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Frank marino presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Raytheon Sustainability Frank Marino December 2011 Copyright © 2011 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved. Customer Success Is Our Mission is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company.
  • 2. What Has Worked….  Active company leadership - SVP, CEO and BoD  Clearly defined Raytheon Sustainability – 7 focus areas  Formalized governance structure / accountability – Who’s in charge?  Established 15 long term sustainability goals (phase 2) – Report progress to CEO and BoD quarterly  High visibility of sustainability performance goals and progress  Energy Citizens and Energy Champions programs for employee engagement – Energy Citizens – online quiz completion – lapel pin issued – Energy Champions – floor level energy monitoring and management – 50% of employees are Energy Citizens
  • 3. Challenges…  Governance, ownership and accountability – Disparate organizations that are not structurally aligned  Compliance is the foundation of any EHS organization – Sustainability is an added layer…pressing already very busy EHS staffs  Organization contributions – What do you want from me? – Metrics, baseline year, metric definition  Keeping the focus on the business value of sustainability – Renewables – dollars don’t work…  Communications – CSR traditionally externally facing only – Employee gap? – Social media tool use – Rspace ~ facebook – appeal to younger new hires – Communications plan in process
  • 4. Raytheon SustainabilityOur commitment to future generationsEngaging our employees, customers, suppliers andcommunities to protect our environment andconserve natural resources Strategic Focus Areas:  Energy Efficiency  Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions  Recycling and Waste Minimization  Water Conservation  Design for Sustainability  Eco-friendly Supply Chain  Environmental Stewardship 4
  • 5. Raytheon Sustainability Team EHS (Lead) Operations & Supply Chain Facilities  Facilities Engineering IT Communications Cross - Functional Representation
  • 6. Raytheon Sustainability Governance Structure Raytheon Board of Directors Public Affairs Committee Senior Leadership Team Sustainability Advisory Council Sr. VP General Counsel Sustainability Steering Team VP Corporate Services Sustainability Team EHS Director Senior Management Support and Oversight 6
  • 7. Business Value of Sustainability  Reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies – Saved $43M in last 5 years  Investors are showing interest and correlating with performance  Address customer requirements and expectations  Strengthen brand and reputation  Enhance recruitment, retention and employee engagement  Strengthens competitive position
  • 8. Sustainability Posters for 2010 12/12/2011
  • 9. 2015 Sustainability Goals Operations EHS Engineering Supply Chain Materials of Establish a GHGs fromEnergy Water Landfill & GHG System to Fleet Business Concern - Incinerated Emissions Eliminate in Identify Petroleum Travel, Indirect New & Reduce Product & Logistics Waste in Existing Material Suppliers Designs 10% 25% 25% 10% Content 20% 5% Use of 30% Incorporate LEED Renewable Recycled Eco- Sustainability“Green” Energy Paper in Friendly Clauses inBuildings copiers / Procurement Source 100% printers Selection 100% 5% 100% 20% Process Information Technology Eco- Improve Responsible Energy Electronics Efficiency Disposition and Reduce Consumption 100% 1 MW