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Setting up an ergonomic team using the work safe software  july 21
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Setting up an ergonomic team using the work safe software july 21


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Louise Lynch will guide you on how to work with a current ergonomic team and how to help companies set up their own teams. We will also cover how the WorkSafe Online Software is easy used to keep …

Louise Lynch will guide you on how to work with a current ergonomic team and how to help companies set up their own teams. We will also cover how the WorkSafe Online Software is easy used to keep track of ergonomic issues and to allow group problem solving.

This webinar took place July 21, 2011 - 3:30 p.m. EDT

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Setting Up an Ergonomic Team Using the WorkSafe Software Presenter: Louise Lynch Thursday, July 21, 2011 ~ 3:30 -4:30 pm EST
  • 2. Brief Background
    • Non-Functional Ergonomic Teams
    • Complaints “falling through the cracks
    • Missing component: how do you solve real ergonomic problems
  • 3. Brief Overview of Matheson WorkSafe
    • Developed by Industrial PT and Matheson to provide a way for industry and consultants to work together to solve work-related soft-tissue complaints
    • Online Tools For “ Solution-Based ” Ergonomics and Case Tracking
    • Specific Roles:
      • Employee
      • Supervisor/HR
      • Safety Team Member
      • Consultant
      • Management
  • 4.
    • Intuitive * Solutions-Based * Team Approach
    • Recognized Tools * Involvement at all Levels
  • 5. WorkSafe Webinars Review
    • How WorkSafe Solves Ergonomic Issues
    • Identifying and Quantifying Ergonomic Risk Factors
    • Using Link Analysis To Set Up Work Stations
    • Finding Hazards Using Hazard Zone Checklist
    • Mastering the WorkSafe Employee Portal
  • 6. Ergonomic Team Purpose
    • Employee involvement at all levels is supported by literature and OSHA
    • Facilitators to ergonomic change
    • Broadens the knowledge-base to ensure all aspects of the job are taken into account
  • 7. Goal of Safety/Ergonomic Team
    • Third line of defense after employees and supervisor
    • Prevent costly soft-tissue injuries related to work
    • To ensure that employee and supervisor input is implemented
    • To catch problem areas early before they have human and $$ costs
  • 8.
    • Representatives from each category should be involved.
    • The number depends upon the size of the company
    • Safety/Health
    • Employee
    • Human Resource
    • Facilities
    • Supervisor
    • Management
    • Procurement
    • IT
    • Engineering
    Who Should Be on the Team?
  • 9. Consultant Options
    • As part of a company’s ergonomic team an outside expert in ergonomics can help an ergonomics team get started.
    • Role: advisor, trainer, and problem solving for difficult cases.
    • If you have your own site, you can set up companies within your site.
  • 10. Ergonomic Team Goals
    • To evaluate employee complaints not solved by the supervisor or employee
    • To reactively evaluate risk based upon OSHA logs and injury data
    • To proactively evaluate work area’s for potential risk
    • To problems solve as a group difficult issues
    • To prevent risk factors and complaints from disappearing and then causing an injury
    • To be educated in ergonomic risk factors and solutions
    • To pass on risks that cannot be solved to the appropriate consultant.
    • LASTLY- Ensure that cases are closed with no risk of injury
  • 11.
    • The WorkSafe Ergonomic Team Training
    • Risk Analysis Using the Tools for Risk Factor Analysis
    • Problem Solving Strategies
  • 12. Ergonomic Team Responsibilities
    • Meet on a regular basis
    • Be responsible for case assignments
    • Proficient in tool use and reporting
    • Presenting difficult cases for group input or proper re-assignment based upon skill set
    • Solve the Issue or Pass it On
  • 13. What is Needed
    • Advanced understanding of Ergonomics
    • How to Reduce Risk Factors
    • Communication of Issues as Part of a Team
  • 14.
    • Building a Case: Prevents issues from falling through the cracks!
    • For Each Case: Industry-Accepted Tools and Real-World Solutions
    Let’s Take a Look!
  • 15. Ergonomic Team Job Progression
    • Input into new lines, processes or equipment prior to implementation (Proactive)
    • Fitting work to the current workers (Proactive)
    • Follow-up before cases are closed
    • Symptom and OSHA surveys
    • Risk Factor Analysis (Proactive)
  • 16.
    • Ergonomic Team Tools
    Let’s Take A Look! Proactive Preventative Self-Responsibility
  • 17.
    • You can download in PDF format
    • Extensive with lots of references
  • 18. Monthly fee that you can stop at any time: $39.95/month Basic Package OR $69.95/month Plus Package Cost Benefit: $40-70/month for WorkSafe compared to $150 earned for one onsite consulting visit Recoup your cost with just one ergonomic evaluation per month Become part of our network of users All data is held in one place and easily accessible “ Real-Time” Progress Promotes Teamwork and Accountability Use on an iPad or other mobile technology