St gemma’s hospice

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  • 1. Please note as soon as you start this slideshow it will continue automaticly and this slide will last for 2 sec. PLEASE NOTE SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THE FOLLOWING IMAGES DISTRESSING/DISTURBING/UPSETTING
  • 2. StGemma’sHospice
  • 3. There are more than 100types of cancers; anypart of the body can beaffected.
  • 4. In 2008, 7.6 millionpeople died of cancer -13% of all deathsworldwide.
  • 5. About 70% of all cancerdeaths occur in low-and middle-incomecountries.
  • 6. Worldwide, the 5 mostcommon types ofcancer that kill men are(in order of frequency):lung, stomach, liver, colorectal andoesophagus.
  • 7. Worldwide, the 5 mostcommon types ofcancer that kill womenare (in the order offrequency):breast, lung, stomach, colorectal and cervical.
  • 8. Tobacco use is thesingle largestpreventable cause ofcancer in the world.
  • 9. One fifth of all cancersworldwide are causedby a chronicinfection, for examplehuman papillomavirus(HPV) causes cervicalcancer and hepatitis Bvirus (HBV) causes livercancer.
  • 10. More than 30% ofcancers could be curedif detected early andtreated adequately.
  • 11. All patients in need ofpain relief could behelped if currentknowledge about paincontrol and palliativecare were applied.
  • 12. Cancer is the numberone killer of children bydisease. It is the secondleading cause of allchildhood deathsexceeded only byaccidents
  • 13. One in 330 childrenwill develop cancerbefore the age of 20
  • 14. Most adult cancersresult from lifestylefactors such assmoking, diet, occupation, and exposure tocancer-causing agents.The cause of mostchildhood cancers inunknown.
  • 15. Each year, about 3,000children die from cancer- more than fromasthma, diabetes, cysticfibrosis, congenitalanomalies, and pediatricAIDS combined
  • 16. Approximately 70% ofchildren with cancerparticipate in researchtrials compared to only3% of adult cancerpatients. As aresult, many of theadvances in adultcancer treatments aredue to breakthroughs inchildhood cancerresearch.
  • 17. In mostcases, however, childhood cancers arise fromnoninherited mutations(or changes) in thegenes of growing cells.Because these errorsoccur randomly andunpredictably, theresno effective way toprevent them.
  • 18. Sometimes, a doctormight spot earlysymptoms of cancer atregular checkups
  • 19. £30=Telephone adviceservice
  • 20. £435=Care for 1person for a day
  • 21. £190=For a nurse tovist a patients house
  • 22. £22,700=The cost torun a hospice for 1day