Shooting script


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Here is the shooting script for our media short film.

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Shooting script

  1. 1. SHOT SCRIPTACT 1Music starts quietly in the background, (Possibly Feet Scuffing)Fade in from black to shot of girl sat with back to camera on bed/bench. Mid shot/ showing wholebody, and feet down to the ground. Shot from the floor, with the fore ground of the floor out offocus.Slow Pan onto subject.Cut to Shot of Feet swinging backwards and forwards, scuffing the floor. Feet in focus,foreground/background bokeh.Cuts to Shot of Girls back again with the slow panning.Close up of eyes from the side looking straight forwards.Close up of clock ticking, extreme close up of second hand ticking, wavering, then moving againCuts to feet swinging again, close up, but this time feet stop.Cuts quickly to back of the girl again who slides/gets up (matching the feet stopping.)Close up shot of toy/item of importance. Girl can been seen walking past in the background, pickingup item on the way past.Cuts to shot of outside bedroom door, which opens. Arguing can be heard just coming in frombackground.Mid shot of the face peeking round the door. Arguing can be heard more clearly.Wider shot of door again, other side to the girl, who then shuts the door again, putting the camera indarkness again.ACT 2With the sound of the door shutting cuts to back of girl again, mid shot, this time sat in a playgroundon a bench. Toy is next to the girl.Children can be heard playing in the background though none can be seen.Close up of eyes, looking out straight again, not seeing anything.Shot along bench to item, with girl sat on the other side of it.Cuts to mid shot of girls back again, slowly zooming as previous.ACT 3Long static shot of girl walking along a street, shot from the other side. Holding Item.Cuts to tracking shot of feet from behind.
  2. 2. Mid shot of girl when she sees the treeCut to close of face showing subtle wonder or surprise. Item drops from hand.Close up of item hitting the ground, view from the floor. Girl can be seen starting to walk towardsthe tree.Head/shoulder shot as girl approaches the tree curiouslyLow to high shot of girl and tree, making the tree look bigger. Girl goes to reach out.And cuts to shot of hand meeting the bark of the tree, which is then slowly dragged round the tree,camera angle shot from the back.ACT 4Cuts to shot of hand dragging round the bark, this time from the front. It is important that only thehand/glove and bark can be seen.Cut to shot including both the bark and the girl, and then manually zooms out, revealing the woods,as girl steps away from the tree in wonder.Close ups of leaves, grass and other points of visual interest can be included throughout this nextact.Cuts to long shot of girl walking towards camera, looking around her. She ‘twirls’ at end of shotwhich…..Then cuts to a close up of head and sholders finishing the twist.Point of view shot of the trees above her.Mid shot of girl, then pans round as she runs off away from the camera.Cuts to long shot of girl who runs towards the camera, then slows down as she runs her hand along abranch which is in the foreground of picture, focus changes to this.Close up of girls eyes which seem more alive.Cut to long shot of girl who looks up, smiling. Slight zoom away. Fades to black.ACT 5Fades from black to shot of the item on the floor. Girl sat on the floor just behind it out of focus.Cuts to shot of the girl from side on who stands up and progresses towards the item, starts to benddown.Cuts to close up of the item, which a hand encloses round and picks up.Fade To Black
  3. 3. Fade to shot of girl led on bed from above, Her eyes open as arguing can be heard faintly in thebackground.Fade to blackFade to feet walking across floor, Arguing increases.Fade to black againFinal fade to girl listening against the door.Close up of face expressions as ear is pressed against the door. Arguing reaches break point.Cuts to black as door can be heard slamming.ACT 6Cuts to shot of girl running down street.Cuts to her looking up at tree, item drops again.Approaches tree, Drags hand rapidly round it.Cuts to wood, running into the wood somewhat blindly.Close up of facial expressions as she’s running.Collapses onto a treeClose up of face as she buries her head in her hands.Close up of girl sat in Corner of roomFlickers between slowly zooming shot of girl on tree and bedroom corner.Fades to black.Credits.