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Beleving van staalplaat
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Beleving van staalplaat


presentatie van Nico Langerak op de bijeenkomst van MaterialDesign de beleving van staalplaat

presentatie van Nico Langerak op de bijeenkomst van MaterialDesign de beleving van staalplaat

Published in Automotive
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  • This means that during the production stages, an alternative material vehicle will load the environment with significantly more GHG emissions than that of a steel vehicle. On this chart, using the University of California LCA comparison model, we show an Advanced High Strength Steel vehicle (represented by the red line) and an aluminium vehicle (represented by the blue line). Notice that the steel vehicle creates slightly more GHG during the vehicle use phase, however, the aluminium vehicle releases a significantly higher level of GHG emissions during the material & production phase. It seems logical enough then that auto companies would embrace an LCA approach. However, many existing or proposed government-driven regulations address the use phase only. Use-phase only regulations can lead auto manufacturers to select GHG intensive materials that may improve the use phase but increase the total life cycle greenhouse gasses. In other words – leading to unintended consequences or wrong choices from the planet’s point of view.
  • Our experts work with our customers in the press shop on a daily basis, helping and advising, and also in the body assembly area, providing advice and support on joining and weld line set up. Over the last few years, this close working relationship has led to some real breakthroughs in Press Shop technological support and I will describe a couple of these now.
  • A unique and portable strain measurement system called PHAST  , has been developed by Corus, the international steel company, to help carmakers ensure reliable production quality of complex formed body panels during the vehicle development and production process. Combining hardware and software, the PHAST  system has been jointly developed by Corus and Geodelta, a global leader in photogrammetry. Unlike similar systems in the market, PHAST  is the first that combines expertise in 3D measurement technology with materials knowledge.   Using PHAST  involves photographing a pressed panel from different positions using a digital camera and then processing the data. The software is capable of linking all the photographic measurements automatically, calculating the strains in the pressed part with an accuracy of ± 0.5 per cent strain. The results are typically available within 1-3 hours, and are used to make often minor changes to the press tools to help avoid subsequent problems in volume production. The PHAST  system has successfully been used by Corus to provide critical on-site body shop support to Ford’s Genk manufacturing plant, helping the carmaker to save valuable time, cut costs and ensure consistency in quality.
  • Our Aurora materials database is accessible to our customers automotive engineers through our weblink, containing material property data for 10 Euronorm and 5 specific Corus grades of steel. It is a single and consistent source of data, not only for customers, but also our internal data sharing needs. New for 2007 are ready to run input decks for Autoform, PAM-STAMP and PAM-CRASH, with further codes in development. For the forming decks, data is included for the low, average and high end of the forming window, allowing variability studies and higher confidence in the robustness of the analysis.


  • 1. Toepassingen en beleving van metaalplaat in de auto Wat is de overeenkomst tussen een pausmobiel en een pooierbak.......?
  • 2. Zoek de overeenkomsten…..
  • 3. Top Gear Cool Wall
    • Seriously Uncool Cool Sub Zero
    • Uncool
  • 4. Top gear cool wall
  • 5. Veiligheid
    • Onveilig Veilig
  • 6. Veiligheid film
    • Start film
  • 7. Kosten
    • Goedkoop Duur
  • 8. Kosten (bron Autozine)
            • Porsche 911 Carrera Fiat Panda 1.1
    • Aanschaf 116.000 7.995
    • Restwaarde 44.844 2.789
    • Wegenbelasting 2.232 684
    • Verzekering 962 612
    • Brandstof 11.716 5.325
    • Onderhoud ? ?
    • Kosten/km 0,78 0,13
      • 25000 km/jaar, 3 jaar rijden
  • 9. PORSCHE 911 Carrera RS 2.7
    • Prijs
    • €  234.900
    • Bouwjaar
    • 02-1973
    • Km stand
    • 1.000
    • Brandstof
    • Benzine
    • Carrosserie
    • Coupe
  • 10. Milieu
    • Onvriendelijk Vriendelijk
  • 11. CO2 Uitstoot
    • Prius (2009): 89g/km
    • Hummer H3 5.3: 344g/km
  • 12. Dust to dust study CNW Marketing Research
    • Prius Life Cycle Energy cost: $3,25/mile
    • Hummer H3 Life Cycle Energy cost: $1,95/mile
  • 13. Milieu (2)
    • Onvriendelijk Vriendelijk
  • 14. Total life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: Material & production End-of-life recycling credits (GHG) CO 2 eq Vehicle use – Driven distance Total Life AHSS AHSS vs. aluminium Alum Aluminium Life Cycle assessment AHSS AHSS INCREASED TOTAL GHG
  • 15. Drivers voor innovatie in Automotive Costs Green Safety
  • 16. Giving answers by Corus is geïnspireerd door de Automotive Paradox costs green safety
  • 17. Answers : Automotive Service Portfolio cost reduction studies press shop support automotive engineering application testing prototyping costs green safety Corus RRC Rapid Response Centre advanced simulation material data material data service F2X Forming to ..Crash Corus - Vegter modelling
  • 18. Car industry product flow
    • Design & Engineering
      • Product
      • Process
    • Material Production
    • Manufacturing
      • Press shop
      • Body Assembly line
      • Paint shop
      • Final Assembly
    • Road use
      • Driving performance
      • Durability
      • Crash performance
      • Repairability
    • Recycling
  • 19. Customer support: Technical expertise
  • 20. In de Press Shop:
  • 21. Value analysis tbv kosten reductie
  • 22. Materiaaldata beschikbaar maken
  • 23. Answers: Automotive Products
  • 24. Corus nieuwe producten die antwoord geven aan de drivers van de auto-industrie
    • Advanced High Strength Steels
    • Advanced Surfaces
    • Tubes for Hydroforming
    • Tailored Blanks
  • 25. Wat zijn Advanced (HS) Steels? Elongation % 15% 20% 30% 40% Dual Phase Advanced High Strength Steel High Strength Steel Drawing Steel Yield Strength (Mpa) 200 300 400 1000 IF DX54 -57 BH TRIP Complex Phase LC-steel CA BA IF Rephos LC Rephos LC-steel Rephos HSLA C-Mn structural CMn structural Boron Hot&Quench TWIP Martensitic
  • 26. DP800Hyperform ® GI: betaalbaar materiaal voor Crash & Sterkte
    • DP800Hyperform GI:
      • DP800 sterkte met verbeterde vervormbaarheid
        • Betere presshop performance
      • Lean chemistry voor betere lasbaarheid
        • Beter lasbaar dan TRIP
        • Goedkoop alternatief voor TRIP
    • Praktijk tests met DP800Hyperform
      • Goede performance
      • in vervormen en lassen
    • Toepassingsgebieden
      • Goedkoop koud vervormd
      • alternatief voor Boron staal
      • Goedkoper en makkelijker te
      • gebruiken dan TRIP
      • Gewichtsbesparing mogelijk t.o.v. DP600
  • 27. Corus nieuwe producten die antwoord geven aan de drivers van de auto-industrie
    • Advanced High Strength Steels
    • Advanced Surfaces
    • Tubes for Hydroforming
    • Tailored Blanks
  • 28. Wat zijn Advanced Surfaces?
    • Advanced Surface Textures
      • MF, EDT, EBT, Pretex
    • Advanced Galvanised Steel (Zn-Mg)
      • Zn-Mg coatings hebben betere corrosie performance (3-10 keer beter dan GI)
    • Organic coatings
      • Presealed: additionele sealing laag voor betere flange corrosie
      • Preprimed: vervanging van E-coat en primer
      • Prefinished: vervanging van het totale laksysteem
    • Dry Film Lubricants
      • Mill-applied tijdelijke coatings voor Steel en Aluminium die een meer stabiel persgedrag geven
  • 29. Magizinc ® Betaalbaar alternatief voor Zink
    • Magizinc ® Karakteristieken
    • Superieure corrosie performance
      • Maakt kosten reductie voor corrosie bescherming mogelijk
    • Excellent verwerkingsgedrag
      • Vervormingsgedrag voor lage uitval in de pershal
    • Lasgedrag gelijk aan GI waardoor makkelijk te vervangen in de assemblagelijn
    GI140 (severe galling) MZ140 (no galling) GI/EZ combination GI/Magizinc combination Hem Flange test MagiZinc Spot weld example Forming Test test Welding Test test
  • 30. Corus nieuwe producten die antwoord geven aan de drivers van de auto-industrie
    • Advanced High Strength Steels
    • Advanced Surfaces
    • Tubes for Hydroforming
    • Tailored Blanks
  • 31. Wat is Tube Hydroforming?
  • 32. Roll formed tubes
  • 33. Tubular blanks
  • 34. Tailored tubes
  • 35. Corus nieuwe producten die antwoord geven aan de drivers van de auto-industrie
    • Advanced High Strength Steels
    • Advanced Surfaces
    • Tubes for Hydroforming
    • Tailored Blanks
  • 36. Wat zijn Tailored Blanks? Tailor Welded Blanks Tailor Rolled Blanks Patchwork Blanks
  • 37. Website
  • 38. Future Steel Vehicle (FSV) Toekomst: impact van elektrisch rijden op materiaalkeuze 0-100 km/h 10-12 s Power Acceleration Nieuwe elektrische drivetrains zullen een lagere directe impact van de BIW massa geven op de CO 2 emissies Verdere druk op lichtgewicht oplossingen maar…..
    • De BIW massa zal een grotere impact hebben op:
    • Voertuig prestatie (range en acceleratie)
    • Drive train en batterij kosten
    Eerste schatting voor de waarde van een kg massa reductie = $9,5 FSV
  • 39. Film