Consumer-Initiated Tenant Screening Explained


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Consumer-Initiated Tenant Screening with VerticalRent and AppSingular is proliferating across the United States. It's easy-to-use and provides both landlords and renters with a proven and viable platform to screen tenants.

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Consumer-Initiated Tenant Screening Explained

  1. 1. MITED credit END-TO-END PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MITED units to t report? LO ON CRUISE CONTROL verticalRent No Cost Credit Reports • Best in Class Criminal & Eviction Searches • Automated eRental Applicat nd eviction reITED credit Tenant Screening END-TO-END PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LOGO ON CRUISE CONTROL s to ental applicaeport? No Cost Credit Reports • Best in Class Criminal & Eviction Searches • Automated eRental Applications Rent and t seviction refor FREE? ePayment for tal applica- nt and with every luded or FREE? Payment for y tenant ? Contact Us: address: Tele: fax: email: ded with every r enant Contact Us: address: Tele: fax: email: very Contact Us: address: Tele: Matt Angerer / Co-Founder, Partner fax: Phone: 1-866-599-5137 email:
  2. 2. VerticalRent is FCRA and PCI-DSS compliant online rental property software. Our product is designed to assist property managers and landlords with a wide variety of tasks, including advanced tenant screening with no-cost credit, criminal, and eviction reports. VerticalRent is one of the nation’s fastest growing online rental property management systems due to top-notch customer support, affordability, and easy-to-use software. Tenant Screening Invite. Connect. Review. Decide. We make it easy for landlords and property managers applications, to request no-cost electronic credit reports, rental and background checks on prospective tenants. You can rest assured that our process is FCRA-compliant and we take every measure possible to verify accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of data on criminal and eviction reports. Our QualityCheck Team reviews all “hits” on background checks you order.
  3. 3. QualityCheck ur FCRA-compliant process provides customers with a manual review of ‘hits’ found on our criminal and eviction database search. Our CDIA FCRA certified staff reviews each record and scrubs if necessary. We ensure accuracy, timeliness, and completeness, while reducing the risk of false-positive matches on your prospective tenant. When does VerticalRent Quality- Does VerticalRent provide a Check occur? recommendation or decision for us? Our QualityCheck process is a manual review by our FCRA certified staff when any ‘hit’ (record found) occurs on a criminal and/or eviction report ordered by a landlord or property management firm. No. We do not provide a “Pass” or “Fail” recommendation to landlords. If we find records that DO NOT match the prospective tenant or if a record did not result in a conviction, our FCRA certified staff excludes those particular records from the report released to the landlord. Per our terms & conditions, we do not warrant or guarantee the quality of the data in our credit, criminal, or eviction reports. However, we employ reasonable procedures internally (QualityCheck) to ensure that you are receiving the most accurate, complete, and timely reports available. How long does the VerticalRent QualityCheck take? Depending on volume, we are usually able to release the report same-day. Sometimes it takes up to 72 hours.
  4. 4. FEATURES Advanced FCRA-Compliant Tenant Screening Electronic Rental Applications Add an “Apply Now” button to your vacancy advertisements and start accepting electronic rental applications. No-Cost Reports for Verified Landlords Credit, Criminal, and Eviction Reporting on prospective tenants is simplified with VerticalRent. Invite. Connect. Review. Decide. Automated Digital Adverse Action Notices Adhering to FCRA rules and regulations is simplified. If you reject an application, we help you stay compliant by auto-generating an adverse action notice. One-Click Conversion to Lease Agreement Convert your electronic rental apps into lease agreements and have your tenant digitally sign. Easy, quick, and secure! Security We are safe, secure, and fully PCI-DSS compliant. Direct Partners Experian ( Innovative Enterprises, Inc. (
  5. 5. SCREENING WORKFLOW Our Tenant Screening Workflow VerticalRent’s direct-to-consumer tenant screening model makes it easy for independent landlords to screen prospective tenants. Direct-to-consumer simply means that the tenant (consumer) purchases and agrees to share their credit report with you first. The convenience for consumers enables landlords like you to avoid the lengthy credentialing process, which often includes an onsite inspection and hefty setup fees. The process is simple: Three easy steps to screen your tenants. Sample Report $ Create an account to verify who you are Setup Screening request Setup Payment Information T Add tenant Tenant View tenants background report SCREENING PROCESS LANDLORD Add select Add select property property Tenant Select product Enter Information Report Accept T&C LANDLORD FINDS TENANT Authorization Report
  6. 6. Matt Angerer / Co-Founder, Partner Phone: 1-866-599-5137