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Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU VTEP - Fixed VoIP to T1/E1 PRI Gateway

Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU VTEP - Fixed VoIP to T1/E1 PRI Gateway



Matrix SETU VTEP is a compact and dedicated gateway for VoIP to T1/E1 PRI network offering high-value communication experience to businesses of all size, Service Providers, Call Centers and simple but ...

Matrix SETU VTEP is a compact and dedicated gateway for VoIP to T1/E1 PRI network offering high-value communication experience to businesses of all size, Service Providers, Call Centers and simple but cost-effective solution for multi-location branch office communication. This intelligently designed gateway incorporates advanced features with multiple connectivity options to connect with a legacy communication system using T1/E1 or PRI signaling. SETU VTEP offers reliable and cost-effective solutions to the changing requirements of the business communication and offer customer value for money.



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  • The Mediatrix 1600 series gateways meet the requirements of medium and large enterprises that want to connect their ISDN equipment, such as ISDN PBXs, through a PRI interface to an IP network. When deployed with low-density gateways, the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways are able to provide transparent ISDN port extensions over an IP network. The remote ISDN terminals can be managed centrally and benefit from PBX services such as calling groups, least cost routing or voice mail. <br /> The Mediatrix 1600 series gateways also support transparent ISDN & QSIG tunneling. PBXs can be networked using IP while still retaining complete functionality to private voice networking. Designed specifically for enterprise applications, the Mediatrix 1600 series gateways make use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network. <br />

Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU VTEP - Fixed VoIP to T1/E1 PRI Gateway Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU VTEP - Fixed VoIP to T1/E1 PRI Gateway Presentation Transcript

  • Warm Welcome
  • Introduction VoIP to T1/E1 PRI Gateway  Dedicated VoIP-ISDN PRI Gateway  Plug-n-Play device  VoIP access device for an existing PBX  PRI trunking for an IP-PBX
  • SETU VTEP - At a Glance Model No. SETU VTEP321 Sync In Network Clock Synchronization ISDN - PRI Sync Out ISDN TE/NT WAN Port USB Port DC Power Jack Network Interfaces
  • Network Connectivity VoIP Connectivity 32 VoIP Channels 32 SIP Accounts VoIP Proxy Calls (SIP Accounts) Peer-to-Peer Calls (500 Entries) ISDN PRI Connectivity 1 ISDN PRI Software Configurable T1 and E1 PRI Programmable TE/NT
  • Target Customers END USERS BUSINESS VERTICALS  Corporate Offices  System Integrators  Factories and Ware Houses  Internet Telephony Service Providers  Banks  Internet Service Providers  IT and Technology Companies  Logistics Companies  Government Institutions  Hotels  Call Centers  Organizations with Remote Offices
  • APPLICATIONS Confidential
  • VoIP Access Device for Existing PBX T1/E1 PRI IP Access SETU VTEP ISDN Terminals ISDN PBX Existing Infrastructure  VoIP access for legacy phone systems with T1/E1 PRI interface  Programmable TE/NT modes , so no configuration changes in the PBX  Retain existing PBX infrastructure and terminals  ISDN terminals can place calls directly over WAN network  Compatible with all legacy ISDN PBX
  • T1/E1 PRI Gateway for an IP-PBX IP IP- Phones ISDN PRI SETU VTEP IP-PBX IP based System  ISDN PRI trunking for IP based system  Deployable in all SIP based VoIP networks  Provide connectivity to traditional and wide spread ISDN PRI network
  • Peer-to-peer Calling Peer-to-Peer Call  VoIP without involving SIP proxy server  500 Direct dial access codes  Dynamic DNS support ; no need of static IP address  Enables SOHO and SMEs to interconnect multiple sites without significant investment of telephony infrastructure at all sites
  • Virtual Trunking Accessibility Call Placed over VoIP network Local PSTN Trunk Accessibility
  • Virtual Trunking Accessibility  Connect multiple branch offices over cost-effective IP network  Virtually access trunk connectivity of remote location  Avoid heavy inter-network call charges  SETU VTEP can be registered to central IP-PBX  Leverage central IP-PBX resources and features remotely via SETU VTEP
  • DDI Routing over IP  Extends ISDN DDI service over IP from one location to other  Receive DDI calls directly on remote branch extensions  Route a callback over ISDN trunk–either from local branch or remote branch
  • Compact Footprint  Compact and dedicated VoIP-ISDN PRI Gateway  Out-n-Out Gateway  32 VoIP Channels  1 ISDN PRI T1/E1 Channel ISDN PRI  Various mounting options  Wall-Mount  Table-Top  19” Rack Mount VoIP SETU VTEP
  • Network Clock Synchronization  Dedicated Sync-In and Sync-Out port  Common clock source shared between PBX and SETU VTEP  No interoperability issues  No clock slips ~ no dropped calls:  Superior voice quality ISDN PRI Sync In Sync Out Master Clock TE Extns NT ISDN PBX SETU VTEP
  • Administrative and Configuration Ease  Fast and easy installation  No high level expertise required  Web–based remote management  Intuitive user interface  Quick access wizard for easy configuration Click Next to Configure Step-wise
  • Localization  Multiple language support  English  French  German  Italian  Portuguese  Spanish  Call Progress Tones and Detection  Country wise Call Progress Tones and Rings  Customize Tones as per Requirement  Country- Specific Date -Time Format , ISDN PRI Variants and CLIP variants  Day Light Saving Time
  • Key Benefits  Substantial communication cost reduction  Extended existing PBX capacity and capability  High on SOHO and SME wish list  Early Return on Investment  No need to replace legacy communication infrastructure  Cost-effective migration to IP telephony with lower CAPEX  Fast and Easy Installation  Multi-site and Multi-branch connectivity for growing organizations  Enhanced administrative and configuration ease
  • Key Features
  • Allowed and Denied List  Allow or deny specific numbers from being dialed  Avoid misuse and restrict unproductive calls  Separate Lists for VoIP and ISDN PRI ports Automatic Number translation  Automatically translates the number to match with numbering plan of the destination network  User can dial without worrying about the network through which the call will be routed  Supported on VoIP and ISDN PRI ports
  • Call Detail Record  Monitor and Keep Record of Incoming and Outgoing Calls  Filters like Call Duration, Calling Number, Type of Port etc. helps in Call Analysis  Store details of 2000 calls  Back-up options in csv and text format Direct Dial-in Routing  Route Incoming Calls on SIP and ISDN PRI trunks to specific extension  Extend DDI Routing capability over IP among Remote locations  Avoid Operator Intervention  A boon for PBX without DDI functionality
  • Digest Authentication  Used to authenticate an incoming caller on SIP port  Restrict calls between a group of users  Automated authentication mechanism.; no need to manually enter passwords each time before placing calls  Ensure secured communication Enhanced Voice Quality  Toll quality voice with all industry standard codecs support  G.711 A-Law,µ-Law, G.723, G.729AB, GSM-FR codecs to ensure superior voice quality
  • FAX over IP  Send and receive real-time fax using cost-effective IP network  T.38 Fax and Pass-Through  No need of dedicated analog lines Return Call to Original Caller  Equipment intelligence stores details of called number along with extension number, in case the called number is busy or unanswered  On call back from the called number, SETU VTEP automatically routes call to the same extension from where the call was attempted – No more lost business opportunities  SETU VTEP supports RCOC in both – IP and T1/E1 PRI Trunks
  • Feature List  Access Codes  Least Cost Routing  Allowed and Denied Numbers  NAT and STUN Support  Auto Provisioning for Mass Deployments  PCAP Trace  Automatic Number Translation  Peer-to-Peer Calling  Call Detail Records (CDR)  Return Call to Original Caller  Call Progress Tone and Rings  SNMP Monitoring  Daylight Saving Mode  TLS and SRTP Support  Digest Authentication  VLAN Tagging  Emergency Number Dialing  Web based Programming  Fax over IP
  • Matrix GATEWAY PRODUCT RANGE SETU VGFX SETU VGB SETU VFXTH SETU VFX SIMADO GFX SIMADO GBR Multi-port SIP based VoIP to GSM-FXO and FXS Gateway Multi-port SIP based VoIP to GSM and BRI Gateway Medium DensityMulti-port SIP based VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateway Low Density Multi-port SIP based VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateway Multi-port GSM to FXS Gateway Multi-port GSM to BRI Gateway
  •  Type of Presentation: Product Presentation  Number of Slides: 27  Revised On: 1st March 2013  Version-Release Number: V1R2 For Further Information Please Contact: Email ID: Info.Telecom@MatrixComSec.com Visit us at www.MatrixComSec.com