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What you get from a DVR is what you expect out of it. Most of the DVRs available have limited functions and are reduced to a mere video recording apparatus. Such narrow functional scope conditions the users not to think beyond standard utilities and hence,misses out on other value additions that a DVR can deliver. Matrix SATATYA is a range of carefully engineered Video Surveillance solutions like Centralized Management Software(CMS), Web Client and Mobile Viewer that go beyond standard functions and deliver much more to enhance Security, Productivity and Discipline of an organization.

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Matrix Security Solutions: SATATYA DVR - Digital Video Recorders

  2. 2. Presentation Agenda • DVR Introduction • Matrix SATATYA Introduction • SATATYA DVR Solution  Hardware Solution  Software Solution • SATATYA DVR Key Features • SATATYA DVR Feature List
  3. 3. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Introduction
  4. 4. DVR and Its Functions Playback Storage Compression Recording Video & Audio Streaming
  5. 5. Benefits of DVR System • Provides Enhanced Security Round the Clock • Reduce Cost of Security Personal • Theft Reduction • Increases Productivity • Comprehensive End-to-End Surveillance
  6. 6. Matrix SATATYA DVR Introduction
  7. 7. What is SATATYA DVR? • DVRs with 4, 8 and 16 Channels • Standard and Premium Models • Stand-Alone and Network Surveillance System • Plug-n-Play Device • Combination of Hardware and Software • Central Monitoring System (CMS), Web Client and Mobile Viewer (MV) • Comprehensive Solution for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
  8. 8. Why SATATYA DVR? Remote Monitoring Using Advance CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer Flexibly Record either Manually, Continuously, Sc heduled, Motion, Alarm and Event based Synchronous Playback of All Channels Link One Audio Channel with Multiple Video Channels Dual Streaming Pentaplex Functions
  9. 9. Why SATATYA DVR? Advanced Alarm Management Check System Health Status on a Single Window Customized Layout Styles Matrix DDNS Server for Remote Viewing without any Static IP
  10. 10. SATATYA DVR Integration • SATATYA can be Easily Integrated with Third Party Products Analog Cameras Fire Alarm Panel Access Control System
  11. 11. Target Customers… Retail Stores Hotels Shopping Malls Large Enterprise Financial Institutes Corporates Private Offices And Many More Clubs Residential Areas
  12. 12. SATATYA DVR Solution
  13. 13. SATATYA DVR Solution SATATYA CMS SATATYA DS Hardware Web Client SATATYA DVR SATATYA Web Client CMS Mobile Client SATATYA MV Hardware Software
  14. 14. SATATYA DVR Hardware
  15. 15. SATATYA DVR Front View
  16. 16. SATATYA DVR Rear View
  17. 17. SATATYA DVR Connectivity
  18. 18. Front Panel of SATATYA DVR Range SATATYA DVR Essential SATATYA DVR Standard SATATYA DVR Premium
  19. 19. Technical Specifications Model→ SATATYA DVR4E SATATYA DVR4S Front Panel No Yes Video Output 1 Main Video (BNC), VGA 1 Main Video (BNC), VGA Audio Output 1 Channel, BNC 1 Channel, RCA Alarm No Yes Image Resolution 2CIF Real Time CIF Real Time Synchronous Playback 4 4 Backup Manual Backup to USB Manual and Scheduled Backup to USB/FTP SATA Ports 1 Port(2TB Capacity) 1 Port(2TB Capacity) USB Ports 2 1
  20. 20. Technical Specifications Model→ SATATYA DVR8E SATATYA DVR8S SATATYA DVR8P Front Panel No Yes Yes Video Output 1 Main, 1 VGA 1 Main, 1 Spot, 1 VGA 1 Main, 1 Spot, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI Audio Output 1 Channel, BNC 1 Channel, BNC 1 Channel, BNC Alarm Output No Yes Yes Image Resolution CIF Real Time CIF Real Time CIF Real Time Synchronous Playback 4 8 8 Backup Manual Backup to USB Manual and Scheduled Backup to USB/FTP Manual and Scheduled Backup to USB/FTP SATA Ports (2 TB Each) 1 2 2 USB Ports 2 1 1
  21. 21. Technical Specifications Model→ SATATYA DVR16S SATATYA DVR16P Front Panel Yes Yes Video Output 1 Main, 1 Spot, 1 VGA 1 Main, 1 Spot, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI Loop Output No 16 Channel, Loop Output Audio Output 1 Channel, RCA 1 Channel, RCA Alarm Output Yes Yes Image Resolution CIF Real Time CIF Real Time Synchronous Playback 16 16 Backup Manual Backup over USB, Scheduled Backup over USB/FTP Manual and Scheduled Backup over USB/FTP SATA Ports(2TB Each) 2 2 USB Ports 2 2
  22. 22. SATATYA DVR Software Key Features
  23. 23. H.264 Compression Format • Latest Video Compression Standard • Reduces the Video Size • No Compromise on Image Quality • High Resolution of Video • Less Network Bandwidth and Greater Storage Space
  24. 24. Pentaplex Functions • Simultaneously Perform all Pentaplex Functions Live Recording from All Cameras Manual or Scheduled Backup Remote Access Live Recording Playback Real-Time Monitoring Various Playback Modes Real-Time Monitoring Backup Remote Access
  25. 25. Advanced Recording Options • Manual, Continuous and Scheduled Recording • Event based Recording • Pre-Alarm and Post-Alarm Recording • Privacy Masking while Recording • Recording on Detection of Motion
  26. 26. Privacy Masking • Protect Privacy on Concealing Parts of Image • Cannot Display or Record Privacy Masked Area • Important in Areas that Needs Surveillance but Requires Privacy also Privacy Mask Off Privacy Mask On
  27. 27. Monitoring Features • Different Monitoring Modes  Single  Sequential  1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5+1, 7+1, 4+3, 8+2, 12+1  PIP1  PIP2 • Various Layout Templates • User Defined Layout Styles • Digital Zoom for Live View and Playback • Video Freeze and Snapshot
  28. 28. Advanced Search Options Date Selection Camera Selection Event Legends Channel Selection Cursor Time Selection
  29. 29. Playback Functions • Live and Remote Playback • Different Speed Control • Fast and Slow Forward • Single Step Forward • Next and Previous Video • Synchronous Playback for All Channels
  30. 30. Notification on Event
  31. 31. Events and Alerts • Connect Up to 16 Alarm Input Devices • Connect Up to 3 Alarm Output Devices • Types of Alarm  Video Loss  Video Tamper  Motion Detection • Take Quick Actions On Generation of Alarm  Send SMS and Email Notifications  Take PTZ Tour  Upload Image on FTP
  32. 32. Storage • Up to 4TB Storage Capacity • Up to 2 SATA HDD Support • Storage on FIFO Basis
  33. 33. Backup • • • • Manual Backup on USB Port Scheduled Backup on Network Export in Native File Format Export to AVI on USB/FTP
  34. 34. Video Output • VGA, HDMI and Main Video Output Ports to Connect Monitor or TV • Spot Output for Live Monitoring of Video
  35. 35. Access to SATATYA DVR • Access Live or Recorded Video • Up to 10 Concurrent Login Sessions • Authorized User can Access Video through  SATATYA CMS  SATATYA Web Client  SATATYA Mobile Viewer (MV) CMS Web Client MV
  36. 36. Remote Functions • Live Camera Monitoring with PTZ Control • Menu Configuration • Record Video • Live View and Playback
  37. 37. Dual Streaming • Main Stream and Sub-stream Options • Records with High Resolution on Main Stream • Transmits with Lower Bit Rate on Sub-stream • Preserves Bandwidth and Increases Remote Viewing Performance
  38. 38. Other Features • 10,000 Events Log • 3 User Access Level (Default) • Embedded Web Server • Intuitive GUI • Linux Embedded OS • Online Users List • Web-based Interface • System Health Check • Camera Grouping • Multiple Concurrent Login Sessions (Up to 10) • Multiple Programmable Users (Up to 16)
  39. 39. Security Features • Video Access Rights • Three Authorization Access Levels  Administrator, Operator and Viewer • High Level of Access Security  IP Access Control  Blocking Online Users  Password Protection  Secure Remote Access
  40. 40. Matrix Dyn DNS • • • • System Constantly Updates IP to DDNS Server User can Easily Access the System from Anywhere Saves Time Eliminates Cost of Separate DDNS Server
  41. 41. Centralized Management Software • 36 Channels/ Up to 10 Pages • Different Layout Styles • Audio/Visual Alerts • Video Alerts • Record Plan • Monitoring Plan • Device/Camera Group • Playback Search • Event Log Search
  42. 42. Web Client • Asynchronous/Synchronous Playback • Event Log • Camera wise Record, Search, Storage, Backup • Health Status of Device • PTZ Settings • User Account Management
  43. 43. Mobile Viewer • 2×2 Layout • Digital Zoom • PTZ Tour • Set Favorite Channel • Snapshots in Live View • Add up to 10 Devices • Main Stream and Sub Stream in Live View
  44. 44. Box Cameras SATATYA Analog Cameras
  46. 46. Camera Features Backlight Compensation (BLC) Auto White Balance (AWB) Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Highlight Compensation Capability (HLC)
  47. 47. Technical Specifications of PTZ Camera Model→ PTZ Camera Variants SATATYA CADRP700VL90SW TVL 700 Image Sensor 1/3” Super Sony HAD CCD II Minimum Illumination Color: 0.015 Lux, B/W: 0.001 Lux Number of LEDs in IR Camera 12 pieces IR array lights IR Camera Range 120-150 m 360˚ endless pan range 5˚- -90˚(Auto Flip) tilt range 30× Zoom IP66, RoHS Pan/Tilt/Zoom Certification
  48. 48. SATATYA DVR Features List
  49. 49. Features List Channels and Resolution 8 and 16 Channels 120 and 240 FPS H.264 Video Compression CIF, 2CIF and D1 Search Timeline based Search Channels Date and Time Recording Type Monitoring 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5+1, 7+1, 4+3 , 8+2, 12+1 Single, Sequential, PIP1 and PIP2 Digital Zoom on Live User Defined Layout Styles User Selectable Display Sequence Recording Manual and Scheduled Pre-alarm and Post-alarm Channel-wise Frame Rates and Resolution Trigger Based
  50. 50. Features List Alarm 8 and 16 Alarm Input 3 Alarm Output Motion Detection Video Loss Video Tamper Audio 2 Audio Inputs G.711 Audio Compression 1 Audio Output Action on Events Buzzer Notifications Email Notifications Recall Preset Recording on Selected Channels SMS Notifications TCP Notifications Turn on Alarm Outputs Upload Images on FTP Server
  51. 51. Features List Remote Functions Live Camera Monitoring with PTZ Control Menu Configuration Record Video Live View and Playback Firmware Upgrade Control IR Remote Control Front Panel Keypad Mouse Security IP Access Control List Block Online Users Secure Remote Access Video Access Rights
  52. 52. Thank You
  53. 53. For Further Information Please Contact: Email ID: Tel: +91 265 2630555 Visit us at Version: V1R4