Matrix Telecom Solutions: ETERNITY MEX - The ULSB MK III Switch


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Matrix Military PBX – ETERNITY MEX is the highly integrated unit level switch board (ULSB MK III) built to match the critical criteria of military communication systems. The universal interfaces, non-blocking architecture, redundant configuration, ruggedized and toughened structure and adherence to all stringent military standards deliver the dependable performance.

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Matrix Telecom Solutions: ETERNITY MEX - The ULSB MK III Switch

  1. 1. Warm Welcome
  2. 2. ETERNITY MEX The Military Exchange (ULSB MK III)
  3. 3. Agenda  Introduction  Technology  Architecture  Functions and Operational Specifications  Management and Maintenance  Key Differentiators
  4. 4. Introduction  ULSB MK III Switch  Sturdy Assembly in a Compact Form factor  Ruggedized as per JS55555 Standards  Ruggedized Main Distribution Frame (LTB)  EMI/EMC MIL STD 461-D Standard Compliance  Compatible with Existing Field Exchanges JSS-55555 MIL-STD-461 D
  5. 5. Technology  Functions as Local/Transit Switch  Digital PCM-TDM and IP Technology  High-Density Digital 1024X1024 Switching  Distributed Processing Architecture  High-Performance 32-Bit RISC Processor  100% Non-Blocking
  6. 6. Architecture
  7. 7. Elements of ETERNITY MEX FCBC LTB  PCM-TDM Access Switch  IP Ready Platform  Modular Architecture  Compact Form-Factor MEX ULSB Switch  Input Supply for ULSB Switch  Built-In Battery Charger Circuit  Redundant SMPS Magneto Junctions, CO, LD and  LED Indicators for Supply and E&M Port Terminators Battery Status  PBX to Field Terminations  BRI, E1/PRI, Analog Phones,  Five-Stage Protection Module
  8. 8. Interconnection MDF/LTB 150-300V AC FCBC 48V DC Operation Modular Architecture Total = 12 Slots Universal Slots = 08 Fixed Slots = 4 (2 PS + 2 CPU) Ruggedized LTB with 5-Stage Protection
  9. 9. ULSB Switch Front View VFD Display Buzzer MMI Interface Headset/Handset Connectivity Keypad
  10. 10. ULSB Switch Rear View E1 over Fiber Optic 4 Data Ports for DTE/DCE Fuse 48V DC Supply 128-Pin LTB Connector
  11. 11. FCBC  Redundancy for SMPS  FCBC Input:150-300 VAC Input  Battery Output : 48VDC  FCBC Output: 48VDC to ULSB Power Supply Card  Over Voltage and Reverse Voltage Protection  Micro-Controller Based FCBC Front Rear
  12. 12. FCBC LED Indicators  Status Indication of Power Supply from AC Mains  Status Indication of Power Feed from Battery  Battery Output On/Off Indication  Absence of Battery Indication  Indication for Over and Under Voltage of Battery  Indication of Battery in Charging Mode  Indication of Battery in Float Mode  Battery Polarity Reversal Indication
  13. 13. Line Termination Box  Military-Grade LTB  Enclosed in Suitable Harness  Five-Stage Protection Module  Integrated Protection Against Lightning/Electrical Surges/Standing Voltages for Each Port
  14. 14. Standard Configuration  Redundant CPU and Power Supply Cards Subscriber Stations Capacity Analog Phones 24 Magneto Phone Junctions 8 Analog Trunk Ports Capacity Two Wire Central Office (CO) 8 E&M (2W/4W) 8 LD ( Loop Dial) 8 Digital Trunk Ports Capacity E1 (Software Configurable for CAS, R2MFC, PRI and QSIG) 4 BRI U Interface 8
  15. 15. Interfaces E&M Interface LD Interface CO Magneto Phones E1 over Fiber E1 over Copper Analog Phones 4-Port Ethernet DTE
  16. 16. CPU Card  Digital PCM-TDM Technology  High-Density Digital 1024X1024 Switching  Solid State Flash Memory (32MB)  Memory with High Reliability and Longer Data Retention Time  Voice Messages for Voice Guidance/Help and Greetings  On-board Conferencing Capability of 21 Parties  Redundancy  Hot-Swappable
  17. 17. Power Supply Card  44-57V (+20%) DC Operation  Over Voltage and Current Protection  Redundancy  Hot-Swappable
  18. 18. COMBO Card  Common Card for Following Ports: Interface Ports/Card Analog Phones 6 Mangeto Phone Junctions 2 E&M Ports 2 Loop Dial (LD) Ports 2 2 Wire Central Office (CO) 2  Automatic Thermal Management on Subscriber and Tie Lines  On-Board Secondary Protection  Hot-Swappable
  19. 19. ISDN BRI Card  8 BRI Ports/Card  BRI (2B + D) U Interface  Connectivity for ISDN Devices via NT1  Hot-Swappable
  20. 20. E1FO Card  E1/PRI Termination Card with 2 PRI Ports/Card  Software Configurable for CAS, R2MFC, PRI and QSIG  Voice and Data Support  Full QSIG Feature Transparency as per ECMA, ETSI & ISO Standards  Copper Interface for E1 Termination  Direct Optical Interface for Monomode Fiber  Fiber Interface up to 20 Km on Monomode OFC  Hot-Swappable
  21. 21. DATA Card  Integrated 4 Ethernet Ports on Single Card  Data Transfer and Control Applications  A Bifurcated E1 Stream can be Mapped to the Any Ethernet Port  Hot-Swappable
  22. 22. Optional Interfaces and Cards  SLT16, and SLT24 Card  VoIP (IP Trunk + IP Extension)  GSM/3G (SIM)  CDMA (SIM)  VMS (Voice Mail Card)  VHF/UHF Radio Interface with PTT
  23. 23. Features and Operational Specifications
  24. 24. Operator Console  The Operator Console Embeds:  The VFD Display  The Display Menu  The Navigation Keys  The Dial Pad  The Function Keys  Handset and Headset
  25. 25. The VFD Display  4x40 VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display) Display  Called/Calling Number and Name Display  Access Features Like Call Forward, Transfer, Phonebook and Others from the Menu Displayed on the VFD  View Call Logs, System Activity and Fault Logs  Displays POST (Power-On self-test) and BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) Test Results
  26. 26. The Dial Pad  The Dial Pad is used for Dialing Internal/External Numbers, Dial Access Codes and Name Characters Or While Programming the System  Consists of 12 Standard Dialing Keys  Numbers from 0-9  Characters “” and “#” and “A to Z”
  27. 27. Direct Access Function Keys Key Name Function F1 to F5 Call Loop 1 to 5 NAME Dial By Name FWD Call Forward ACB Auto Call Back RDL Redial RING Ringer CONF Conference FREL Forced Release ANS Call Answer HOLD Call Hold XFR Call Transfer REL Call Release
  28. 28. The Handset and Headset  Ruggedized Handset with MIL Standard Connector  Headset Connectivity for Hands-Free Operation  Common Interface is Provided for Headset and Headset, Either of One Can be Connected at an Instant
  29. 29. Display Menu Following Features Can be Accessed from the Display Menu: Alarm To Set/Cancel Alarms Call Cost Display To View Cost of Calls Made Call Forward To Set/Cancel Call Forward Call Logs To View History of Answered, Missed and Dialed Calls Contacts To Call, Add, Edit, Delete Names and Numbers from the Directory Change User Password To Alter the Password Do-Not-Disturb (DND) To Set (Blocking Incoming Calls)/Cancel DND Dynamic Lock To Change Toll Control Level for Making Calls Keypad Lock To Lock/Unlock the Keypad Phone Settings To Change Settings of Volume, Ringer, Display Menu and Others User Status To Set User Status to Present or Absent
  30. 30. Reliability  Continuous Operation on 24 Hour Basis  No Overheating or Breakdowns  Distributed Processing Architecture with Intelligent Local Processing Units for Each Card  Integrated DSP based SLIC and DAA are used for Analog Subscriber and Trunk Interfaces  Best-of-Breed Software Protocol Stacks are used for Digital Interfaces  Redundancy for Critical Cards (PSU and CPU)  MTBF better than 5000 Working Hours  MTTR better than 30 Minutes
  31. 31. Ruggedization  Equipped with Necessary Ruggedization for Tactical Military Environments  Leak Proof Electrical Connectors  Toughened Connectors and LTB  Efficient Thermal Management on Subscriber and Tie Lines  No Moving Parts  Cards are Secured to Slots Avoiding Dislocation During Moves
  32. 32. Transportability  Light-Weight Switch for Easy Transit  Weight of Equipment (Less Accessories) Equals 20 Kgs  Accessories:  Handles on Equipment for Easy Movement  Man-Pack Harness  Transit Case for Easy Transportation
  33. 33. Man-Pack Harness  Man-Pack Harnesses for Easy Carriage During Commutation  Harness for:  ULSB Switch  FCBC  LTB Unit  Laptop  Headset and Handset  LTB, MMI, Power Supply, Earthing, Testing and Other Connecting Cables  Earthing, Tool and Optical Kit  Vehicle Mounting Kit  Testing Telephones
  34. 34. Transit Case  Transit Cases for Easy Movement and Packaging  The Cases Encompasses:  ULSB Switch  FCBC  LTB Unit  Laptop  Headset and Handset  LTB, MMI, Power Supply, Earthing and Other Connecting Cables  Earthing, Tool and Optical Kit  Vehicle Mounting Kit  Testing Telephones
  35. 35. Vehicle Mounting Kit (VMK) Vehicle Mounting Kit for FCBC Vehicle Mounting Kit for ULSB Switch
  36. 36. Environmental Specifications  Impervious Performance under Varying Climatic Conditions Parameters Range . . Operating Temperature -20 C to + 55 C Operating Humidity 5-95 % RH, Non-Condensing Storage Temperature -40 C to +85 C (-40 F to +185 F) Storage Humidity 0-95 % RH, Non-Condensing . . . .
  37. 37. Earthing  Matrix MEX can Work on Field Type of Earthing (up to 5 ohm)  Earthing Points on Main Switch, FCBC and LTB  Earthing Spikes are Provided with Other Accessories (Earthing Rods, Cables and Braids) Earthing Rods Earthing Braid
  38. 38. Camouflage  Color Scheme Inline to Provide Proper Concealment  ULSB Switch, FCBC, LTB, Transit Cases and Harnesses – “All in Camouflage”
  39. 39. Management and Maintenance
  40. 40. Configuration and Management  Ruggedized MMI/NMS Terminal  Local as well as Remote Management  Configuration through Operator Console  Visual Indications for Health Status of Cards  Remote Configuration via Dial-Up Modem  Web based Graphical User Interface  Access Levels Secured with Passwords
  41. 41. MMI Interface  MIL Standard MMI Interface on the Front Fascia  EMI Protected Cable with a Sealed Connector on One End and Industrial Connector to for Laptop  Access GUI  Capture and Download Station Message Detail Records (SMDR)  Capture and Download System Activity and Fault Logs.  Download Call Statistics Reports
  42. 42. System Diagnosis  Power on Self Test, On-Line and Off-Line Diagnostics  BITE (Built-in Test Equipment) Testing for Self Diagnostic of Various Ports Like SLT, Magneto, CO(TWT), E&M and LD  Card Level System Diagnostics through MMI/NMS  Visual/Aural Alarm Indicating Critical Failure
  43. 43. BITE Test  Test Proper Functioning of Various Trunk and Extension Ports:   SLT, Magneto, CO, Loop Dial, E&M and E1 Proper Functioning of a Port is Tested by Looping Back the Port with the Opposite Gender Port  BITE Results are Recorded in the System Activity Log
  44. 44. System and Traffic Statistics  Per Port/Trunk Occupation Reports with Time and Duration  Built-in SMDR for 12000 Records  System Event and Fault Logs
  45. 45. Maintenance and Repairs  Modular Construction to Facilitate Individual Replacement of Faulty Cards  Comprehensive Literature Conforming to JSS 0251-01 Standards
  46. 46. Key Differentiators
  47. 47. Key Differentiators  A Perfect Blend of Innovation, Intelligence and Integration  Flexible and Scalable Communication Platform  Rich Features and Functions  Flexible Call Management  Easy Installation and Setup  Comprehensive Monitoring and Management Reports
  48. 48. Key Differentiators  Redundancy for Critical Cards  Hot-Swappable Cards  CNR Functionality through E&M ports  Built-in SMDR/CDR of 12,000 Call Records  On-board Conferencing Capability of 21 Parties  On-board Secondary Protection
  49. 49. Key Differentiators  LTB with 5-Stage Protection  Self-Diagnostic Tests  System Fault and Event Logs  Watch Dog Functionality  Minimum Internal Cabling  All Aluminum Enclosure
  50. 50.  Type of Presentation: Product Introduction and Features  Number of Slides: 51  Revised On: 29th September, 2011  Version-Release Number: V1R1 For Further Information Please Contact: Email ID: Mobile: +91 9662544401 Visit us at
  51. 51. Thank You