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Marketing to GenY Moms


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  • 1. How to Click withMillennial Moms social and mobile digital strategies @sidneyeve image: tienvijftien
  • 2. the new demographics of motherhood 68% 79% all births first birthsGenY image: Susan NYC
  • 3. Millennialsborn after 1980 image: lenifuzhead
  • 4. primacydigital GenY web first. image:TL Davis Photography
  • 5. momsconnectedthe most active social networkers influencers Source: Retail Advertising and Marketing Association/BIGresearch Survey 2009 image: liquene
  • 6. what do millennials and moms do on ? part one.
  • 7. castinglife research, review, share. image: bellissimac 1.
  • 8. sharingimageprivacy concerns Source: ShesConnected Multimedia Survey 2009 image: hands trends 2.
  • 9. gamingsocial average player is 30-something female 3.
  • 10. in-game cause marketing raised$1M1week
  • 11. 4.statversations conversations via status updates
  • 12. $70K24hours2009 #beatcancer statversations
  • 13. FacebookOpenGraph
  • 14. convenience
  • 15. image: brittney bush
  • 16. GenY traits relevant to marketers targeting millennial moms image: EdYourdon part two.
  • 17. raise satisfaction index make the ask GenYare avid communicators, with opinions to share. image:Alireza Teimoury
  • 18. the questions hire interns and bloggers. pay them. promote them. outsource marketing to millennial moms? hire your target demo. image: Chapendra
  • 19. surveys & polls. social by design. iPad ready.
  • 20. engagement1click GenX more apt to write reviews & comments vs. GenY who like to "like" (microengagment) Source: The Parenting Group & NewMediaMetrics Survey 2008 image:^^TILSIM^^
  • 21. mindedcausesocially consciousGenY image alexindigo
  • 22. 95% 94% moms millennials approve. Source: Cone Cause Evolution Study 2010 image: justingaynor of using social network platforms for social good
  • 23. speaks loudest to Millennials and Moms “ “cause marketing image: FotoRita
  • 24. social good footprint a form of self-expression image: Jason A. Samfield
  • 25. identity beyond mummyhood ambitious + educated + future-focused + mompreneurial image: greekadman social media for social good meets women's expectations for content reflecting their
  • 26. a site that really "gets it" value-added content for millennial moms incl. beyond mummyhood mini case study
  • 27. mobile techGenY♥ image: Evil Erin
  • 28. Source: BabyCenterLLC Survey 2009 348% 2006-2009 mobile moms image: jaygrandin
  • 29. is your sitemobile optimized? image: owaief89
  • 30. short code texting promo image: Phil Strahl mini case study 24% redemption rate
  • 31. best part? everybody wins image: prize pyramid from coupons to free stuff GenYlikes to be recognized& rewarded
  • 32. MomsiPhone smartphones36% Source: BabyCenter 21stC Mom Report Image: lankforddi
  • 33. value-addedbranded app for busy women on-the-go
  • 34. moms need budget calculators could your business sponsor a white label app?
  • 35. white label app ideas lists!moms need
  • 36. time trackers white label app ideas moms need
  • 37. generationgamer GenY Image: Steve Kay
  • 38. Source: Entertainment Software Association Survey 2010 of parents are gamers & play with their kids50% Image: sean dreilinger
  • 39. 40%iPhone moms download games for their children Image: Paul Mayne
  • 40. branded game from Parents Magazine
  • 41. iPad as digital pacifier microboredom, mobility & the iGeneration image: Holtsman
  • 42. multitaskers multichannel GenY image: foreverdigital
  • 43. simultaneous media users #1 Source: Nielsen Media 3-Screen Report 2010 women 25-35 years
  • 44. addedvalue microcontent fast loading, easily findable, mobile optimized, & 1-click shareable purpose built for moms with micromoments to spare image: Pixzamillion
  • 45. mobile ready.
  • 46. infographics mobile, agile, shareable
  • 47. agilitymobile quick response codes image: clevercupcakes
  • 48. what to code? URLs phone #s SMS where to put? biz card FB page invoice free QR code generator free QR code reader app
  • 49. to scan a QR code,use BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 "scan a group barcode" or try the i-nigma app forAndroid/iPhone for more information on marketing to GenY moms scan this QR code to read this ePaper
  • 50. about the author Sidneyeve Matrix Queen’s National Scholar, Media Queen’s University, Canada twitter: @sidneyeve Contents of this presentation, including images, have Creative CommonsAttribution----Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Licenses. (cc) 2010/sidneyevematrix Research prepared for: image: Jason L. Parks