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  1. 1. Vocabulary Going on holiday Reading Grammar Past simple questions go on holiday: If you go on holiday, you You are going to read an email from a Danish man to his For the verb be, make questions with was / To stop working and go away to a different Italian friend. were. place to relax, usually for a few days or Subject Re: Ireland How was your summer? more. A Read the email on the opposite page. Answer these questions. How long were you there for? 1 Where did Nicklas go?A Match the verbs 1–6 to the groups of words 2 Did he go on his own? Hi Mauro, For other verbs, use did. they go with in a–f. 3 How long was he there for? How are you? I hope you and your family are well. How was your Where did you go? 1 fly 4 Was the weather good? trip to Korea? I’m sure it was great. Did you have a good time? 2 stay 5 What did he do there? 3 take Helena and I spent three fantastic weeks in Ireland and had a A Use the notes below. Write past simple 4 spend B Complete the sentences with one word in each gap. Look at really great time. We flew to Dublin, the capital, and spent a week questions you could use to ask a friend 5 rent the email if you need help. there. It’s a beautiful city. We went sightseeing every day and about their holiday. 6 go 1 We ……………………… to Dublin. saw all the old buildings. Then in the evenings, we went out and 1 you / go on holiday anywhere? 2 We ……………………… a week there. enjoyed the nightlife. It’s a fun city! You’d love it. 2 where / go? a a day in Rome / the week relaxing / lots of 3 It’s a ……………………… city. 3 who / go with? money 4 I was ……………………… about the weather, but it didn’t rain once! Next, we rented a car and spent two weeks driving round the 4 have a good time? b to Helsinki / with British Airways / first class 5 My ……………………… place was the west of the country. country. It’s really beautiful! I was worried about the weather, but 5 how long / there for? c the train / the bus / a taxi 6 We went ……………………… in the mountains. it didn’t rain once. We stayed in little bed and breakfasts and met 6 where / stay? d with friends / in a hotel / in a bed and 7 We didn’t see ……………………… on the first day! some really lovely people. 7 it very expensive? breakfast 8 How ……………………… your summer? 8 the weather good? e sightseeing / out for dinner / swimming 9 ……………………… you go on holiday anywhere? My favourite place was the west of the country. We went walking 9 the food good? f a car / a boat / a flat in the mountains in County Mayo for a few days. It was lovely and quiet. We didn’t see anyone on the first day! B Match the answers a–i to the questions inB Work in groups. Discuss these questions. Write the sentences in your language. Translate them back exercise A. • How often do you / does your family go on into English. Compare your English to the original. Anyway, now we’re back in Copenhagen and back at work! How a Yes, I did. It’s a great country. holiday? We didn’t see anyone the first day. was your summer? Did you go on holiday anywhere? Did you have b Yes, great. They eat lots of fruit, lots of rice. • Do you usually go to the same place or do I didn’t go anywhere last weekend. a good time? It’s lovely. you go to different places? I didn’t do anything last night. c I stayed with friends in Rio and then in a • What do you usually do when you are on We didn’t try any of the food. Please write and tell me everything! hotel. holiday? d Yes, I did. I went to Brazil. Your friend, e Two weeks. Speaking Nicklas f I went on my own. g No, not really. Most things are quite cheap A Work in pairs. Tell each other the best place in your country: there. • to go sightseeing. • to spend a week relaxing. h Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in the north- • to go walking. • for nightlife. east. • to go swimming. • for driving around. i It was great, yes. Really hot and sunny. Need help? Read the grammar reference on page 153. Speaking A Choose one of the things below to talk about. last weekend the last public holiday the last time you went on holiday your last birthday a special day in your life B Write five past simple questions for your partner to ask you about your day / weekend / holiday. C Work in pairs. Swap questions and interview each other. 40 OUTCOMES 04 HOLIDAYS 41