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    Truly Event Presentation Truly Event Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Truly - Mobile 3D Display - One Stop Services provider- 3D Display、3D Capture and CTP
    • Developing Display Technology drives the rapiddevelopment and innovation of the Mobile Display The upcoming new stage A new 3D display era 4th Stage 3rd Stage AS3D display 2nd Stage HD display Color TFT 1st Stage display Glasses-free 3D Color STN High resolution display displayBlack/White Build in Camera Camera module (Video、e-book、 module Capacitive Touch ApplicationSTN display External Camera screen software and Game) Resistive module touchscreen 3D camera 2 module
    • The advantage ofGlasses free 3D display for Mobile terminal market According to InStat forecast, the shipment of the smartphone with 3D 3D products feature will be 148M units at 2015, 15% of 3D mobile phone overall smartphone shipments Rich 3D Tablet Product line 3D Learning machine & 3D MP4 The huge 时间领先 Wide application 3D Camera market potential 3D DPF 移动裸眼3D Meet consumer Mobile products 五大市场优势 时间领先 Meet consumer Differentiated Differentiated demand Consistent with the update demand youth consumer frequency psychology Mature technology Mass Personal Mobile production products are high update frequency, Glasses free 3D display technology is quite replacement cycle mature in terms of small and medium-size is about one year Have successful precedent for a variety of 3 3D mobile products
    • Recent releasedGlasses free 3D Mobile terminal review 3D content and 3D experiences and Product Display Camera Comments Application Sales quantity ①Japanese H 3.1” Single Few, Poor,200,000 sets / Mobile phone FWVGA 5.0M(2D) Only built-in three 3D games stop production ②Japanese S 4.3” Single Few, General,500,000 sets / Mobile phone WVGA 9.6M(3D) Build-in 3D games & Video stop production Better,800,000 sets /year ③Korea L 4.3” Few,Build-in 3D games & Video Dual 5.0M (Only sell upgrade version at Mobile phone WVGA ,Can shoot 3D images video The Glasses free Korea market) 3D mobile Better,600,000 sets / ④Japanese terminals to have 4.3” Few,Build-in 3D games & Video stop production S Dual 5.0M good sales, not QHD ,Can shoot 3D images video (Only sell upgrade version at Mobile phone only to the good Japanese market) 3D performance, Better,2,000,000 sets ⑤Taiwan H 4.3” Few,Build-in 3D games & Video but also to have Dual 5.0M (Europe/American/pan- Smartphone QHD ,Can shoot 3D images video enough 3D pacific area) content support ⑥China Z Single Few, General,Tens of thousands in order to 4.3” QHD Smartphone 5.0M(2D) Only build-in 3D trailer (Switch to Truly’s solution) stimulate the Poor,Unknown(harmful demand of the ⑦China V 3.2” Single Few, market effects to the 3D products Smartphone HVGA 2.0M(2D) Only build-in 3D trailer market) ⑧Japanese Plenty, Good,4,500,000/year N 3.5” 800*480 NA Provide plenty 3D games to (In USA market only) game machine download ⑨China None, 8” A NA Compatible with major 3D stream General,NA 4Tablet WXGA video formats
    • Truly develops completeGlasses free 3D display industrial chain *Extensive cooperation with Hollywood film company Content Hardware One stop services for the Glasses free 3D mobile products * 2D to 3D software Truly develops complete Glasses free 3D display industrial chain5
    • Truly’s One stop servicesfor the Glasses free 3D mobile products OGS(TOL) GG Dual 5.0M GFF (PFF) 5.0M+3.0M GF (PF) 摄像头 Laminated CTP and LCD • OCAOCR 4.0” ~10.1” • Boundary Lamination • Point glue Lamination WVGA~ WUXGA CTP (1920*1200)Integration Glasseslaminated TN barrier, free 3DTFT LCD and CTP Display 6
    • The advantages of Truly’s Glasses free 3D display(1) The best Glasses free 3D technology yet Free switch between 2D /3D, Portrait display Landscape display arbitrary switching Controlled by software, without human intervention For 3D contents, the system software will detect and set to correct display mode; At 2D mode, there is no difference with normal display. The Industry leading Optical spec. (Based on the TN barrier technology)Parameter Truly A company B company 备注 Set 2D mode as 100%; The same 3D 45% 36% 30% brightness, Truly’s display modulebrightness consume less power 3D The view angel which can see the 3D ±15° ±10° ±10°↓View angle picture or video Improved optical design and highcrosstalk 3% 5% 10%↑ precision lamination to reduce crosstalk and dizziness phenomenon Improved optical design and high Moire Light General Critical precision lamination to reduce moire and 7 dizziness phenomenon
    • The advantages of Truly’s Glasses free 3D display(2) Ingenuity TN barrier design Patented Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier(Licensed from MasterImage 3D) Patented Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier can switch between Landscape 3D mode and Portrait 3D mode; the brightness based on this structure is much brighter than other’s. Truly’s 3D Other’sDisplay Module Products Cell-Matrix Strip Parallax Landscape Portrait Parallax Barrier Landscape Portrait Barrier 3D mode 3D mode (Licensed from Mode 3D mode 2D MasterImage 3D) only 8
    • The advantages of Truly’s Glasses free 3D display(3) With unique, patented ultra-high precision production equipment The SLIT uniform coating equipment TNBarrier With the SLIT uniform coating equipment, OCA the glue coating uniformity compared to the TFT pattern gluing laminating substantial enhanced. Patented vacuum laminating equipment Five advantages ① Eliminate bubbles ② Eliminate particle ③ Eliminate glue shrinkage ④ High lamination consistency ⑤ Higher Lamination yield rate (for ≤4.5”; yield rate is 95%) 9
    • The advantages of Truly’s Glasses free 3D display (4) Leading Production Technology High precision optical alignment technology With unique optical alignment equipment, light on TN barrier and TFT to align on pixel level, the accuracy is controlled within ±3um. High Precision alignment technology Glue uniformity precision ±30µm The tolerance of edge thickness is ±100µm Other’s AlignmentTruly’s Alignment Technology Technology The distance between TN barrier The distance between TN barrier and TFT and TFT is almost equidistant is almost equidistant The entire screen optical path Optical path transmission loss make spread evenly through rate decreased by 15% Lower crosstalk(3%) Higher Crosstalk (up to 20%) 10
    • The advantages of Truly’s Dual camera module Innovative asymmetric dual camera (NexusChips solution) It allow different resolution cameras composition dual camera module Different combination, ensure effect and the balance of supply For example:3.0M+5.0M (2D mode - 5.0M,3D mode - 3.0M) Left picture Right picture 3D picture Excellent stereoscopic 3D videos and photos function Dual Camera Angle correction compensation value can reach±3° Ensure the good 3D performance Dual Camera tilt correction compensation value can reach ±5° Synchronization support Dual camera image synthesis and 3D LCD Display without delay Support White-balance, Grayscale, color and so on 3D image optimization , adjustment,ensure the imaging quality11
    • Truly provides moremobile glasses free 3D Relevant ProductsUltrathin CTP and Integrated Control module Ultrathin and high strength CTP(The thinnest only 0.4mm) Truly’s OGS CTP with Small pieces process and Large pieces process production capability, the small pieces process can produce the thinnest 0.4 mm thickness OGS CTP. (3 point static pressure test can reach 500MPA) Ultrathin and high strength Small pieces process OGS CTP Integrated control module(Face bonding/Ordinary alignment process) With face bonding process, the integrated control module can be more thinner(for 4.5” 3D LCD +OGS CTP is 2.8mm)and better display result, the yield rate of the Truly’s face bonding process is industry-leading (≤4.0”;Yield rate is around 96%). Foam/ Double- CTP 3D LCD UV glue CTP 3D LCD sided adhesive Integrated control module Integrated control module (Face bonding process) (Ordinary alignment process)12
    • Jointly develop a new era of the mobile Glasses free 3Ddisplay • 3D cinema system • 3D camera module supplier of the highest supplier of the highest global market share global market share • Own the worlds most • 3D application software Content / Software/ developer of the highest advanced 3D barrier Technology ASIC global market share design patent • Long-term working • 2D to 3D conversion closely with Hollywood software of the highest and other content global market share providers One stop The highly services competitive SOC Powerful China supporting 3D for mobile terminal Mobile Terminal manufacturers• The worlds largest 3D barrier capacity (6 lines)• The ultrathin and high-strength OGS CTP supplier • The worlds fourth largest chip maker• The worlds only one-stop • Chinese smartphone SOC market share in the first professional manufacturer of 3D display / 3D camera / CTP / face bonding technology 13