Paper design final


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Paper design for the game traps and goods. Made by Jan Jaap van

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Paper design final

  1. 1. Paper DesignEvent: Start appDesign: Make app iconClient: Make it startServer: -Remarks: -Event: LoginDesign: Maybe design buttons, choose fontClient: Fill in text, make text fields and add buttons, checkbox. Button login should refer to event ‘main screen’ with server approval. Create account should refer to event ‘create account’.Server: Verify profile name and give a go for event ‘main screen’Remarks: Buttons have a black upper right corner, TF or TB means textfieldEvent: Create accountDesign: -Client: Fill in text, make text fields and add buttons. Sign up should refer to event ‘main screen’.Server: Make a new profile with the data from the textfields and automatically loginRemarks: Maybe there should be a screen between where, with message: account successfully made etc.Event: Main screenDesign: Design nice marks for on the map, both marks in the map or out of the map which shows at the border. Also design the bottom menu. Design a small pop-up window.Client: Button stats should refer to event ‘stats’, button place should refer to event ‘place trap’, sign out to login screen, logged out. When clicked on a good a small pop-up window should appear. Place the right location dots.Server: Sync GPS coordinates, give pop-up data, give menu dataRemarks: The pop-up window shows the distance to the goods and what it’s worth.
  2. 2. Event: At the goodsDesign: Design a pop-up window with button to pick up the goods.Client: Implement the pickup button and window. This window should disappear when you are not close enough. The button place trap should be greyed out. Can’t place a trap on goods.Server: Give the goods value and add this value to the account’s credits when the button pick up is pressed.Event: Place trapDesign: Make a nice trap iconClient: When pressed yes place the trap with data send to server. When pressed no continue to event ‘main screen’.Server: Place a trap with coordinates when the button yes is pressed. Minus 30 credits.Remarks: -Event: StatsDesign: Make the list look niceClient: Get the data from server and show it. Button close refers to event ‘main screen’.Server: Track the number of credits by goods gathered Track the number of traps set Track the number of trapped players Track the rank of the player Show the top five players with current credit valuesRemarks: Stats show the following: Goods credits gathered Traps set by the player Players trapped by using the traps close Rank of the player Top five players
  3. 3. Event: Info screenDesign: Make the info look nice and clearClient: Show the new window with predefined text. Make the close button work and go to event ‘main screen’Server: Sit back and relaxRemarks: There should be some general text with explanation of the rules. At this moment we won’t make specific help texts for specific scenario’s.Event: Trapped a player or being trappedDesign: Design two nice icons, the user trapped a player or the user is being trapped.Client: Show the right message at the right moment. Give the right values to the server, 60 credits from one account to the other.Server: Process these credits transfer and delete the trap.Event: Error screenDesign: Make an icon for no GPS signal and an icon for no connection to server established.Client: Track if there is a GPS signal or server connection established. Show the right error screen GPS or Server at the right moment. Button go back should refer to event ‘login’.Server: Nothing, correct me if I am wrong.Remarks: For know two errors, no connection to server and no connection with GPS satellites. Additional remarks:Some value information. Goods are worth 10 credits and every hour one credit will beadded to the sum. A trap costs 30 credits. When a user is trapped it costs 60 creditswhich will be transferred to the owner of the trap. If an user steps on its own trap it isminus 60 credits.
  4. 4. The proximity of goods should be around 25 meters and a trap 25 to 40 meters so youcan really block a road with a trap.The user can run in its own trap by a specific time delay after placing the trap. Around 30minutes after placement.I hope it is clear enough. Any questions or remarks? Put it in the tab at the googledocument.