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Various establishments like corporate, hostels, schools, hospitals often support their own canteen. Till date the entire canteen process from controlling long queues to food selection to payment is manual and subject to inaccuracies. Matrix e-Canteen management module is a completely automated solution starting from placing an order to delivery including the payment which helps overcome these issues. It allows item tracking, secure and speedy transaction; prevents wastage of food and error in accounting. It helps management to handle the users smoothly thus reducing the waiting time for the users.

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Matrix e-Canteen Management (CMM)

  1. 1. COSEC e-Canteen MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Canteen
  3. 3. Presentation Agenda Introduction e-Canteen Management Benefits Target Customers Key Features Reports
  4. 4. How Canteen Process Works? Reports Credential System Generate Verification Reports for Item Planning and Order Export to Other Credentials Used SoftwaresRecharge are Fingerprint, Smart or Choose Items Proximity Card from a GivenPrepaid and Menu Postpaid Accounts
  5. 5. What is Canteen Management? Completely Automated Canteen Process from Placing an Order to Delivery Including Payment Combination of Hardware and Software  Hardware to Order Food using User’s Credential  Software to Process the Payment for Ordered Item System Generates Various Consumption and Sales Reports User Data Sent to Payroll/Billing Software for Further Action
  6. 6. Matrix e-Canteen Define Items, Customize Menu and Menu Schedule Item Tracking to Prevent Wastage of Food Secure and Speedy Transaction Prepaid and Postpaid User Accounts Item-wise and Department-wise Report Generation e-Canteen ModuleCOSEC PE CMMCOSEC GE CMMCOSEC ME CMMCOSEC LE CMM
  7. 7. Benefits of e-Canteen Management Eliminates Human Error in Accounting and Item Orders Increases Efficiency by Reducing Time and Cost of Planning Significantly Increases User’s Satisfaction by Authenticated Data Makes the Process Speedy and Secure through Cashless Transactions Monitors and Analyzes Food Usage to Prevent Wastage Allows Admin to Focus on More Productive Tasks Allows Customization and Updating of Menu Generates Reports for Easy and Fast Interpretation of Consumption
  8. 8. Why COSEC e-Canteen? Comprehensive Solution for All Establishments like Corporates, Hostels, Hospitals etc. Completely Scalable and Flexible Cashless Transactions Customizable Menu and Menu Schedule Fingerprint and Card as Credentials for Ordering of Food Prepaid and Postpaid Accounts Refund on Unavailable Ordered Items Export Data to Existing Payroll/Billing Software Various Reports in Multiple Formats
  9. 9. Target Customers…Hospitals Corporate Offices GovernmentFactories Remote Sites Hotels
  10. 10. Target Customers…Educational Institutes Hostels Clubs And Many More.....
  11. 11. Hardware Compatibility  COSEC NGT FCX  COSEC DOOR CAP/FOP/FCP/FOW/FOT/CATCard based COSEC Door Fingerprint and Card based COSEC NGT FCX COSEC Door
  12. 12. Key Features
  13. 13. Customizable Menu Easily Define Items, Customize Menu and Menu Schedule Quick Updating and Notification of Changes in the Menu Saves Printing Cost for Changes in the Menu Define Up to 255 Items Define 9 Different Menu with 30 Items in Each Menu Define 48 Different Menu Schedule per Device
  14. 14. Cashless Transactions Prepaid or Postpaid Account Reduces Human Error in Accounting Direct Deduction from Payroll Addition to Billing Simple Recharge
  15. 15. Auto-Selected Item First Item in Each Menu as Default Item Saves Time as Browsing Menu Not Required Increased Efficiency with Smaller Queues Useful for Canteens Serving Fixed Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Most Selling Item can be Set as Default Item
  16. 16. Food Planning Tracks Item-wise Consumption of Food Provides Concrete and Consistent Data for Planning Reduces Wastage of Food Helps Increase Productivity by Proper Planning
  17. 17. Postpaid Account Use of Biometric Fingerprint, Smart or Proximity Card Option to Define Maximum Credit Permitted per User per Month Option to Define a Blocking Limit Greater or Equal to Permitted Limit No Need of Managing Cash at All Times Choice of having the Bill Deducted Directly from Salary
  18. 18. Prepaid Account Smart Card to Store Balance Information Simple Recharge Option Recharge as and When Needed No Need to Keep Cash at All Times Maximum Recharge Allowed at a Time is Defined
  19. 19. Blocked Users Monitors Postpaid Users Helps Avoid Treacherous Users Blocks User if Amount Due Exceeds a Fixed Set Up Limit Two Ways to Reinstate a Blocked User  Pay Full or Part of the Due Amount  Increase the Usage Limit
  20. 20. Export to Payroll/Billing User Need not Worry About Paying their Dues Separately Exports Data to Third Party’s Software in Various Formats like CSV, XML, Text and Excel Helps Save a Lot of Time for Corporates and Other Institutes
  21. 21. Integration with Printer Directly Prints Receipt for Ordered Food Printer Can be Connected Using  USB Port  LAN  RS-232
  22. 22. User’s Options using ESS Users can Check Prepaid and Postpaid Account Balance in Real-time using the COSEC ESS Helps Decide the Menu Order in Advance by Gaging the Menu and Menu Schedule Helps in Monitoring the Expenditure .
  23. 23. Reports
  24. 24. COSEC Reports and Charts Wide Range of Reports for Diverse Needs of the Canteen Management Item-wise and Department-wise Reports Month, Day and Defined Dates Range Reports Consumption Reports Option to Print and Export Report
  25. 25. Report Generation ZoomPrint Export Search Page Select Page Select File Formats
  26. 26. Report File Formats Export Report in Various File Formats PDF XML Rich Text Format MS Excel MS Excel (Data Only) Crystal Report (RPT) MS-Word MS-Word Editable
  27. 27. COSEC e-Canteen Reports e-Canteen Reports  Item-wise Consumption  Department-wise Consumption  Head Count  Sales  User Consumption  Credit Due  Blocked Users  User Account Details
  28. 28. Report Item-wise Consumption
  29. 29. Thank You
  30. 30. For Further Information Please Contact:Email ID: Security@MatrixComSec.comTel: +91 265 2630555Visit us at www.MatrixComSec.comVersion: V1R1 Copyright © Matrix Comsec 2010-2011