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The Brooklyn Brothers Brainfood Feb 2011
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The Brooklyn Brothers Brainfood Feb 2011



At The Brooklyn Brothers, we regularly get together to discuss all things trend related. The sessions, hosted by the rising stars Vicky Simmons & Sarah Cotterill, and the brilliant Matt Springate ...

At The Brooklyn Brothers, we regularly get together to discuss all things trend related. The sessions, hosted by the rising stars Vicky Simmons & Sarah Cotterill, and the brilliant Matt Springate enable us to learn everything current and future facing.

We hope you enjoy them too.
(This will also be posted on The Brooklyn Brothers Slideshare account, where you will be able to download)



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The Brooklyn Brothers Brainfood Feb 2011 The Brooklyn Brothers Brainfood Feb 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 2010
  • 2010
  • Do Nothing For Two Minutes We spend every waking minute with access to an unlimited supply of info, to the point of overload. Our brains are being re-wired by the interent. There is evidence that we get a dopamine kick every time we check email / twitter / facebook and there’s a new update. Do Nothing for Two Minutes was created by Alex Tew, the creator of the Million Dollar Homepage.
  • The Offlining Initiative The Offlining Initiative was formed by Eric Yaverbuam and Mark DiMassimo. It’s asking people to pledge to go offline 10 times between now and Valentine’s Day 2012.
  • The Winter of Our Disconnect Today, the average American teenager spends 8 1/2 hours a day interacting with some form of media. That’s more time than he or she will spend doing anything else, including sleeping. Winter of our Disconnect is the documentation of one family, Susan Maushart and her three totally wired teenagers, self imposed six month exile from the information age.
  • Escape the City ‘Escape the City’ is a community for corporate professionals who want to do something different from their “unfulfilling corporate jobs”. The aim is to provide a platform of inspiration, support and opportunities for members to do something different; find an exciting job, start their own business, go on an adventure.
  • Derren Brown/ The Magicians/ Penn & Teller
  • Rise in Magic Shows and Conventions
  • Bompass and Parr/ Pumphouse Gallery - ‘Magic Show’
  • T.M.I
  • Facebook Divorce Facebook is being blamed for an increasing number of marital breakdowns. 20% of all divorce petitions submitted contained references to Facebook. One 35-year-old woman even discovered her husband was divorcing her via Facebook. Soure: www.divorce-online.com
  • Cringe Cringe is a monthly reading series hosted by Brooklynite Sarah Brown. Started in 2001, once a month, brave souls come forward and read aloud from their teenage diaries, journals, notes, letters, poems, abandoned rock operas and other general representations of their mortifying adolescence. Proclaimed as ‘better and cheaper than therapy’. They’ve published a book and recently launched in London.
  • The ‘3rd’ I Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal had a 10 mega pixel camera surgically attached to the back of his head which automatically takes photographs at one minute intervals. The photos are beamed directly into an exhibition at the Arab MOMA. The device is also GPS enabled, allowing people to track him through the website and experience the project in real time.
  • Room Tours “Room tours” are short video clips that feature narrated tours of kids’ bedrooms – cuddly toys and all. Girls as young as 12 years old are now using their cameraphones to showcase their bedrooms to the waiting world. The phenomenon is gaining pace, with the most popular clips attracting more than two million viewers.
  • WOMB TUBE Would you take a pregnancy test on YouTube? The new craze sweeping American women is to film themselves, alone or with their partner, taking their pregnancy test and putting the film up on womb tube for millions to see.
  • Dance Nation on TV Dancing has become hugely popular and in the last year alone there has been a glut of dance focused shows, both in the UK and abroad. During its season run, shows such as Strictly Come Dancing regularly averaged 8.5 million viewers.
  • Dancers Among Us Dancers Among Us is an ongoing project by Jordan Matter featuring top professional dancers in everyday situations around New York City. There were no trampolines or other devices used for these images, just thousands of hours of training!
  • Black Swan/Agony & Ecstasy/MTV’s Taking the Hollywood has portrayed the secretive ballet world and this has now filtered down into the mainstream with an influx of behind the scene programmes showing the rigours of the danceStage/The Most Incredible Thing world. Sadler’s Wells has joined forces with electronic pop legends The Pet Shop Boys to create a brand new full length dance work based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story and BBC Four had a programme called Agony and Ecstacy that followed the English National Ballet and their production of Swan Lake.
  • Dancing with Science - Wayne McGregor
  • PINA 3D - WIM WENDERS Pina is an emotive elegy to Wim Wenders late friend Pina Bausch, the experimental dance choreographer credited with creating modern dance.
  • KATY B First genuine dub step hit.
  • Benga/ Skream/ Artwork
  • Daily Dose of Dubstep - MistaJam
  • “I want to make music so empty is makes the listener nervous”.Jamie Woon/ Diplo/ James Blake
  • Outlook Festival/ Nadia Rodriguez/ Wu-Tang Clan
  • Radiohead/ Four Tet/ Burial
  • Dirt exhibtion - Wellcome Collection Running from March to September 2011, the Dirt Season will feature a major exhibition ‘Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life’ at the Wellcome Collection.BBC - Filthy Cities, scrath and sniff
  • Laid to Rest - Serena Korda ‘Laid to Rest’ will transform dust collected from houses, businesses and institutions into a time capsule of 500 commemorative bricks. Inspired by the social history of Kings Cross and the commercialisation of waste in Victorian time, especially the dust heaps which provided a major source of income for Londoners.
  • Dirt Banquet - Bompas and Parr This unprecedented feast of filth will showcase dirty delicacies, such as radioactive cheese serum, imu cooked pork, Islay whiskey, fermented natto, and an aphrodisiac dessert - each course inspired by the physical, biological, ethical, architectural, social, political and temporal dimensions of dirt.
  • Waste Land Waste Land follows artist Vik Muniz as he travels Brazil to Jardim Gramacho, Brazils biggest garbage dump. There he photographs a bank of “catadores”, self-desingated pickers of recyclable materials. The project turned into a collaboration as the catadores created portraits of themselves out of the rubbish they earn their livelihood from.
  • Chris Jordan - Midway: Message from the Gyre
  • Chinese Architecture Ole Scheeren - Central Chinese Television Tower, Beijing Thomas Heatherwick - UK Pavillion at Shanghai World Expo 2010 Zaha Hadid - Guangzhou Opera House, China
  • Design Futures - Bradley Quinn
  • Festival of ideas for a new city New collaborative initiative using the power of creative community, from universities to arts institutions and community groups, to imagine a future city and explore ideas destined to shapeNew York, 4th -8th May 2011 it. The Festival will serve as a platform for artists, writers, architects, engineers, designers, urban farmers, planners, and thought leaders to exchange ideas, propose solutions, and invite the public to participate.
  • Satellite Voices Satellite Voices is a new cultural platform created by independent city editors across the globe. It is a creative community and cultural guide celebrating seven diverse and creative cities from around the world - Paris, Moscow, Rome, Munich, Dubai, Shanghai and Santiago. http://www.satellitevoices.com/ Michel Gondry’s amateur film factory at Centre Pompidou.
  • Urbanized Over half the world’s population now lives in an urban areas and 75% will call a city a home by 2050. Who is allowed to shape our cities and how do they do it? Urbanized is a documentary film about the design of cities from issues and strategies to talking to the architects, planners, policy makers and thinkers behind them. It’s made by Gary Hustwit - the guy behind Helvetica and Objectified.
  • MATT’S TWITTAH:http://twitter.com/Culturaljackdaw