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Matrix Telecom Solutions: ETERNITY PLCC EPAX
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Matrix Telecom Solutions: ETERNITY PLCC EPAX


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Matrix ETERNITY is the result of thorough study of PLCC requirements and many years of experience in designing similar products.

Matrix ETERNITY is the result of thorough study of PLCC requirements and many years of experience in designing similar products.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Warm Welcome
  • 2. ETERNITY PLCC Switch The Digital EPAX For PLCC Applications
  • 3. Agenda         ETERNITY PLCC EPAX Variants System Architecture Built-in Resources Interfaces and Applications PLCC Features Application Diagrams Other Features Valued Customer
  • 4. ETERNITY PLCC EPAX Variants ETERNITY GE6S  6 Universal Slots  Up to 96 Ports PLCC EPAX ETERNITY ME10S  10 Universal Slots + 03 Slots for Redundancy Cards  Up to 324 Ports PLCC EPAX ETERNITY ME16S  16 Universal Slots  Up to 516 Ports PLCC EPAX
  • 8. ETERNITY-System Architecture  Digital PCM-TDM Technology  High Density Digital 1024 x 1024 Switching  100% Non-Blocking  32 Bit RISC Processor  64MB Memory (32 MB SDRAM + 32 MB Flash)  Distributed Processing Architecture  SLIC and SMT Design  Embedded Linux Platform  High Density Cards
  • 9. ETERNITY-Intelligence  Cutting Edge Features  Built-in Hardware  Multi Networks Operation  Self Diagnostic Tests  Watch Dog  Mixed Ports Cards  Various Port for Computer Connectivity  Capable of carrying Voice and Data Traffic  Built-in Voice Mail Features  Built-in Auto Attendant Functionality
  • 10. ETERNITY-Reliability  Primary and Secondary Protections  Hot-Swapping (Optional)  Redundancy (only in ETERNITY ME10S) (Master, Switch Card and Power Supply Cards)  System Events Log / Faults Log  Wider Input Range for Power Supplies  No Internal Cables or Wires  All Aluminum Enclosure  Watch Dog
  • 11. ETERNITY - Flexibility  Flexible Numbering  Flexible Programming  Many Programming Options (SLT, DKP, RS232C, Ethernet)  Universal Slots to Expand the Capacity at on site  To work as PLCC EPAX and PBX  Multi Network Interface and Operation (POTS, E&M, GSM, ISDN,E1/T1, VoIP)  Various Cards to Choose Having Mixed Ports  Various Auxiliary Ports : AIP, AOP, DIP, DOP  Power Supply Options: 48VDC and 90-265VAC  Mounting Options : Wall, Table-Top, 19” Rack
  • 12. Built-in Resources  External Music Port (AIP)  Public Address System (PAS) Port (AOP)  Sensor Connectivity Port (DIP)  Relay Control Device Port (DOP)  Digital Key Phone Ports (DKP) *  Ethernet Port – 1  USB Port – 1 (For Future Applications Use)  RS232C Port – 2 *  Printer Port – 1 * * Model Dependant
  • 13. PLCC Features  Alternate Route Selection  Auto Attendant functionality  Call Routing Progression Tone  E&M Dial-Up/Tie Line Integration  E&M Express Line Integration (Optional)  Elaborate Routing Table with 250 Entries  Flexible Numbering for Extensions (1 to 4 digits or Mix of All)  Mixed Length of Station ID  Multiple SID for Same EPAX
  • 14. PLCC Features  PLCC and Normal PBX Operation Simultaneously  Priority Over E&M Lines  Priority within a System  Programmable Pulse (Engage, Released, Ringer, Dialed Digit)  Programmable Station ID - SID (1 to 6 Digits)  User Restricted Dialing to Selected Destinations  Transit Barring  Out-of-Order Trunk Disable  Trunk Groups to Restrict Ordinary Traffic on a Certain Trunks/Routes
  • 15. Programming Options  Programming Using Analog Telephone  Programming Using Digital Key Phone  Window Based GUI Software Tool  Remote Programming Web Based GUI Tool Programming Options Remote Programming Internet Window Based GUI Digital Phone Analog Phone
  • 16. Trunk Line Interfaces Trunk Interfaces Magneto Internet Magneto VoIP GSM GSM TWT/T1/E1 E&M VSAT  E&M Dial-in / Tie Line  E&M Express  2W TWT (CO)  ISDN PRI (30B+D or 23B+D)  ISDN BRI (2B+D)  E1 / T1  GSM (SIM) E&M PLCC  VoIP (SIP)  Magneto
  • 17. Extension (Station) Interfaces Extension Interfaces ISDN PRI (NT) Video Conf. ISDN BRI (NT) ISDN Phone DKP Digital Phone Analog Phone SLT Fax  2W Analog Extension (FXS)  2W Digital Extension (DKP)  ISDN BRI (NT Mode)  ISDN PRI (NT Mode)
  • 18. Auxiliary Interfaces  Analog Input Port (AIP) AIP AOP External Music PAS DIP  Analog Output Port (AOP)  Digital Input Port (DIP) Sensor DOP Relay Based Device Auxiliary Interfaces  Digital Output Port (DOP)
  • 19. ETERNITY – Interfaces & Applications Extension Interfaces Trunk Interfaces ISDN PRI (NT) Magneto Video Conf. Magneto ISDN BRI (NT) Internet VoIP ISDN Phone DKP Digital Phone RS232C Analog Phone GSM SLT GSM Fax TWT/T1/E1 AIP E&M AOP USB VSAT DIP External Music PAS Sensor E&M PLCC DOP Relay Based Device Auxiliary Interfaces ETERNITY - Interfaces and Applications
  • 20. LCR Functioning in ETERNITY EPAX Extension No. Dialing Call Analysis Call Placing on N/w 0 98250 12345 GSM 0 98250 12345 GSM PSTN 011 2233 4455 VoIP LCR Logic 011 2233 4455 0 98250 12345 PSTN 011 2233 4455 ETERNITY EPAX IP
  • 21. ETERNITY - Integration over HVT Lines High Voltage Transmission Line Sub Station Line Trap Line Trap Sub Station Coupling Capacitor or CVT ETERNITY GE6S E&M ETERNITY GE6S E&M Coupling Device PLC Panel PLC Panel
  • 22. E&M Lines - Calling Features & Numbering Plan PLCC Modem SID 4300 6677 220KV S/s PLCC Modem PLCC Modem SID 330033 21 SID 2233 32KV S/s 51 32KV S/s PLCC Modem 220KV S/s Tie Line Call Transit Call PLCC Modem SID 31 201 SID 301 SID 41 SID 201 22522 Call Barring 1212 Busy Route Alternate Route PLCC Calling Features & Numbering Plan 440KV S/s 220KV S/s
  • 23. ETERNITY in PLCC Express Line Network E&M Exp E&M Exp PLCC Modem PLCC Modem Generation Plant SLDC E&M Exp E&M Exp Control Room PLCC Modem PLCC Modem Regiona LDC NLDC CE EE E&M Exp E&M Exp 440KV S/s 220 KV S/s E&M - Express Lines PLCC Express Line Network
  • 24. PLCC Express - Benefit  Single Touch Dialing (like Hotline Dialing)  Calling Destination Name display on Digital Phone Screen  Dedicated Key for Each Destinations  Route / Call Status on Key’s LED  No need to have Separate Phone for each Express Lines  Single Phone for all Express Lines  Eliminates Bunch of Cables  Parallel Ringing Two Digital Phone  Call Transfer to Any Other Extensions  Conference Services  Faulty Line Parking  Ring Acknowledgement
  • 25. Deployment of ETERNITY in PLCC & Carrier N/w 32KV S/s 440KV S/s GE6S E&M E1 E&M E&M DACS/Mux E1 32KV S/s E&M GE6S E1 E&M PLCC N/w GE6S E1 STM E1 E&M E1 GE6S 440KV S/s E&M ME10S E1 SDH Ring N/w E1 STM E1 E1 STM GE6S STM E1 E1 xDSL xDSL ME10S 220KV S/s E&M - Dial-in / Tie Line E1 on OFC Media E&M - Transit Call E1 Copper Media E&M - Call Barring GE6S
  • 26. ETERNITY–Inter Networking Using (Internet) PSTN 3001 3002 ISDN E1/T1 E&M Network 4001 4002 GSM 2001 2002 5001 5002 Inter Networking using VoIP Card or VoIP Gateway Device
  • 27. ETERNITY–Inter Networking 3001 3002 Internet N/w Internet Network 4001 4002 GSM 2001 2002 5001 5002 Inter Networking using VoIP Card or VoIP Gateway Device
  • 28. ETERNITY–Inter Networking Using VSAT Satellite Satellite Modem Satellite Modem Switch Switch Earth Station VoIP E&M VoIP E&M
  • 29. ETERNITY–Inter Networking Using Radio Link Microwave Radio E&M E1/T1/PRI Microwave Radio VoIP VoIP E&M E1/T1/PRI
  • 30. ETERNITY–Data Transfer Using Dial-up Modem E&M 10011100 FXS FXS Dial-up Modem Dial-up Modem 10011100 PC Location A 10011100 PC Location B
  • 31. Traditional Express V/s Matrix Express Parameter Traditional Express EPAX Matrix Express EPAX Wiring 6 wires for 01Express E&M 2 Wires for 20 Express E&M No. of Phones Separate Phone for Each Express One Phone for 20 Express Type of Phone Analog Phone Digital Phone and Analog Phone Indication No Indication LED indication for status of call Display No Display LCD to display CLI Dialing Entire Number (Digits) to dial One Touch Dialing Call Hold Not Possible Yes. By Single Touch Call Transfer Not Possible Yes. By Single Touch Call Forward Not Possible Yes. By Single Touch Call Conference Not Possible 15 Party Conference Priority Not Available 9 Level Priority
  • 32. Traditional Express V/s Matrix Express Parameter Traditional Express EPAX Matrix Express EPAX Music On Hold Not Possible Yes. Desired Music Can be Played Simultaneous Ringing Yes. But Same Ring Tones Yes. Multiple Ringtone to Distinguish Priority Locations Selective Call Pick-up Not Possible Call can be picked up from any phone Programmable Ring Timer Not Available Programmable from 1 to 255 Seconds Flexible E&M Port Not Available Same E&M port can be used for E&M Dial-in line or E&M Express line Faulty Line Parking Not Available Yes. Faulty Line will be parked and as soon as it gets restored, automatically comes in to service
  • 33. ETERNITY PLCC EPAX Key Features Call Conferencing Call Hold Multiple Call Call Swap Priority One Touch Dialing Call Transfer Call Forward
  • 34. ETERNITY PLCC EPAX Key Features Integrated MDF 1 Cable Pair for 20 Express Phone CLI Display LCR Gateway Multiple Network Integration
  • 35. Traditional Express V/s Matrix Express EPAX PLC Panels PLC Panels Express E&M Express E&M Traditional EPAX Separate Phones for Each Express E&M One Phone for All Express E&M
  • 36. Traditional Express E&M EPAX PLC Panels Express E&M Traditional EPAX Phones for Each Express E&M Bulky Wiring: All 6 Wires Required to be Connected with Phone  Results in Bulky / Messed-up Wiring  Higher Chances of Fault Multiple Analog Phone: Each E&M Line Required Dedicated Phone  Results in Multiple Phones on the Desk  Difficult to attend Multiple Calls at Same Time  Call can not Kept on Hold so Chances of Miss Call
  • 37. Matrix - Express E&M EPAX PLC Panels Express E&M Single Phone for All Express E&M Neat & Clean Wiring: Only 2 Wires Required to be Connected with Phone  Reduced Wiring, Less Maintenance  Higher Reliability, Seamless Communication Single Digital Phone: Only One Phone for All Express E&M  One Phones on the Desk  Multiple Calls Can be Attended at Same Time  Calls Can be kept on Hold.  No Missed Call  Each Call Status on LED  CLI on LCD Display
  • 38. E&M Express Lines User Terminals  Single Line Telephones (Analog Extensions)  IP Phones  Digital Key Phones  PC Based Key Phone  Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console
  • 39. IP Phone – SETU VP  3 SIP Accounts  2 Ethernet Ports  Programmable Keys  Auto Configuration  Message Wait Indication  Auto Answer with Headset Interface  Conference  G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729AB SETU VP248PE 6x24 Character LCD Display with POE  Web Configuration  DHCP, PPPoE, NAT and STUn  Voice Mail Key  Web Configuration SETU VP248SE 2x24 Character LCD Display with PoE
  • 40. Digital Key Phones – EON48  LCD Contrast and Brightness Control  16 Programmable Keys  17 Touch-Sense Keys  Touch-Sense Keys for Navigation and One-touch Feature Access  Full Duplex Speaker Phone EON48P 6x24 Character LCD Display  Headset Interface  English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Language Support  Multiple Call Handling – EON48P  3-Position Desktop Mounting  Wall Mounting EON48S 2x24 Character LCD Display
  • 41. Digital Key Phone – EON42S  2x24 Character LCD Display  Total 42 Keys  24 Programmable Keys  Navigation Button  Ringer Indication  Speaker Phone  Headset Interface
  • 42. Direct Station Selection – DSS72  Companion DSS for EON42S  72 Keys for Direct Station Selection  DSS72 Use One DKP Port (2-Wire Interface)  Dual Color LEDs for Port Status
  • 43. Direct Station Selection – DSS16X4  Companion DSS for EON48  64 Keys for Direct Station Selection  DSS16X4 Use One DKP Port  Dual Color LEDs for Port Status
  • 44. PC Based Digital Key Phone – EONSOFT  PC Based Digital Key Phone  20 Programmable Keys  Use One DKP Port  Dual Color Button Display for Port Status
  • 45. EONSOFT-Operator  Runs on Microsoft Windows  148 Keys for Direct Station Selection  Use Only One DKP Port  Dual Color Button Display for Port Status
  • 46. Compliances
  • 47. Customer List - SEBs  Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board  Assam State Electricity Board  Chattisgarh State Electricity Board  Gujarat State Electricity Board  Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board  Karnataka State Electricity Board  Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board  Maharastra State Electricity Board  Pondichery State Electricity Board  Rajasthan State Electricity Board  Tamilnadu State Electricity Board  Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board  Uttranchal State Electricity Board  West Bengal State Electricity Board
  • 48. Customer List EPCs        Adani Alstom Areva T&D BRG Iron Crompton Greaves EMCO Enercon India        LAPP India Larsen & Tubro Limited Siemens Suzlon Torrent Vestas Voltech National Projects     Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. National Hydro Power Corporation Ltd. National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
  • 49. Customer List – Overseas  Gunkul Engineering, Burma  Gunkul Engineering, Thailand  Kabul Transmission Corporation, Afghanistan  Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise, Myanmar  Tala-Bhutan Hydro Projects, Nepal  Wuhan Research Institute (WRI), China
  • 50. Matrix – Global Footprint
  • 51. Thank You
  • 52.  Type of Presentation: Product Introduction  Number of Slides: 45  Revised On: July 15, 2010  Version-Release Number: V1.R1 For Further Information Please Contact: Email ID: Mobile: +919725021139 Visit us at