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Matrix ETERNITY is a family of IP-PBXs with Universal Connectivity and Seamless Mobility. The ETERNITY IP-PBX offers built-in gateway capability to connect nearly all telecom interfaces like FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, T1/E1, GSM and 3G.

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  • NAT Router replaces source IP (Private IP) with its Own public IP before passing the traffic to the destination on Internet
    When a response is received, NAT Router searches its translation tables for Original Source Address from which device has started the Connection and then passes the response to that Device
    NAT is also called as ‘IP Masquerading’
    Traffic Passing through NAT is called as ‘NAT Traversal’
  • It is a gray area. Making a VoIP call using service provider/Peer to peer are allowed. However, once you make a call on TWT and kept called party on hold and make a VoIP call and put them in conference that is not legal. Bridging of two network TWT/GSM/ISDN PRI or any of the network should not bridge (Voice Network) to VoIP Network. Hence, We call in India this technology as Net to Phone and not Phone to Net.
    To achieve this we have implemented Four categories. You can put any of the trunk in any category and program accordingly. By default it is not allowed.
  • To achieve this we have implemented Four categories. You can put any of the trunk in any category and program accordingly. By default it is not allowed.
  • Applications:
    Important numbers will never miss now. You can store in the list (Maximum 1000 numbers) one list per port. Such 24 lists are there.
    Important for the companies which are having field staff.
  • Features to Describe
  • Matrix Telecom Solutions: ETERNITY IP-PBXs

    1. 1. Warm Welcome
    2. 2. ETERNITY IP-PBX Family ETERNITY GE12S ETERNITY ME16S ETERNITY GE6S ETERNITY ME10S Matrix ETERNITY : The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity
    3. 3. ETERNITY PE3SP ETERNITY PE6SP Matrix ETERNITY PE The Enterprise-Grade PBX for Futuristic Businesses
    4. 4. Target Customers  Small and Medium Businesses  Offices, Factories, Branch Offices/Ware Houses  Consultants, Doctors, Architects, Chartered Accountants  Banks, Hospitals and Schools  Government Organizations  Telecom Service Provider  Internet Telephony Service Provider
    5. 5. Applications  IP-PBX for Enterprise  PBX for Small and Medium Businesses  ISDN Key Telephone System  Hospitality Solutions for Motels and Guest Houses  VoIP-GSM/3G Gateway Solution for Third Party Legacy PBX
    6. 6. ETERNITY GE6S ETERNITY GE12S Matrix ETERNITY GE The All-Integrated Communication Platform for Growing Enterprises
    7. 7. Target Customers  Mid-Size Enterprises  Corporate Offices and Factories  Banks, Hospitals and Schools  Mid-Size Hotels/Motels  Telecom Service Providers  Internet Telephony Service Providers
    8. 8. Applications  IP-PBX  PBX for Growing Enterprises  ISDN Key Telephone System  Hospitality Solution for Mid-size Motels  PRI-GSM/3G Gateway Solution for Third Party Legacy PBX  VoIP-PRI Gateway Solutions for Third Party Legacy PBX  VoIP-GSM/3G Gateway Solutions for Third Party Legacy PBX
    9. 9. ETERNITY ME10S ETERNITY ME16S Matrix ETERNITY ME The Complete Communication System for Medium Enterprises
    10. 10. Target Customers  Large Enterprises  Corporate Offices  Hotels/Motels  Government Organizations
    11. 11. Applications  IP-PBX  PBX-KTS for Medium and Large Enterprises  ISDN Key Telephone System  Intercom Communication and Security System for Modern Apartments  Hospitality Solution for Motels
    12. 12. IP-PBX Application IP-PBX APPLICATION
    13. 13. Multiple Branch Connectivity ETERNITY IP-PBX Internet Branch Office (without any PBX System) Head Office (with ETERNITY IP-PBX) Mobile SIP Client VoIP Gateway PSTN Multi-Branch Connectivity using IP Networking Existing PBX International Brach Office (with Traditional PBX System)
    14. 14. Key Aspects
    15. 15. Key Aspects
    16. 16. IP-PBX Functionality
    17. 17. IP Trunks and Users
    18. 18. IP Trunks and Users
    19. 19. Dynamic DNS (DDNS)  Automated Discovery and Registration of IP Addresses on the Public Network  IP Users always Connected to ETERNITY using DNS associated with the Dynamic IP  Prevent Reconfiguration of System each Time a Network Infrastructure Changes Users Mobile SIP Client IP-Phone VoIP ATA PC With Soft phone matrix-pbx ABC Creates an Internet name for IP-PBX that tracks your current dynamic IP address ETERNITY IP-PBX Public IP XYZ Internet Public IP Public IP DNS Server DNS Client Receives updates from the DNS Client PBX and links your current dynamic IP to your Internet Name
    20. 20. System Resources System Resources Maximum Capacity ETERNITY PE ETERNITY GE ETERNITY ME Description 3SS 3SP 6SP 6S 12S 10S 16S Universal Slots For Expansion Cards 3 3 6 6 12 10 16 SLT Ports Single Line Analog Telephones 24 24 48 120 240 320 320 or 512* DKP/DSS Ports Proprietary Digital Key Phones or DSS Consoles 24 24 32 48 48 CO Ports Two Wire Trunk (CO) Lines 8 8 16 96 128 128 128 - 6 12 24 32 32 32 64 or 128* 64 or 128* - 3 6 6 8 8 8 GSM/3G Ports ISDN BRI Network or ISDN Compatible Devices T1 or E1 or ISDN PRI Network or Compatible Device GSM/3G Network 8 8 8 24 40 64 64 Door Phone Ports# Door Phone Connectivity (4-Wire) 3 3 3 - - - - E&M Ports E&M Network - - - 24 48 80 128 Voice Mail System (Number of Ports) Voice Mail System with AutoAttendant 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 Magneto Ports To Connect to Magneto Phones - - - - - 80 128 BRI Ports T1/E1/PRI Ports * With PS48VDC – 500W # Optional Connectivity
    21. 21. System Resources – IP Maximum Capacity System Resources Description ETERNITY PE ETERNITY GE ETERNITY ME 3SS VoIP Phones, Soft phones, Mobile SIP Clients Registration of VoIP Phones, VoIP Clients Soft phones and Mobile SIP Clients SIP Trunks (Clients) for ITSP VoIP Trunks or Peer-to-Peer VoIP Channels per Simultaneous VoIP Calls per Card Card Simultaneous VoIP Call VoIP Calls Participants VoIP Card 3SP 6SP 6S 12S 10S 16S 3 3 6 6 12 10 16 50 50 50 500 500 999 999 16 16 16 16 16 32 32 8/16 8/16 8/16 16/32 16/32 16/32 16/32 48 48 96 192 384 320 512
    22. 22. Feature Transparency  IP Users Can Avail Features similar to DKP and SLT Users  Following Features are Available to IP User:
    23. 23. NAT Support  Network Address Translation  A Technology used by Firewalls and Routers  Benefits:  Allows Multiple Devices in a LAN to Share a Single Public IP Address  Enhances Security by Avoiding Direct Communication
    24. 24. NAT Router-Basic Operation NAT Router IP NAT Router WAN ETERNITY VoIP Card as Client WAN ETERNITY VoIP Card as a Client Translation Table Private IP Head Office Private IP Translated to Public IP Public IP Branch Office Response Delivered to Device which Started the Connection
    25. 25. STUN-Application Scenario Private IP: Open Port: 5060 Gateway/Firewall/Router IP ETERNITY IP-PBX ETERNITY VoIP Card as Client Public IP of NAT: Open Port : 1 STUN Server  STUN Client sends a request to STUN server  The Server Reports Back with the Public IP Address of the NAT Router and which Port is Opened by NAT to Allow Incoming Traffic  ETERNITY as a VoIP Client can Now Communicate the Public IP and Port details while trying to Register With the IP PBX
    26. 26. STUN Support  UDP: A Network Protocol for Transmitting Data (Without Acknowledgement/Connectionless Protocol)  SIP Based VoIP Calls uses UDP as Transport Protocol  STUN Allows ETERNITY VoIP Client to work behind a Symmetrical NAT and Establish a VoIP Call
    27. 27. Universal Connectivity
    28. 28. Trunk Side Interfaces Extension Side Interfaces
    29. 29. Seamless Mobility
    30. 30. Seamless Mobility  GSM/3G Connectivity  Mobile Phones as Extensions  Mobile Extension Call Management  Dual Ring  Automatic DISA  Wireless Solution
    31. 31. GSM/3G Connectivity  In-skin GSM/3G Card  4 SIMs per GSM/3G Card  Offers Direct Connectivity to GSM/3G Network  Avoids External FCT Requirement  Single RT (Roof Top) Antenna per GSM4/3G4Card  Faster Processing of GSM/3G Calls  GSM/3G Calls Routed through the Cheapest Service Provider  Automatic Call to Missed (Predefined) Calls on GSM/3G SIMs  Call Budget on GSM/3G Trunks
    32. 32. Mobile Phones as Extensions
    33. 33. Mobile Ext. – Call Management  Make Internal and Outgoing Calls  Receive Internal Calls and Incoming Calls of Trunk  DDI Routing (on T1E1PRI)  Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC)  Global Directory Dialing  Personal Directory Dialing  Raid  Call Transfer  Call Forward (With Dual Ring Option)
    34. 34. Mobile Ext. – Call Management  Multiple Participants Conference  Priority  Forced Release  Barge-In  Interrupt Request  Do-Not-Disturb with Override  Call Pickup  Call Toggle  Call Hold  Paging
    35. 35. Dual Ring  Flexibility to Attend Desk Calls on Your Mobile  Simultaneous Ringing on Internal Extension (Desk) as well as on Mobile Phone  Whichever Answer First, Other Disconnects  Not Applicable when Call is Routed through CO and E&M  A Great Advantage to “Mobile Workforce”
    36. 36. Dual Ring – An Illustration Magneto GSM CO ISDN - BRI PSTN ISDN - PRI Internet VoIP E&M VSAT
    37. 37. Automatic DISA  Access System Resources to :  Make Calls  Activate/Deactivate Features  Programming/Administer the System  No need to dial DISA login code and Station Number-password  Such 999 Numbers can be Programmed
    38. 38. An Illustration PSTN ISDN Dial : +91 265 2630555 • • • • Dial Number : +91 265 2630555 to access the system Mobile Number : 9xxxx xxxxx programmed in DISA Authentication Table System will give Dial tone directly (Class of Service can be defined) Make an International Call through VoIP/ISDN Lines Available
    39. 39. Wireless Solution – No Need of DECT  Existing GSM/3G and SIP Client Mobile Terminals can work as Extensions of the PBX system just as Wired Extensions  Advantages over DECT  Simple Implementation  Wider Range Connectivity  Feature Rich  Scalability : Up to 32 Mobile Trunks and 500 IP Users; Far more than DECT System Capacity  Cost: Conventional Mobile Phones and IP Terminals can be used
    40. 40. Versatile Platform
    41. 41. Many Applications  PBX and KTS  IP-PBX  Universal Gateway  Hospitality PBX  Group PBX  Least Cost Router  Audio Conference Bridge  Video Conferencing
    42. 42. Productivity
    43. 43. Productivity  Auto-Redial  Auto-Answer  Boss Ring  CLI based Routing  Conference Dial-in  Department Call  Memory Dialing  Priority
    44. 44. Auto-Redial  ETERNITY can be instructed by the User to Auto-Redial Busy Number  Keep Dialing a Busy Number repeatedly till it gets Connected  Can be Prioritized  Programmable Redial Intervals and the Redial attempts Vary depending on the Priority
    45. 45. Auto-Answer  Enable an Operator to Answer Incoming Calls Automatically  No need to Pick up the Handset or Press Speaker Phone Key again and again  If Headset is used then Incoming Call Speech can be Heard Directly  Saves Time and Effort
    46. 46. Boss Ring  Different Ring Cadences depending upon the Call Origination  Eight Types of Ring Cadences: Internal Calls, Call from Boss, Alarms, Auto Redial, Auto Call Back etc.  Can be Identified from Ring itself and hence Prioritized Accordingly
    47. 47. CLI based Routing  Route Incoming Call from a Specific Number or a Destination to a Pre-assigned Number  No Need of an Operator or Auto-Attendant Assistance to Route the Call  Calls will not be Matured, if not Answered  400 CLI Numbers can be Programmed  Incoming Calls can be Routed on SLT, DKP, CO, GSM/3G, VoIP and ISDN BRI-PRI
    48. 48. Conference Dial-In  All the Parties are informed about Scheduled Conference Prior to the event  By dialing Conference Dial-In code, relevant Parties can join Conference with ease Logistics & Transportation GSM/3G/ 15/21 People can be included in a single Dial-in Conference Reception Local LAN Factory Workers Internet ETERNITY IP-PBX Sr. Manager-Production Sr. Manager-Sales Field Sales Person PSTN (Mobile SIP Client) Technical Support Team
    49. 49. Department Call  Maximum 16 Department Groups can be Formed  Each Department Group can have 32 Stations  Incoming Calls can be Routed to a Departmental Group  Any Member of the Group can Answer the Call  Station Log-in and Log-out Facility  Log-in and Log-out Details can be Printed  Such 250 Entries can be Printed
    50. 50. Memory Dialing  Frequently Called Numbers can be Stored in Memory along with Name  User can dial any of these Numbers with Access code and then Index Number  DKP User can Dial-by-Name ; No need to remember Memory Index  Saves Time and Organized Way of Working
    51. 51. Priority – An Illustration  Allows Certain Calls to have Higher Priority of Access over Others PSTN/GSM /Internet Sr. Manager Call 2 With Normal Priority Call 3 With Highest Priority Internet Local LAN ETERNITY IP-PBX Call 1 With Normal Priority Customer Care Department Remote Office Sr. Manager’s Call gets through Technical Support-Head Office
    52. 52. Cost Reduction
    53. 53. Cost Reduction  Authority Codes  Call Budget on Extensions  Call Budget on Trunk  Call Duration Control  Common Platform  CUG over GSM  VoIP
    54. 54. Authority Codes  Password Protected Code – Associated COS, Toll Control and Call Budget  Can be assigned to Extension Users  SMDR Report can be printed using Authority Code as Filter
    55. 55. Dial Walk-in by Dial Walk-in by Authority code: 1112 Authority code: 1112 Then A. Code: 201 Then A. Code: 201 then A. Password: then A. Password: 1212 1212 An Illustration PSTN (For local calling) Shared by all Shared by all three users three users ETERNITY IP-PBX 201 Dial Walk-inCode: 201 DialAuthority by Walk-in by Authority code: 1112 A. code: 1112 AuthorityPassword: 1212 Then A. Code: 301 Then COS: Local 301 A. Code: CallPassword: then A. Password: then A. Budget: 200 2345 2345 Dial Walk-in by Dial Walk-in by Authority Authority code: 1112 Code: 301 Authority code: A. Password: 2345 1112 Then A. Code: 401 Local, STD Then A. Code: COS: 401 then A. Password: Budget: 500 then A. Password: Call 4567 4567 PRI/VoIP for STD and ISDN Calling Authority Code: 401 A. Password: 4567 COS: Local, STD, ISD Call Budget: 700
    56. 56. Call Budget on Extensions  Set Call Budget Limit per User  The Station is Locked – Once Call Budget Value is Exceeded  Call Cost Display on DKP – Budget Allocated/Consumed
    57. 57. An Illustration 501 Premier Suite 301 Economy Suite 101 Guest Room ETERNITY IP-PBX Hotel XYZ International Calls Long Distance Calls Local Calls Long Distance Calls Local Calls Local Calls Premier Suite Economy Suite Guest Room Class of Service Allocated Call Budget $100 $0 $50 $0 $25 $0 Locks Dialing Facility when allocated budget exhausted
    58. 58. Call Budget on Trunk  Different Service Providers offer Different Schemes  Define Call Budget with Specific Amount and Minutes  Applicable to CO, ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G and VoIP  Lock Trunk Once Budget gets Exhausted  Amount/Minutes assigned on Trunk can be Changed to a Specified Value, Manually or Automatically on Specified Date of Every Month.
    59. 59. Call Duration Control  Calls can be Disconnected after a Pre-defined Time Elapses  User Specific Call Duration Control with Multiple option for Each Type of Call  System gives Specific Indication before Disconnecting a Call  Effective Sharing of Telephone Resources  Controls Time Spent on Phone
    60. 60. Common Platform  ETERNITY Family – Identical Functions and Features  Universal Connectivity  Use same User Terminals  Run on Same Software Structure from PE to GE to ME  Easy to Expand and Maintain
    61. 61. CUG over GSM/3G  CUG SIMs can be Used  Accessible and Shared by all the PBX Users  CUG calls can be routed through CUG SIMs  Mobile Extension  Use System Resources of EPABX System  Substantial Saving on Telecom Cost
    62. 62. An Illustration +91 9999900001 +91 9999900005 Incoming Number: +91 9999900005 +91 9999900002 GSM/3G Card GSM /3G +91 9999900003 Incoming Number: +91 9999900005 ETERNITY IP-PBX DKP 1 IP Phone 1 DKP 2 IP Phone 2 SLT PC Soft Phone CUG over GSM/3G Network
    63. 63. VoIP Clients  World Wide Portability  Remote User Connected to Internet will be Part of an Organization PBX  Remote user can use PBX Resources (Make Calls through PBX Trunks)  Very Useful for Inter-branch Communication and Field Staff  Huge Saving on Telecom Cost
    64. 64. Built-in Functions
    65. 65. Built-in Function  Auto-Attendant  Conference Channels  Multiple Multi-Party Conference  CDR with Call Cost Calculations  SMDR Report  CLI – Caller Line Identification  Least Cost Routing  Logical Partitioning  Multiple Gateways
    66. 66. Auto-Attendant  Handles 5 Callers at a Time  Call Status Information  Supports Dial-by-Name
    67. 67. An Illustration 1 Call to Joseph 2 PSTN Caller Welcome to Matrix Telecom ! Dial Extension Number 7-Dial by Name 8-Leave a Message 5-Listen Promotional Scheme 9-Go to Operator 0 # End The Person you wish to talk is not available. Please dial 1 to retry 9 to go to operator 0 to go to initial node # to disconnect Welcome Greetings 1 3 Calling Activity: Dialed Extension Number: 501 Dial by Name: Joseph, Dial 567 4 Call Established 8 5 9 7 Operator ETERNITY IP-PBX 6 Joseph 501 Smith 502 No Answer User Busy Sara 503
    68. 68. Conference Channels  Maximum 6 Participants with ETERNITY PE3S  Maximum 15 Participants with ETERNITY PE6SP and ETERNITY GE  Maximum 21 Participants with ETERNITY ME  DSP based Solution: Crystal Clear Voice  External and Internal Parties in a Single Conference  Multiple Conference Group Simultaneously  Conference Dial-in
    69. 69. An Illustration Logistics & Transportation 00 GSM /3G Reception Local LAN Factory Workers Internet ETERNITY IP-PBX Sr. Manager-Production PSTN Field Sales Person (Mobile SIP Client) Sr. Manager-Sales Technical Support Team
    70. 70. CDR with Cost Calculations  Call Detail Record of Outgoing, Incoming and Internal Calls  Buffer Capacity: 6000 Outgoing, 5000 Incoming and 1000 Internal Calls  Structured Call Charges – based on the Outgoing Trunk used for Dialing  Options of Fixed, Unit wise and Percentage wise Service Charge  Charges on Special days can be defined  Call Rates can also be defined based on the Time-Zone
    71. 71. Sample SMDR Report
    72. 72. CLI – Caller Line Identification  Supports CLI on Analog, Digital, GSM and VoIP Trunks  Supports DTMF and FSK Analog CLI  Displays CLI on SLT and DKP  Time and Date Display on FSK CLI  CLIR for Internal Calls
    73. 73. Least Cost Routing  Automatically Selects the Most Economical Route for Each Outgoing Trunk Call  Comprehensive LCR  3 Types:  Time based  Number based  Combination of Time and Number based  Call made Outside the Organization are always at Least Possible Cost
    74. 74. Logical Partitioning  Calls from VoIP to PSTN and Other Networks are Not Allowed  Calls from VoIP and other Trunk Ports Like CO, PRI, BRI, E&M and GSM can be Restricted
    75. 75. An Illustration Magneto GSM CO ISDN - BRI PSTN ISDN - PRI Internet VoIP E&M VSAT
    76. 76. Multiple Gateways  ETERNITY VoIP card as a Client can connect through different Gateways  Possible to use same card for SIP calling as well as Peer-to-Peer  As many 5 Gateways can be Assigned
    77. 77. An Illustration Service Provider SIP Proxy Service Provider ETERNITY as Client Branch Office
    78. 78. Integration
    79. 79. Integration  Digital Input Port  Digital Out Port  Door-Phone Card (ETERNITY PE)  External Music Port (AIP)  Paging Port (AOP)  VMS Card  VoIP Card
    80. 80. Digital Input Port  External Devices Like Alarm Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Glass Breaking Detector can be Connected to the Digital Input Port  Built-in with ETERNITY GE/ME  Optional Interface with ETERNITY PE Sensors
    81. 81. Digital Output Port  Useful for Various Control Applications  External Devices Like Door Lock, Relay can be Connected at Digital Output Port  3 Digital Output Ports  Supports DISA Operation  Built-in with ETERNITY GE/ME  3 DOP as an Optional Interfaces with ETERNITY PE Door Lock
    82. 82. AIP and AOP  External Music Source can be connected to Analog Input Port of ETERNITY  Public Address System can be connected to Analog Output Port of ETERNITY to make an announcements
    83. 83. Voice Mail System  In-skin Card for Voicemail  Handles 16 Calls Simultaneously  Dedicated Mail Box per Extension  Default 72 Hours of Recording with 4GB Flash Memory  Up to 576 Hours of Recording Time with External 32GB Flash Memory  Easy Transfer of Messages to Computer  Voice Mail Notification  Email Notification of Voice Mail
    84. 84. VoIP Connectivity  SIP based VoIP Card  Up to 32 SIP Trunks  Up to 999 IP User Registration  ETERNITY PE : 8/16 Simultaneous Calls per Card  ETERNITY GE/ME : 16/32 Simultaneous Calls per Card  Up to 32 SIP Accounts  Supports Peer-to-Peer Calls (Inter-Branch Office Communication)  999 Peer-to-Peer Table Entries  Multiple Gateways
    85. 85. Flexibility
    86. 86. Flexibility  Configuration (Phone/Key Phone/IP Phone/Mobile/Internet)  DKP Customize Settings  Customize for Ringer Tunes, Speech Levels, LCD backlit Contrast and Brightness Control etc.  Flexible Clock Synchronization  Port Personalities  Software Upgradation  Universal Slots
    87. 87. Installation  Easy to Install  Option of Rack Mount, Wall Mount and Table Top  Industry Standard RJ45 Connectors  Integrated Installation Wizard
    88. 88. Localization  Can be configured to meet the telecom standard where it is installed  Built-in Web Server Functionality with language support of like English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Italian  Configured for:  Time Zones  Day Light Saving  Date-Time Format  ISDN Variants  CLIP Variants  Impedance
    89. 89. Flexible Numbering  User can Select Numbers of his Own Choice  Option to Configure One to Six digits Number  Possible on both: SLT and DKP Phones 9 20 201 300001
    90. 90. Scalability
    91. 91. Scalability  Expansion Cards and Usage  Mixed Card  Software Compatibility  User Terminals
    92. 92. Expansion Cards and Usage  Various Network Interface Cards Available  Offers ETERNITY PE, GE and ME Series Cards  ETERNITY PE has three Variants  ETERNITY GE/ME has two Variants  Expansion card of One Variant can be used in any of the series Variant  For example ETERNITY GE Cards can be used in any of the two variants of the series
    93. 93. Mixed Card  Hybrid Port Cards for CO, SLT and DKP Interfaces  Select Precise Configuration  Saves Investment on Excess Configuration  Optimum Cost of Acquisition
    94. 94. Software Compatibility  Matrix ETERNITY uses same software structure for PE to GE to ME  Easy Up-gradation and Hassle free Maintenance  Configuration files can be copied from one to other  Same Features and Functionalities Programmed can be Availed from PE to GE to ME
    95. 95. User Terminals  Same Terminals can be used for ETERNITY PE to GE to ME  Digital Key Phones  EON48P  EON48S  EON310  DSS Console  DSS16X4  PC based Console – EONSOFT  IP Phones : SPARSH VP248SE/PE and VP248S/P  Touch Screen IP Phones: SPARSH VP330
    96. 96. Reliability
    97. 97. Reliability  Hot-Swap  Redundancy  Compact and Sturdy  Technology
    98. 98. Hot-Swap  Replacement of Non-working card without switching off the system  Supported with ETERNITY ME  Offers easy maintenance without disconnecting other on-going calls
    99. 99. Redundancy  Offers Redundancy for all Important Blocks:  DC Power Supply Card  Master and Switch Card (CPU)  In case of failure of primary system cards the redundant card takes over smoothly  Available with ETERNITY ME10SDC  Useful in Critical Application such as Hospitals, 24x7 Call Centers, etc.
    100. 100. Compact and Sturdy  Smaller Footprint  Wall-Mountable and Rack-Mount Design  Easy to Maintain  Occupies Lesser Space  No Moving Parts leads to Higher Reliability
    101. 101. Technology  Distributed Processing Architecture  Used 32-bit ARM RISC Processor  SLIC used for FXS and DAA Module used for FXO Interfaces  Built-on Linux Platform  Best-of-breed Software Protocols Stacks for ISDN BRI, T1/E1, ISDN PRI, and VoIP SIP  1024X1024 High Density Switching Matrix
    102. 102. Convenience
    103. 103. Convenience  Call Back on Trunk  Direct Inward Dialing  Global Hold  Hot Desking  Live Call Screening  Menu Driven Interface from Key Phone  Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC)  Time Tables and Time Zones  Voice Guidance for Tones
    104. 104. Call Back on Trunk  Call Back to Missed Calls (Calls from programmed defined numbers)  Incoming Calls Lands on the Mobile Port and Disconnected by the Caller (Defined Time considered as Missed Call Timer)  System Initiate Call Back from the same Port  Incoming Caller CLI should match with the prefix or number configured in the Trusted Caller List  Establish the Call as per the Option selected viz. DID or DISA or Call routed to the Operator
    105. 105. An Illustration 09327274303 PSTN 0265 2630555 O or rat pe DID AutoAutoAttendant Attendant
    106. 106. Direct Inward Dial  Perform Task of an Operator  Built-in Auto-Attendant Greet the External Caller and Transfer it to the desired Station  User can Reach Desired Station by Simply Dialing the Station Number  This will:  Reduce Burden on Operator  Transfer Calls Faster and Reduce Time  Enhance Company’s Image  Saves Callers Telecom Bill  Very Helpful During Non Working Hours and Holidays
    107. 107. Hot Desking  Now Carry your Extension wherever you go in the Office  It is Possible to transfer features and functionalities  DKP User can Hot Desk it with DKP User  SLT User can Hot Desk it with SLT User
    108. 108. Live Call Screening  A Station can Interrupt and Speak to Caller while Leaving a Message to the VMS  Forward calls to VMS and Attend, if Important  Feature is Available on DKP
    109. 109. Live Call Supervision  Monitor Calls of a Station, from another Station without Overhearing the Conversation  The Dialed Number or CLI Information of the Monitored Station can be Viewed on the CLI Display of the Monitoring Station  Information of the Last Dialed Call can also be Displayed on Monitoring Station 99250 99250 Monitored Station
    110. 110. Presence and IM  The embedded Presence Server Maintains and Distributes Presence Information of Users Registered With the ETERNITY IP-PBX  Before an Actual Conversation Begins, Presence Determines:  User’s Willingness to Participate in a Conversation through Availability  Available, Busy, Away, Out of Office, etc.  User’s Preferred Mode of Communication (Call or Instant Messaging) Instant Messaging (IM) is a Popular Mode of Real-Time Communication Available on PC SIP Softphone Zoiper X-Lite EyeBeam
    111. 111. Return Call to Original Caller  No need to ask who has called  Called party can directly reach to the concern person without any delay  Bypass Operator and Auto-Attendant  Saves time of the caller  Boon for the big organization where Group of Trunks shared by the users  Supported on BRI, T1/E1/PRI, GSM and VoIP(SIP) Trunks
    112. 112. An Illustration 301 System Stores Calling Party’s no. with its Extension Port When the User Calls Back, Call Gets Routed to the Same Extension
    113. 113. Security
    114. 114. Security  Dynamic Lock  Emergency Numbers and Reporting  Keypad Lock  Security Alarm  Three Levels of Access
    115. 115. Dynamic Lock  Possible to change Toll Control Level automatically at set time  Possible to restrict Trunk Calls from a Station after office hours dynamically
    116. 116. Emergency Numbers and Reporting  Programmable Emergency Numbers  Can be Dialed by any User Irrespective of the Trunk Access  On Dialing an Emergency Number by the User:  Operator will be informed with Continuous Ring  Operator with DKP will have Display of the User name, Number and the Emergency Number Dialed
    117. 117. Keypad Lock  DKP User can Lock Keypad with Password Similar Available with Mobile  Avoids Unauthorized Use
    118. 118. Security Alarm  In case of Emergency, System Dials out Three Pre-defined Numbers  Plays Pre-recorded Messages and Waits for an Acknowledgement  If One of the Number is Found Busy, System Dials out Other Two Numbers One by One  Guaranteed Message Delivery and Confirmation Mechanism  System Makes Up to 255 Attempts to Deliver the Emergency Message
    119. 119. Three Levels of Access  Different Access Levels : User, SA and SE  Each User has can have their own password to Activate/Deactivate User Features  System Administrator has one Unique Password  Can set /change features for Extension Users  Can Generate Various Reports such as System Activity Log, SMDR, System Fault Log etc.  System Engineer being Highest Access has one Unique Password  Can Configure System Parameters and All Programmable Features and Facilities
    120. 120. Monitoring
    121. 121. Monitoring  Conversation Recording  Room Monitor
    122. 122. Conversation Recording  The User can Record his Conversation in his Personal Mail Box  The User can Listen Recorded Conversations Stored in the Mail Box along with other Messages  Extremely Useful Feature for Organizations that works on Verbal Commitments  Feature Available on DKP and SLT
    123. 123. Room Monitor  Listen in to the Room where Digital Key Phone installed  Without letting the People in the Room know about it  Monitor the Room even from your Mobile
    124. 124. Open Interface
    125. 125. Open Interface  Hotel-Motel Features (Hotel Module)  CAS Interface  PMS Interface  QSIG
    126. 126. Hotel/Motel Features
    127. 127. CAS Interface  Offers interface for most types of Call Accounting System Protocols available world-wide.  Easy Integration with the Third-Party Call Accounting Software  Supported 15 Widely used Posting Protocols
    128. 128. PMS Interface  Offers interface for most types of Property Management Software Protocols available world-wide  Easy Integration with the ThirdParty PMS  Four Types of PMS Interface Matrix Type 1 Micros Opera - Fidelio Matrix Type 2 Protel Micros Opera Char Infor Classic Starlight Amadeus RMS Infor Classic Starlight
    129. 129. QSIG Protocol  Allows Feature Transparency  Ideal for Networking of PBXs over ISDN  Helpful for Conditional Expansion of System Capacity
    130. 130. Q-Signaling On Display Caller Name: David Caller Number : 200 GSM Suzan- 300 On Display Calling Name: Suzan Calling Number : 300 David - 200 John - 2000 T1/E1/PRI Williams - 3000
    131. 131. Supplementary Features
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