Rental Property Vacancy Advertising on CraigsList - Build Trust Instantly!


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CraigsList Scammers are Everywhere! Renters are cautious about applying to properties listed on free classified sites like CraigsList and Backpage. VerticalRent is now providing landlords with online vacancy marketing with the Seal of Trust. Renters know that you're verified, a legitimate landlord, and ready to accept rental applications. Sign up today for free at

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Rental Property Vacancy Advertising on CraigsList - Build Trust Instantly!

  1. 1. MITED credit END-TO-END PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MITED units to t report? LO ON CRUISE CONTROL verticalRent No Cost Credit Reports • Best in Class Criminal & Eviction Searches • Automated eRental Applicat nd eviction reITED credit END-TO-END PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LOGO ON CRUISE CONTROL s to ental applicaeport? No Cost Credit Reports • Best in Class Criminal & Eviction Searches • Automated eRental Applications Rent and t seviction refor FREE? ePayment for tal applica- nt and with every luded or FREE? Payment for y tenant ? Contact Us: address: Tele: fax: email: ded with every r enant Contact Us: address: Tele: fax: email: very Contact Us: address: Tele: Phone: 1-866-599-5137 fax: email:
  2. 2. VerticalRent is FCRA and PCI-DSS compliant online rental property software. Our product is designed to assist property managers and landlords with a wide variety of tasks, including advanced tenant screening with no-cost credit, criminal, and eviction reports. VerticalRent is one of the nation’s fastest growing online rental property management systems due to top-notch customer support, affordability, and easy-to-use software. The Seal for Trusted Advertising Do you Advertise on CraigsList or BackPage? Free classified sites are infamous for being full of scammers. The VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal ensures potential renters that your vacancy advertisement is legitimate. You can build trust instantly on free classified sites by using VerticalRent to post ads, accept rental applications, and move-in tenants.
  3. 3. TICALRE What is the VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal? T O R P O R AT E C ER N V Features SEAL Our trusted landlord seal drives more inquiries if you post to free classified sites like CraigsList or Backpage. The internet is full of scammers these days. As a landlord, you need to build trust with the tenants in your community. TR U D verticalRent AN ED L DLOR ST How do I get started? In order to use VerticalRent’s advanced tenant screening services, you are required to verify your identify through a series of random questions based on your credit profile. You are also required to certify by acknowledging that you are a permissable landlord with good reason to accept a rental application and request a credit report. We use these two measures to label you as a “trusted landlord”. Does this help fill vacancies? Your vacancy ads will build trust instantly and ensure renters that your ad is legitimate. The VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal also allows renters to click and verify your legitimacy. It’s not just a badge of honor! What does it cost? As an active landlord (VerticalRent Premium Subscriber), your Trusted Landlord Seal stays active forever. If you are non-active within a 90-day period, you are required to re-verify with VerticalRent at $4.95. You can also enroll in our VerticalRent Premium Subscription plan at $4.95 per month -allowing you to keep your Trusted Landlord Seal active and enjoy a number of additional features like full credit reports, eviction and criminal reports, and online rent collection.
  4. 4. Features Easily post rental listings to CraigsList or other free classified sites VerticalRent centrally stores everything you need to design a beautiful professional vacancy listing complete with photos, videos, descriptions, pricing, and availability. One your listings are ready, you can publish quickly to free classified sites and tap into millions of potential renters. Syndicate your rental listings across the web with one-click Our one-click syndication gives you the power of a growing number of rental property search engines like HotPads, Yahoo! Homes, Oodle, RentBits, and many more! Increase Responses by 20% with the VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal Free classified sites like CraigsList and Backpage are full of scammers. Why is that? It’s because they are so popular! Don’t miss out on a huge pool of potential candidates because your nervous about posting a vacancy ad to one of the free classified sites. VerticalRent makes it easy with the Trusted Landlord Seal. Build trust instantly and stop CraigsList scammers! By leveraging our platform, you can quickly show your local community that you mean business. Your a serious landlord with a real property that needs filled, quickly. Everyone is sick and tired of scammers on the Internet who want to make a fraudulent buck. The VerticalRent Trusted Landlord Seal is appended to every ad posting generating from the platform. Prospective tenants can click the ad to verify that you’ve registered with VerticalRent and successfully answered the randomly generated questions, and that you’ve certified permissable purpose as a landlord or property manager. Accept an electric rental application, credit, criminal, and eviction report from your CraigsList ad Converting visitors into applicants in real-time has never been easier. You can set your own processing fee and we’ll directly deposit into your bank account. Prospective tenants will pay an application fee that you configure. VerticalRent charges the tenant the retail cost of the consumer reports you requested and the rest of the application processing fee is paid out directly to you. Track Prospects from Lead to Lease Filling a rental vacancy fast means that you need powerful tools to track who has clicked your ad and who has applied. We integrate every step of the process and provide you with a real-time view of each vacancy ad.
  5. 5. Phone: 1-866-599-5137