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  • 1. matrix business academy Welcome to the Matrix Business Academy…when you absolutely positively need results
  • 2. Welcome to the MatrixBusiness AcademyAre you ready for Success?Are you ready to drive your business forwardand leave your competitors at the starting line?Are you ready to grow profits beyond yourexpectations?If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.The Matrix Business Academy is the leader in bringing businesses into the twentyfirst century, whilst using unique tried and tested methods to guarantee unrivalledsuccess and profits as small businesses develop into successful big brands.By becoming a member of our academy you will receive the secrets to secure yoursuccessful future, we will guide you every step of the way, and make sure you neverworry about your competition. Just as we are leaders in our field, we are ready tomake sure you will be too!Our Fantastic Foundations that will push Your Business Forward!The Matrix Business Academy was founded by a team of extraordinaryentrepreneurs and consultants. All exceptionally successful in their chosen fieldsthey came together to share their wisdom, know-how and business strategies withthe Academy’s members, ensuring every business involved in the Academy hasaccess to each tool required to take their company to the next level and beyond.We have names you will recognise, and entrepreneurs that are household names,guaranteeing you will feel trust and anticipation as their advice and assistance takesyour business to a new level.Originating in the UK the Academy is now global, providing modern training andtools for a multitude of industries which are proven to work in any country anywherein the world.We pledge to deliver to you as a member:• Excellence in business training ensuring you receive your desired results FAST• One to one assistance from a range of Industry experts, some household namesand famous entrepreneurs• A completely modern training program with advanced materials and resources,ensuring your business is always one step ahead.
  • 3. Our Founders are proud to welcome you to the Academy and are eager and excited about makingyour business an unrivalled success; our founders would like to welcome you personally, and willplay an integral role in driving your business forward whilst leaving your competitors trailing behind.Meet Wayne Morris, Graduating from University with a BA (Hons) in BusinessDecision Analysis his first assignment was to facilitate the American railway company AmtrakNational Railroad Passenger Corporation to roll out a fresh approach for managing and budgeting,he lead the senior management on a journey of their own discovery of the Harvard UniversityBalanced Scorecard, a model which was successfully presented at board level to help theorganisation work towards self-sufficiency by 2003, having been awarded $5.2 billion by congress.Wayne has successfully re-engineered and re-launched 6 failing UK based businesses, reducinghis client’s bad debts by up to 75% and seriously increasing turnover in partnership with owners andexecutives. He has developed his ability to rapidly assist small and medium sized business ownersproducing astounding results for owners and investors.Wayne’s pragmatic approach to business led him to add coaching to his successful managementconsulting skills. He founded one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses coaching firms and workingalongside accountants and national banks; he has trained and coached numerous UK basedbusinesses implementing strategies and tactics to double profits, with an average of 68% growth inproceeds across all of the companies he has worked with. He has led numerous small businesses tosuccess, with one client achieving 500% return on invested capital and another client achieving £2.4million pounds in revenues, per annum, after just 24 months.Meet Paul Weller, having over 20 years accounting experience he built a thrivingaccountancy practice from scratch into a leading accountacny and tax organisation.Paul is now considered one of the UK’s formidable Tax Specialists, working with leading UK TaxBarristers and Planners to develop exciting tax and profit extraction strategies.Paul’s main focus is building relationships with organisations who can offer Matrix members leadingedge strategies.Both Wayne and Paul will be extremely proactive within the Academy, hostingwebinars and seminars alongside their team to ensure members receive the very best level ofservice the Academy can provide.
  • 4. The Launch Special OfferUnique Discounted Membership FeesThe Standard base fee for the Academy Membership is £197 per calendar month, thisgives you complete access to the Academy and the tools, programmes and resources.Members also get access to the £10,000 3 Step Profit Challenge. However, we have an outstanding launch offer, if introduced to the academy throughone of our preferred partners, for just £1 – yes ONE POUND – you will receive the firstmonth’s membership. We’re so confident that you’ll be astounding by the results we create that we areoffering this as a limited time offer, and subsequent months will be charged at LESSTHAN HALF PRICE. For £97 per month after your £1 initial membership, you will be a fully accreditedmember of the Matrix Business Academy enjoying access to all the features, tools andresources it contains whilst growing your profits beyond your expectations. There are NO hidden costs, NO extended memberships, you can cancel yourmembership at any time and it won’t cost you a penny. Once you are a member of the Matrix Business Academy will allow you privilegedaccess to our:£10,000 3 Step Profit ChallengeThe 10K 3 Step Profit Challenge is a challenge we give to you as our member toquickly find £10,000 in additional profits and demonstrate how powerful the Academymaterials are. The Challenge is spread over 60 days and in that period you will receive our 10Training videos, which gives you every tool you need as follows:• Mini Video #1: Elevator Pitch Template• Mini Video #2: Elevator Pitch Library• Mini Video #3: Business Card Template• Mini Video #4: Competition-Crushing Marketing• Mini Video #5: Creating Your Own Marketing• Mini Video #6: Create A Revenue Generating Website• Mini Video #7: Write A Sales Letter That Actually Sells• Mini Video #8: How To Generate UNLIMITED Leads For FREE• Mini Video #9: How To Instantly DOUBLE Your Business’ Profits• Mini Video #10: The Little Known Secret To Assuring The Future Success Of Your Business cover
  • 5. What to Expect from the AcademyIt’s no coincidence that MBA also stands for Matrix Business Academy, however whilst anMBA might normally only be achievable by a select few, the Academy is undoubtedly not.The Academy offers a global revolution in online learning, fusing together corporate andbusiness training, coaching, mentoring and the equivalent of a scholastic MBA to deliver acomprehensive business development programme to you.Speakers and resource material contributors include business and marketing icons such as:• Jay Abraham• Michael Gerber• Rich Schefren• Robert Kiyosaki• Donald Trump• Mike Filsaime• Armand Morin• Paul Hartunian• Joel Bauer• John Childers• Ali Brown (E-zine Queen)• Paul Blackburn• Bill Gates• Jack Welch• Wayne Morris• and many others.The nucleus of the Academy is the nine-part business development programme, and oncelaunched the Academy will start with Marketing and Sales:
  • 6. The nucleus of the Academy is the nine-partbusiness development programme which beginswith: Marketing and SalesWhen registering as a MeMber as part of our Marketing and salespackage you Will receiVe:1) Over 30 hours of high-end un-cut and uncensored video footage from the mostinfluential marketing boffins on the planet! Videos Include; The 7 Figure Internet Code,How to Get £1,000,000.00 of FREE Publicity, 101 Low Cost No Cost Lead GenerationTechniques, Killer Copywriting and Persuasive Marketing Tools, How to get Publishedand Virtually Guarantee a Best Seller, Selling from the Platform, Effortless Wealth, Howto Smash through Mental Roadblocks to Success, and much more.2) Highly-Advanced search engine optimisation strategies for small business ownerswhich are broken down into bite size training videos. You will discover how to createcontent the search engines love, Frequent SEO Mistakes, How to Get Your WebsiteIndexed Fast, plus MANY MORE key SEO topics!3) Ultra-Detailed training videos which will expose why your business must have an onlinepresence and will guide you through the process of developing or strengthening one. Keytopics include: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Social Networking and Social Bookmarking.4) Shockingly detailed and broken-down sales and marketing strategies which willguarantee an astounding growth in your ability to close a sale. This includes step-by-step instructional videos giving an excellent understanding of the fundamentals ofinternet marketing for business.5) An 8-part in-depth training series where you will discover the concepts andstrategies which are the core of any responsive email marketing campaign. This seriesfocuses on how to make sure your emails are read and how to encourage readers totake immediate action.6) The 8 Styles of marketing for maximum results includes Guerrilla marketing,Educational/expert marketing, Relationship and referral marketing, Online marketing,Direct marketing, Channel marketing, Sales force marketing and Advertising.7) Securing free publicity is one of the best returns for your business development.8) Speeches, seminars, panels and roundtables, how to secure invites, conducting andusing a powerful client attraction tactic.9) Developing and running a research programme the Trojan horse of getting in front ofthe right prospects.10) Developing a tactical marketing plan and implementing a sales system to monitor,track and convert more prospects to clients than ever before. Follow up strategies toconvert prospects to clientsas you become a memberand grow accustomedto the academy thefollowing will bemade availableat no extra cost
  • 7. Business Ethics and Responsibilitiesthis section includes:1) Social responsibility of a business, and how businesses can make a difference2) Carbon credit and eco-friendly practices for ensuring compliance3) Relativism and how ethics are relative to personal, social and cultural circumstancesAccounting 5) how to write a business plan which attracts investment, this mini course coversAs a member you will have access to our everything from start to finish ensuring youunique modern accounting techniques deliver an outstanding business planensuring that you have the right numbers to 6) how to increase your revenue instantlydrive your business forwards including: is the complete formula for success unveiled, dissected and demystified1) the fundamental concepts ofaccounting including The Entity, Cash 7) How to develop a rock solid profitand Accrual Accounting, Objectivity, model as revenues alone are not enough forConservatism, Going Concern, Consistency, a viable business, let alone a successful one.Materiality You will discover how to quickly identify the fastest way to further profits and cash flow2) the role of an accountant and the top9 attributes to measure an accountant by, 8) Over 140 tactics for increasingthis mini-course created by accountants turnover including Increasing Transactions,unveils some of the most shocking and costly Conversions, Price per Unit, Units peraccounting mistakes made by auditors, how Transactions, Reducing Returns and Badto spot them and how to avoid them Debts, Solving your Cash Gap Problems3) The one simple formula you must know 9) Over 70 tactics for increasing profitand understand for success margins including Gross Profit Margin, Decreasing Fixed Costs, Increasing Pre-tax4) Cash flow forecasting and modelling Margins, Reducing Tax Liabilitiesfor success 10) applying tax Mitigation strategies to dramatically reduce your tax and increase profits. Tax is a controllable business cost!
  • 8. Organisational Development,Behaviour and Culturethis diVision includes:1) problem solving models, A 3 Step technique for swiftly solvingorganisational problems, understanding and defining the problem.Analysis and developing an Action Plan2) psychology session, understanding and applying the APCFBModel, Preconception and Behaviour Coaching for change and results3) how to engage, motivate and mobilise a team. includes thisincredibly powerful programme helps you get to grips with your team,including Know Your Employees. Develop Messages that Engageand Mobilise, Earning the Right to Lead, Setting Clear Expectationsand Giving Great Feedback, Telling Stories that Engage, Inspire,and Teach, Customise Leadership to the Individual, Recognise andAcknowledge, Develop Employees for the Future and Getting AdviceOn How To Be Better and How to Develop Team Building Systemsand Synergy in Meetings.4) unleashing the leadership within which includes, Cultivating theRight Attitude, Simple and Powerful Communication, StrengtheningYour Power Base, Successfully Influence Others, Moving ThingsForward, Fostering Collaboration, Giving Something Back5) operations and procedures, shows how this how-to mini courseprovides a complete guide to developing and documenting proceduresto help you improve your business performance and introducesystemisation for consistency and quality of service6) time Management, this exceptional area will help you reclaimvaluable time and cut weekly labour hours whilst increasingperformance
  • 9. Quantitative Analysisas Well as all of the aboVe, We also offer our MeMberscoMprehensiVe quantitatiVe analysis Which includes:1) decision tree analysis, understanding one of the best frameworks forbreaking down complex problems into manageable parts, this exceptional wayof analysing problems gives a clear can concise answers, every businessperson should absorb this technique!2) Cash flow analysis is an exceptional indicator of a business success orfailure by its flow of cash with its investments, which alludes many businessowners, in this classic mini-series you will discover not only how this works buthow to apply it in your own decision making processes3) net present Value (npV) arms you with the ability to value projects andinvestments in today’s money; NPV literally allows the comparison of projectsregardless of timing.4) probability theory, whilst many business owners and entrepreneurs shyaway from statistics we embrace them and sanitise any rumour. Academymembers can utilise this area to excel past the majority of business people5) regression analysis and forecasting discover some of the best modelsfor establishing relationships and forecasting in business. Relate Sales toPrice, Promotions and Market Factors; Stock Prices to Earnings and InterestRates; and Production Costs to Production Volumes. You will also learn howto solve “what...if?” questions with in your business setting them leaps andbounds above the competition.Financeat the centre of any business is the Money, and this sectionWill deliVer you:1) Business structures and the nature of the firm, from choosing the rightstructure to investing in other firms.2) risk assessment, including The Efficient Frontier, The Efficient MarketHypothesis, Investment Types and Valuation Methods, The Stock Market, TheOptions Market,3) financial management, such as Business Investment Decisions,Financing Decisions,4) Mergers and acquisitions, one of the most exciting areas of business finance,including Type of Acquisitions, The Valuation Process and Making a Bid
  • 10. Operational Managementoperational ManageMent is key to a successful business, hereat the Matrix business acadeMy We Will teach you:1) the history of operations research, is a little known and undervalued area ofbusiness which, once understood, you will realise the massive potential you haveat your disposal.2) the problem solving framework, you will uncover the top five issues that arisewhen striving to produce a product or service, Capacity, Scheduling, Inventory,Standards and Control and how to deal with them.3) flow diagrams, this area covers mapping out processes to find bottlenecks,inefficiency and communication complications within a business.4) linear programming (lp) provides the way of dealing with capacityconstraints, this one technique can save you a fortune and help maximiseproduction and profits5) grant charts, this form of scheduling an entire production process or projectcan be planned, critical tasks and bottlenecks can be identified.6) critical path analysis (cpa), thanks to the 1950’s CPA was born, this methodof scheduling projects, job is exceptional, and every business owner needs toacquire this vital tool.7) queuing theory gives the answer to those of you whose customers or clientshave to endure queuing in order to deal with them. Ever been stuck in a line in ashop or bank? Trapped on hold while trying to order over the phone? Think abouthow it makes people feel. Then do something about it!8) inventories. What is the optimal inventory level? This balancing act is examinedand explained so you can establish exceptional inventory management.9) economic order quantities (eoq) is the one formula needed to help you as abusiness owner find just the right quantity of inventory to order to keep parts, rawmaterials, or shelf items to a minimum.10) Materials requirement planning, planning for the necessities of materialscuts overheads and reduces wasted cash11) information technology from day to day software through to CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) systems, you will have it all at your fingertips,this area helps you maximise your IT efficiently and effectively for businesssuccess
  • 11. EconomicseconoMic play a huge part in driVing your businessforWard and We at the acadeMy Will deliVer training in:1) supply and demand, The stable mate classic of economics2) Microeconomics, Academy Members will learn Opportunity Cost,Marginal Revenue and Cost, Marginal Utility, Price Elasticity and MarketStructures3) Macroeconomics, Members learn Keynesian and Monetarist Theory,Gross National Product Accounting and International EconomicsStrategystrategy is an essential part of keeping your businessahead of your coMpetitors at all tiMes, our trainingcourse includes:1) the seven s Model, This mini-series reveals how to use The Seven SModel for developing and implementing a strategy2) the one page strategic plan, you will leap ahead of your competition asyou realise how this one tool can radically help implement a strategic plan3) the value chain, the value of the businesses memberships and how itadds value to your products4) integrations and expansion strategies to help you to identify where ayour business performs in the value chain, Levels of Strategy, Expansion5) industry analysis, this area covers the five forces that drive competition,Threat of Substitutes, Threat of New Entrants, Bargaining Power ofSuppliers, Bargaining Power of Buyers and Intensity of Rivalry amongCompetitors6) competitive strategies, Signalling, Portfolio Strategies, Globalisation,Synergy, Instrumentalism
  • 12. The Academy has a comprehensive programme of business trainingand development, combining the Academic elements of businesslearning with the dynamics of business coaching and mentoringbringing together materials from global experts to help businessowners, senior managers and entrepreneurs to excel – that’s YOU!One of the strongest foundations of the Academy is marketing and sales, youwill receive our 52 Weekly E-classes delivered each week to only the wise andprofitable! Our system brings you a complete E-Lesson each and every week toaccurately swipe and start deploying for immediate effect within your business;this includes many success stories that are sent by email to us regularly. We alsohave some special not to be missed line ups as well. You can expect a weeklycutting-edge Academy e-Learning system to provide you and your business witheducation, resources, tools and templates to get and stay on top while CRUSHINGthe competition online and offline!Additional Academy Min-Courses includeproduct creation for small business owners: Constant innovation and productcreation is the crux of any entrepreneur. We show you how to create your ownonline information product as well as how to outsource the job to qualifiedfreelancers. Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or can barely open a web browser,you’ll find excellent value in our website development training series.beginner topics include: Finding a Domain Name, Web Hosting Concepts whilstadvanced topics include: How to Create a Membership Site from Scratch andHow to Create a Forum. A behind-the-scenes look at how to generate a viral Effect for your onlinebusiness! We introduce you to the concept of viral marketing and then show youhow to create your own viral marketing campaign.
  • 13. ResourcesOur resources include over 40 documents and assets whichare critical to the success of any virtual or tangible business.Some topics contain: Generating Online Traffic, Creating aPress Release, Building a Joint Venture Army, Social Media,Website Creation, Google Ad words, Product Launches, plusMUCH MORE! 100’s of supporting workbooks, presentations tools andguides to help you fully grasp and implement the Academymaterials for supreme results and victory. As well as all this there is also an ever growing resourcereservoir of template documents and software for you asbusiness owners to start using and implementing to help youachieve healthier results.Certification:Our Acronym does not spell MBA for nothing. By learningthrough the Matrix Business Academy you will learn as muchas, if not MORE than you would studying for an MBA. Youcan pick and choose which areas would suit your businessbest, and you can tailor make courses to suit you. Adaptedto fit around any busy schedule, our courses result inrecognised accreditation and certification from the MatrixBusiness Academy.You have the option to be certified in each area of theAcademy.As a Master Class member, your ultimate endorsement willbe obtained centred upon hours of study and an examination/test.
  • 14. matrix business academywhen you absolutely positively need results