27. 27. At One is a connection with you the Trust and your management plan, it is a connection with the previous custodians of this land, the local community, the rich and diverse heritage of this country and a connection with the international community. At One is a connection with the Past, the Present and the Future - a global exemplar – first to Sydney. The successful completion of your vision relies on: •Purpose, Passion and Integrity, •Ability, Teamwork and Energy, •Funding and Resources. We have full confidence in all three and acknowledge the need for full and open collaboration with you and other stakeholders of this headland through the design, delivery and operational phases of this project. This approach will ensure a successful realisation of your vision as described in your master plan. We have an outstanding team, best of class to see this through to completion.
  28. 28. THE FLATIRON INNOVATION The Flatiron Innovation Pty Ltd/LLC initiates, plans, and delivers large scale projects in the Technology and Green sector. Our skills and experience are ideal for this site at Middle Head. We have experience in and a successful track record in conceiving and delivering large-scale projects to the world market for sustainable long-term profitable growth. MATT BLOMFIELD Corporate executive with extensive experience as a Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Director of international, publicly listed and private technology companies in the information technology, property, telecommunications and information security sectors. - Initiating, negotiating, and closing large scale international projects - Global business network – Resident New York & Sydney - Capital raising - Managing investors and team motivation IAN CLARK Senior corporate finance and consulting partner with a global professional services background (partner PwC10 years) and has been the Chief Financial/Operating Officer of private and public sector organizations. - Formulating strategies and business plans, improving performance and profitability - Driving change in business systems and processes, growing businesses organically and through mergers and acquisitions, and raising capital - Worked across a broad range of industries including film, financial services, telecommunications, technology, energy and mining Private & Confidential © The Flatiron Innovation 1 Augus 2012
  29. 29. DELIVERY TEAM Joost Heymeijer, General Manager of the Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Dom Bennett, Director of Bennett Murada Architects, and Kevin Miksch, Project Director with Pure Projects, led the team that successfully delivered the Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa development. •40 individual suites on a 4000 acre protected landscape in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. •The Resort opened in October 2009 after a 2 year planning and 2 year construction period. Emirates Airline owned with investment of over A$130 million. AWARDS: •· 2012 - Grand Award winner in Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report. •·Andrew Harper 2012 General Manager of Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, as Manager of the Year. •· 2011 - Condé Nast Traveller UK Gold List •· 2011 - Condé Nast Traveller World Savers Award - Winner, Wildlife Category •· 2011 - AsiaSpa Magazine Awards - Winner, Eco-Spa of the Year •· 2011 - Condé Nast Traveller - Runner Up, Favourite Overseas Leisure Hotel, Australasia & the South Pacific •· 2011 - Hotel Management (HM) Awards for Hotel and Accommodation Excellence - Best Regional Property and Best Environmental Programme •· 2011 - Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice Awards, in South Pacific Region •· 2010 - Gallivanter's Guide Awards - Award for Excellence - Editor's Choice •· 2010 - The Leading Hotels of the World, Overall Winner, Commitment to Excellence Award and Winner, Environment Category •· 2010 - AHA National Awards for Excellence - Overall Hotel of the Year Award, Best Environmental Practice and Best Deluxe Hotel Accommodation •· 2010 - HM Awards for Hotel Excellence - Unique Accommodation, New Hotel, Regional property, Hotel Chef , Environmental Programme •· 2010 - Australian Gourmet Traveller Travel Awards - Best new Resort/Lodge •· 2010 - Tourism for Tomorrow Awards by the World Travel & Tourism Council •· 2010 - AHA Awards for Excellence - Outstanding Contribution to Tourism, Best Environment Initiative and Regional Deluxe Accommodation of the Year •· 2010 - Condé Nast Traveller - 2010 Hot List •· 2010 - Travel and Leisure It List
  30. 30. Balance •Possibilities •Efficiency •Outlay •Quality •Collaboration Experience •Wolgan Valley •Trust •Leadership Process •Heads of Agreement •Approvals •Heritage •Environmental
  31. 31. Due Diligence & Masterplanning 4 Months Concept Design & Approvals 4 Months Design Development 6 Months Construction 12 Months Soft Opening 2 Months Grand Opening DECEMBER 2014
  32. 32. Mature Offering Peaked Demand World Class Globally Competitive
  33. 33. Sophisticated Community Adventurous Warm Luxury
  34. 34. SALES & MARKETING It is not very often that opportunities like At One arise - an opportunity that presents a world class location and a world class concept in a world class city. Sydney continues to perform strongly in all hotel industry classes. In the past 8 years occupancies in the 5 star category have grown from mid-80% to mid-90%, and the past 3 years have been steady at well over 90%, a performance most cities in the world would envy. Average rate has not kept pace with occupancy and is currently 15-20% lower where it should be - mainly due to the fact that the product is not up to the standard of the global competitive set (with the Four Seasons being a prime example and the Park Hyatt being a lonely outsider). Sydney has matured in the hospitality offering and our restaurants belong in the global top 100 in food, service and design. More and more boutique hotel offerings are being developed and accepted by the discerning travellers - a prime example is the development of Baillie's Lodges 11 room hotel in The Rocks, opening December 2012. The emergence of high end restaurants and mature and experience-based high end luxury offerings through Luxury Lodges of Australia makes the timing of At One all the more exciting. At One will combine all of the above in an iconic location - a 15 minute taxi ride from the Opera House…
  35. 35. At One will utilise a world class distribution channel and a strong on-line presence to promote the offering to market. At One will attract a broad range of guests including experience-seeking corporate travellers, curious well-travelled tourists, wellness seekers, conference groups, Sydneysiders and interstate visitors. At One will appeal to a sophisticated yet adventurous market, affluent but not snobbish, street smart as well as intellectual. At One, with its outstanding location, respect for the site’s history, clever use of space, world class accommodation and service that is knowledgeable, genuine and warm will be a success.
  36. 36. MARKET DATA Occupancy rates in Sydney are the nation’s highest and are forecast to increase increase from 85% in 2012 to 88% by 2014. In addition, average room rates are forecast to grow at 4% p.a. over the period.1 Occupancy Room rate Average yield per room 1. Tourism and Hotel Outlook, Deloitte Access Economics Q1 2012
  37. 37. KEY BUDGET ASSUMPTIONS CAPITAL •Build cost ~ $36.5m •Working capital ~$3m •Major refurb in year 11 ~$7m •Conservative levels of leverage ~30% •23 year leasehold OPERATING •80 rooms •Initial room rates vary between $500 - $3,000/night with an average of $800/night •Room rate growth ~3.5% pa •Year 1 occupancy 60% rising to 80% by year 3 •Rent 10% of total revenue •Mature operating margin ~20.7%
  38. 38. FIVE YEAR INDICATIVE OPERATING BUDGET $ million Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 Total 14.0 4.9 0.5 19.4 16.9 5.9 0.5 23.4 20.0 7.0 0.5 27.6 20.7 7.3 0.6 28.5 21.4 7.5 0.6 29.5 Total Net operating profit before funding and tax 5.3 2.1 2.3 0.7 1.9 2.9 1.9 17.2 2.2 5.6 2.5 2.3 0.8 2.3 3.6 2.3 19.5 3.8 5.9 3.0 2.4 1.0 2.8 4.2 2.8 22.0 5.6 6.1 3.1 2.4 1.0 2.9 4.4 2.8 22.7 5.8 6.3 3.2 2.4 1.1 3.0 4.5 2.9 23.4 6.1 11.3% 60.0% $ 800 16.4% 70.0% $ 828 20.3% 80.0% $ 857 20.5% 80.0% $ 887 20.7% 80.0% $ 918 I ncome Room F&B Shop rental Expenses Staff Purchases Depreciation Utilities Rent to Trust F&B Other Net operating margin Occupancy Average Room Rate