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What Topics do Firefox and Chrome Contributors Discuss?

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Dipenta msr2011-challenge

  1. 1. What Topics do Firefox andChrome Contributors Discuss?Mario Luca Bernardi, Carmine Sementa Quirino Zagarese, Damiano Distante Massimiliano Di Penta dipenta@unisannio.it
  2. 2. Context  Nowadays Web browsers are among the most widely used applications Firefox and Chrome the 2nd and 3rd top popular browsers  They evolve to fix bugs, introduce new features, cope with market and the evolution of the Web  (part of) their evolution tracked by Bug Tracking Systems
  3. 3. What we do  Goal: analyze the topics discussed in issue reports over time  Context:  88,538 Firefox issues (2005-2010)  49,986 Chrome issue reports (2008-2010)  Research Questions:  RQ1: topics discussed over time  RQ2: overlap between Firefox and Chrome topics  RQ3: overlap in the same time frame
  4. 4. Analysis process  Term extraction and indexing  Extraction of text from HTML pages  Stop words removal, stemming, tf indexing  Topic mining  Group bugs into semester periods  Topic identification using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)  Issue classification into topics  Topic co-evolution analysis  Topics to which most issues pertain  (Jaccard) overlap between popular topics discussed for the two browsers
  5. 5. Most popular topics: Firefox 2005 S1 width; px; border; height; align Layouting/ 2005 S2 width; background; px; height; border formatting issues 2006 S1 px; width; border; cell; posit 2006 S2 enabl; disabl; usr; warn; gmake Low-level 2007 S1 home; match; bin; zbyszek; crt and building issues 2007 S2 ctype; lc; match; moz; nsiframe 2008 S1 leak; zoom; extension; addon; total Layouting/ 2008 S2 width; px; background; border; size formatting issues 2009 S1 ircategoryopt; home; warn; unexpected; tinderbox 2009 S2 elem; width; height; px; tag 2010 S1 slave; reftest; unexpected; mochitest; pass
  6. 6. Most popular topics: Chrome2008 S2 slave; messageloop; offici; signatur; pump Low-level /2009 S1 pump; messagepumpwin; wchar; dispatch; ntdll performance2009 S2 player; quicktim; mb; ram; ghz; hostnam Multimedia /2010 S1 info; player; quicktim; mb; signatur performance
  7. 7. Overlapping topics
  8. 8. Overlapping (same period) Period Overlapping topic 2008 S2 movi; youtub; stop; video; player; game; plai; flash; sound 2008 S2 left; width; height; border; px 2008 S2 cpu; task; usag; slow; hang 2008 S2 hit; shift; tag; keyboard; focu 2008 S2 usernam; account; login; email; authent 2009 S1 youtub; video; player; plai; flash 2009 S1 width; background; bottom; size; posit 2009 S2 left; mous; bottom; posit; screen 2010 S1 left; width; resiz; bottom; height; size; border; posit; px 2010 S1 restart; visit; login; comput; websit; hang
  9. 9. Conclusions  Discussion about:  Firefox: quite heterogeneous  Chrome: mainly related to performance and multimedia  Non negligible overlap  Related to generic topics – e.g., page layouting  Related to multimedia in recent periods
  10. 10. Thank you! Questions?
  11. 11. Overlapping topicsFirefox Chrome Common terms in the topics2008 S2 2008 S2 movi; youtub; stop; video; player; game; plai; flash; sound2009 S1 2008 S2 youtub; stop; video; player; watch; game; plai; flash; sound2010 S1 2010 S1 left; width; resiz; bottom; height; size; border; posit; px2005 S2 2008 S2 movi; stop; video; shockwav; player; game; plai; flash2006 S1 2009 S2 mous; resiz; ctrl; size; posit; screen; keyboard; focu2006 S2 2009 S1 width; resiz; background; bottom; size; visibl; posit; scrollbar2007 S2 2008 S2 youtub; movi; video; player; watch; plai; sound; flash2007 S2 2010 S1 width; resiz; bottom; height; border; size; posit; px2007 S2 2010 S1 mous; hit; ctrl; reload; shift; activ; focu; keyboard2008 S1 2010 S1 width; resiz; bottom; height; size; border; posit; px2009 S1 2010 S1 youtub; stop; video; player; watch; plai; ogg; sound2009 S1 2010 S1 width; left; bottom; height; size; border; posit; px2010 S1 2008 S2 left; width; resiz; bottom; height; border; px; pixel