Roster Management Module (RSM)
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Roster Management Module (RSM)



Matrix Roster Management is about planning and best utilization of workforce and managing the cost of manpower efficiently. It is designed to simplify the process of defining and managing employee ...

Matrix Roster Management is about planning and best utilization of workforce and managing the cost of manpower efficiently. It is designed to simplify the process of defining and managing employee duty rosters. It also provides a complete roster plan with the list of employees, their work time and area of work. Moreover, export data field to XML file makes third party payroll integration easy. Matrix Roster Management saves time and cost significantly by placing right people with the right skill at the right job.



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Roster Management Module (RSM) Roster Management Module (RSM) Presentation Transcript

  • Roster
  • Presentation Agenda Introduction Roster Management Benefits Target Customers Key Features Reports
  • How Roster Process Works? Reports Workflow Analysis Shift Reports Acceptance Assigning Employees Shifts Accept or Reject Shifts Allocating using ESS Employee to Forecastin Shifts g& Budgeting Forecasting &Employee BudgetingDatabase Employee RequirementMaintainingEmployeesDatabase
  • What is Roster Management? Roster is a List of Employees Who are Working in an Organization on a Given Day, Week, or Month Roster Management is Planning of Workforce Allocates Right Person to Right Task Includes Forecasting of Employee Requirements Includes Budgeting of Employees
  • Matrix Roster Management Placing Right People with the Right Skill in the Right Place at the Right Time Complete list of Employees with their Pay Rates and Work Time Assign Tasks Depending on Designation and Qualification Planning by Forecasting Requirements of Employees Provides Complete Workforce Analysis Reports Export Data to Third Party Payroll Softwares Roster Module COSEC PE RSM COSEC GE RSM COSEC ME RSM COSEC LE RSM
  • Benefits of Roster Management Workforce Planning Managing Cost of Manpower Efficiently Improve Overall Productivity of the Organization Prevent Work Stoppages as all Duties are Assigned Improve Forecasting and Budgeting Reduce Administration work
  • Why COSEC Roster Management? Fair, Balanced and Cost Effective Rosters Shift allocation in Sync with Regional Labor Laws Fixed and Flexible Shifts Pay Rate Flexibility Depending on Task Performed Export Authentic Data to Payroll Software Amendments and Tracking for Roster when Required Multi-week Forecasting and Budgeting of Workforce Various Workforce Analysis Reports in Multiple Formats
  • Target Customers…Hospital Aviation HotelFactory Corporate Restaurant
  • Target Customers…Retail Super Market Casino And Many More.....
  • Key Features
  • Employment Type and Contract Defines Employment Type like Part Time, Full time, Contract etc. Saves Time as Employee can be Swapped from One Employment Type to Another Defines Detailed Employment Contract to Avoid Discrepancies at a Later Stage
  • Pay Rate Flexibility Separate Pay Rate for Contract and Non-Contractual Hours Reduces Human Error in Payroll Calculation Special Pay Rate for Defined Day and Time-period like Weekends, Night Shift etc.
  • Auto Roster Provides Department-wise Roster on Weekly Basis Provides Roster based on Schedule and Forecast for Each Department Allocates Employees Based on Skill, Designation and Requirement Gives Fair and Balanced Roster Saves Time for Managers and Admin
  • Auto Roster
  • Manual Roster Department-wise Roster on Weekly Basis Roster with Shift, Day and Date Manual Allocation of Employees Option of Choosing Employee as per Requirement
  • Forecasting and Budgeting Multi-Week Forecast and Budget Detailed Forecast using  Designation of Employee  Skills level of Employee  Number of Employees  Accurate Budget Calculated based on  Shifts  Number of Employees  Wage Level
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Special Days Department-wise Special Days like Festivals, National Holidays, Labor D etc. Different Wage Rates for Employees Working on Such Days Separate Roster depending on Need of Employees on Such Days Higher Priority Than General Roster
  • Labor Laws Configuration Depending on the Laws in a Region Prevents Violation of Law Alert Sent to Notify Violation of Laws
  • Shifts Fixed and Flexible Shifts Options For a Fixed Shift  Duration, Shift Start and End Time and Break Start and End Time are Fixed For a Flexible Shift  Overall Time-period Between which the Shift Should Start and End is Fixed  Flexibility of Starting the Shift During Given Time-period
  • Shift Pattern and Matrix Useful when Employee Works Multiple Shifts during a Day Useful when Employee’s Schedule Remains Same for a Period of Time Prevents Manual Entries of Daily Shifts Saves Time of HR and Managers allowing them to Focus on other Productive Tasks
  • Employee Creation Helps Build and Maintain a Strong and Detailed Employee Database Includes Roster Policies like Employment Type, Contract, Pay Rate etc. Includes Organizational Details like Department, Designation, Category etc. Includes Personal and Bank Details
  • Attendance Policy Provides Authenticated Attendance Data Considers Attendance Policies like Late In/Early Out, Time Period After which Overtime Starts etc. Authorizes admin to Correct Attendance Data like Punch Missed for Assigned Shift, Punch Found for Late In etc.
  • Integration with ESS Employees can Apply for Unavailability Proxies can be Decided for Non-manned Duties Employees can Accept/Reject a Shift
  • Notifications and Reminder Notification about Updates or Changes in the Roster Reminder about Shift to Employees Confusion about Shifts Avoided Complete Workforce Presence Assurance All Employees Present Hence Increased Productivity
  • Payroll Integration Exports Data to Third Party Software Provides Authenticated Data Avoids Human Error in Salary Calculation Saves Time of HR and Accounting
  • Reports
  • COSEC Reports Wide Range of Master Reports which Shows the Database of the Policies Set Wide Range of Transaction Reports to Analyze the Events Occurred for the Policies Complete Workforce Analysis Forecast and Budget Analysis Reports with Month, Day and Defined Dates Range Option to Print and Export Report
  • Report Generation ZoomPrint Search Export Page Select File Format Page Select
  • Reports File Formats Export Report in Various File Formats PDF XML Rich Text Format MS Excel MS Excel (Data Only) Crystal Report (RPT) MS-Word MS-Word Editable
  • COSEC Roster Reports Master Reports  Transaction Reports  Employment Contract  User Schedule  Employment Type  Unavailability  Wage Level  Non manned duties  Award and Penalty  Shift Coverage  General Rules  Duties by Designation  Policy Shift  Forecast  Shift Pattern  Budget  Shift Matrix  Roster  Hour Exception  Shifts by User  Special Day  User by hour  Work Profile  Attendance  Authorization
  • Report: Budget and Shift
  • Thank You
  • For Further Information Please Contact:Email ID: Security@MatrixComSec.comTel: +91 265 2630555Visit us at www.MatrixComSec.comVersion: V1R1 Copyright © Matrix Comsec 2010-2011