Bbm on Iphone pwpp MKTG 311


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Power point about BBM on IPhone

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  • Great presentation! Ps: Iphone over Blackberry any day
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Bbm on Iphone pwpp MKTG 311

  1. 1. By: Massimo Loiero, Adrian Burey, Michael Longo, Ruben Castanheira
  2. 2. Video BBM will appear on the Iphone Statement claiming it will be released on April 26 is false Did not dismiss that fact that it may appear on the Iphone platform in the future ature=bf_next&list=HL1328459300&lf=mh_lolz
  3. 3. History Apple is known for their Macintosh computers, iTunes media and the iPod personal music player. The largest technology company in the world and is the second largest company by market capitalization Research in Motion Ltd. is known as the maker and provider of BlackBerry wireless devices and e-mail services
  4. 4. Rumour RIM will be extending their BBM App towards Android’s, and IOS devices such as IPhone. The iMessage is similar to BBM app includes a notification system, whereas text messages will not affect your games or any other applications that are running
  5. 5. Experience Blackberry is thinking about selling the bbm app to iphone but it wont be exactly the same Blackberry might sell iphone a version lower then the ones that blackberry have installed in their phones this because of competition between blackberry and iphone
  6. 6. Problem Apple came out with their own version of BBM called IMessenger wasn’t as successful Blackberry has been lacking in upkeep with BBM software In there advertising campaigns they miss the BBm experience
  7. 7. Price How much is it going to cost to have this app on your Iphone or android phone? monthly fee or yearly fee. Another option is will Iphone and android offer bundle deals like Blackberry
  8. 8. Expansion BBM has been already in the international scene Opening up in newer market places is RIMs top prority With Apple as a partner people can experience best of both worlds However Advertisements in other markets can be costly.
  9. 9. Market Major market shares were linked to RIM’s Blackberry’s. Once Apple released the IPhone, and Google with Android’s, RIM has been losing a significant amount of market share By pushing the BBM App out towards IOS, and Android devices it would help increase RIM’s market share.
  10. 10. Outcome BBM has still a one of the top shares in the marketplace By giving up one of its major apps to Apple can effective them negatively in the long run. However it can be very successful
  11. 11. Conclusion Links Twitter :@Masslo91 ature=bf_next&list=HL1328459300&lf=mh_lolz