Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU VGFX - Fixed VoIP to GSM/3G-FXO-FXS Voice Gateways


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Matrix presents SETU VGFX- The Single-box Gateway solution, offering seamless connectivity between VoIP, GSM and POTS (FXO and FXS) networks. SETU VGFX supports flexible and intelligent call routing options to ensure that communication always happens through the most cost effective network.

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  • Works Independently
    User can Make Calls to GSM/PSTN/VoIP Network from FXS port
    Incoming calls from GSM/PSTN/VoIP Network are routed to FXS/PSTN/GSM/VoIP Ports
  • Matrix Telecom Solutions: SETU VGFX - Fixed VoIP to GSM/3G-FXO-FXS Voice Gateways

    1. 1. Warm Welcome
    2. 2. Introduction SETU VGFX Multi-port VoIP-GSM-FXO-FXS Gateway  Gateway offering seamless connectivity between VoIP, GSM, FXO and FXS networks  Gateway offering VoIP and GSM network connectivity to traditional PBXs  Gateway offering GSM and FXO network connectivity to an IP PBX  Gateway offering networking and universal call routing
    3. 3. Variants SETU VGFX FXO Ports GSM/3G Ports FXO Ports FXS Ports VGFX8422 8 4 2 2 VGFX8440 8 4 4 0 VGFX8404 8 4 0 4
    4. 4. Target Customer
    5. 5. Applications
    6. 6. Stand-alone Application GSM TWT FXS POTS IP VoIP SETU VGFX
    7. 7. VoIP-GSM Gateway for TDM PBX GSM/3G IP Users TDM PBX SETU VGFX Existing Infrastructure  Make cost-effective calls over VoIP  Save on fixed to mobile call cost  Maintain existing PBX infrastructure and dialing habits  Reduce dependency on a single network to make calls
    8. 8. VoIP-GSM Gateway for IP-PBX GSM/3G IP PSTN Users IP PBX Existing Infrastructure  Have access to legacy PSTN network  Make GSM calls from analog phones  Deployable in all sip based VoIP networks SETU VGFX
    9. 9. Peer-to-peer Application User dials 505 IP SETU VGFX SETU VGFX Ext 202 TDM PBX Location A TDM PBX Ext 505 Location B  Make IP calls without involving any SIP proxy server  Make free calls between multiple branch offices over IP  Short dial codes for 500 IP extensions , no need to remember IP addresses
    10. 10. Multi-Site Network Connectivity PSTN Access Local PSTN Network of Paris Office From Sidney SLT Paris Make Calls to Multiple Office Locations Over IP Mumbai IP Make Calls to Teleworker Teleworkers Any Where In s World Over IP Access GSM Network of Mobile Mumbai From Sidney Workers Employees working from Home GSM/3G Mobile Extensions Sidney GSM/UMTS(3G) Network
    11. 11. > > > Internet Accessibility over 3G/HSPA SETU VGFX LAN Users Internet network gets down Internet 3G/ HSPA/EDGE Conventional Internet connection  Access high speed internet over 3G/HSPA/EDGE  Take benefits of 3G/HSPA data plans offered by various service providers  Ideal for locations where there is no wired internet connectivity available
    12. 12. Software Features
    13. 13. Features  Access Codes  Allowed and Denied Numbers List  Auto Provisioning for Mass Deployments  Auto PSTN Fallback  Automatic Number Translation  Call Transfer (Attended/Blind)  Call Detail Records  Call Progress Tone and Rings  DHCP Server and Client  Do Not Disturb  Dynamic DNS  Emergency Number Dialing  Hotline  Internet Access over 3G/HSPA  Message Wait Indication  Peer-to-peer Calling  Port Forwarding and DMZ  SIM Balance Inquiry and Recharge  SNMP Monitoring  TLS and SRTP Support  VLAN Tagging  PBX Functionality  Call Hold  Call Transfer  Call Forward  Call Pickup  Conference
    14. 14. Allowed and Denied Numbers  Allow or deny dialing of predefined outgoing numbers.  Avoid misuse and restrict unproductive calls  Program separately for VoIP, GSM, FXO and FXS ports Call Detail Record (CDR)  Monitor and keep record of incoming and outgoing calls  Analyze calls with parameters like Call Duration, Calling Number, Port Type  Store details of 2000 calls  Download and print the call detail records - as and when required  Calls can be filtered on the basis of different Ports, Date, Day, Time, PIN Number, Called and Calling Party, etc.
    15. 15. Automatic Number Translation SETU VGFX adds +91 before dialing it out. GSM/3G User dials 23551111 SETU VGFX  Translates the number to match with numbering pattern of the destination network  Dial without worrying about the network through which the call will be routed  Supported on VoIP, GSM, FXO and FXS ports
    16. 16. Auto PSTN Fallback User dials 201 Call automatically gets routed through PSTN SETU VGFX PSTN IP gets down Ext. 201 User IP  In case of IP outage, IP calls automatically get routed through PSTN  Provides continuous accessibility of network  Reduces dependency on IP  More reliable communication
    17. 17. Call Progress Tones and Rings  Different countries have different tones to indicate the process of call activities such as Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Error Tone, Busy Tone, etc.  Specific cadence can be programmed to match the tone used in each country  call progress tones can be programmed country wise or can be customized as per the user requirement
    18. 18. Conference  Built-in feature  3-Party conference  Applicable if the call is originated from and terminated on FXS port  External and internal parties are possible
    19. 19. Caller Line Identification  Display calling party’s name and number on FXS Port  Supports CLI on FXO, Mobile and SIP ports  CLIP on call transfer Digest Authentication  Ensures secured communication over IP  Allow or restrict calls between specific group of users  Automated authentication mechanism
    20. 20. Day Light Saving  Daylight saving is the procedure of setting clocks ahead at a particular time of the year to make way for additional hour of daylight in the evening  Real Time Clock (RTC) moves backward or forward automatically in tune with the daylight saving requirement of the country  DST can be forwarded or set backward according to day-month wise or datemonth wise as per the requirement
    21. 21. Do Not Disturb  Do Not Disturb (DND) feature enables user to have privacy of not receiving the calls for particular time period  Outgoing calls can be made when Do Not Disturb (DND) is enabled  Applicable on FXS ports
    22. 22. Emergency Number Dialing  Allows the caller to contact local emergency services  Program up to 5 emergency numbers  Emergency number assigned on mobile port can be dialed out even if the port is not registered or a SIM card is not present Enhanced Voice Quality  Toll Quality Voice with all Industry Standard Codecs Support  G.711 A-Law, µ-Law, G.723, G.729AB, GSM-FR Support  Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Offers Proper Bandwidth Utilization  Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) and Echo Cancellation Ensures Superior Voice Quality
    23. 23. FAX over IP  Send and Receive Fax using Efficient Media like Internet & ISDN BRI  T.38 Fax and Pass -Through for FoIP  ISDN G3 Fax
    24. 24. Hotline  Hotline is supported on FXS ports  Each FXS port can have different hotline number  Provision to impose delay before hotline activation  Delay timer can be minimum 1 and maximum 9 seconds PIN Authentication  PIN Authentication is to authenticate a caller to prove identity to proceed the call from one network to another  Supported on FXO, GSM and VoIP ports  Support 500 PIN authentication entries
    25. 25. Least Cost Routing  Different service providers have different tariffs for different regions and countries  System automatically selects the most economical route to place the call  Route selected depends on the destination number dialed  Ensure each call at least possible cost
    26. 26. Message Wait Indication Message wait tone User ITSP/PBX User Voice mail box SETU VGFX  Provides quick and easy information of voice message  Visual and tone based indication:  Message wait LED indication on DKP and SLT  Shuttered dial tone  Voice message before dial tone Voice message indicator blinks
    27. 27. Network Selection  Enables to choose GSM network automatically and manually  Each GSM port can be programmed for specific service providers network  Each GSM port can be assigned priority of maximum 9 networks if set on manual mode
    28. 28. Return Call to Original Caller Ext no. 301 dial number Called party is busy or no replying 301 System stores called party’s no., calling party’s no. with its extension no. 234 When the user calls back, call gets routed to the original extension  Call attempted from mobile port of SETU VGFX is not answered or found busy  System keeps the record in the database from which FXS port the number was dialed to called party number  System detects called party number on the returned call and will route the call to original caller who had attempted to call
    29. 29. Real Time Clock  Date and time are very important parameters for some features like Call Detail Record (CDR), Daylight Saving Time, etc.  Real time clock uses the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to get time from the time server  Flexibility to choose one from three pre-configured free reliable time servers  Flexibility to program time server address of their preference
    30. 30. System Log  System log protocol is used for sending debug messages on IP network  It is a Client/Server protocol  Uses UDP as transport protocol for debugging process  Logging has several benefits  Easier and faster troubleshooting  Security enhancement  Better system administration
    31. 31. SIM PIN  SIM PIN is used for security on GSM network to protect the data stored on SIM card  PIN (Personal Identification Number) is stored in SIM  If PIN is programmed, network asks user to provide PIN on every power on  SIM PIN Number can be minimum 4 and maximum of 8 digits
    32. 32. Specifications SPECIFICATIONS Description SETU VGFX8422 SETU VGFX8440 SETU VGFX8404 Number of VoIP Channels 8 8 8 Number of GSM/3G Ports 4 4 4 Number of FXO Ports (RJ11) 2 4 0 Number of FXS Ports (RJ11) 2 0 4 WAN Port 1 1 1 LAN Port 1 1 1 GSM /3G Band Tri Band and Quad Band Operation Power Supply External Adaptor 12VDC/1.25A (Universal Input Range 90-265VAC, 47- 63Hz) Power Consumption 12 Watt (Maximum) RF Sensitivity Better than -102dBm LED Indications Power Supply, FXO/FXS – One per Port, GSM – One per Port Dimensions (W x H x D) 23.0 x 5.5 x 16.3 cms (9.1”x 2.2”x 6.4”) Unit Weight 1Kg with Wall Mount and Table Top
    33. 33. Matrix GATEWAY RANGE OF PRODUCTS SETU VGFX SETU VGB SETU VFXTH SETU VFX SETU ATA211G SETU ATA211 SETU ATA2S SETU ATA1S Multi-Port SIP based VoIP to GSM-FXO-FXS Gateway Multi-Port SIP based VoIP to GSM and BRI Gateway Multi-Port SIP based VoIP to FXO-FXS Gateway Multi-Port SIP based VoIP to FXS Gateway SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 1 FXS, 1 GSM and 2 Ethernet Ports SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 1 FXO, 1 FXS and 2 Ethernet Ports SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 2 FXS Ports and 2 Ethernet Ports SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptor with 1 FXS Port and 2 Ethernet Ports
    34. 34.  Type of Presentation: Product Presentation  Number of Slides: 35  Revised On: 1st March 2013  Version-Release Number: V1R2 For Further Information Please Contact: Email ID: Visit us at