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Schools #2 Lunchroom composting fiveeasysteps_cambridge


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Lunchroom composting in five easy steps, plus picture of set up and feedback from custodian.

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Schools #2 Lunchroom composting fiveeasysteps_cambridge

  1. 1. Cambridge Lunchroom Composting in 5 easy steps 1 2 3 4 5 5-6 weeks from launch day 3-4 weeks from launch day 1-2 weeks from launch day Launch day OngoingCOMPOSTING COMMITTEE PLAN PROGRAM FINAL STEPS KICKOFF! ONGOING Meryl and Kristen work Meryl prepares publicity Meryl presents at school Meryl and Composting Monitoring for first with Principal, Custodian & materials and supplies meeting with all staff and Committee run two month, then as needed. Lead Teacher to form a within school and home distributes first round of morning assemblies to families. publicity materials. (likely: K-4, 5-8) on a Composting is reinforced Composting Committee. Tuesday or Wednesday. in lessons. Meryl and Kristen meet Meryl arranges for weekly Meryl begins lunchroom New staff and students with Composting collection and monitor trainings. Start composting at are trained. Committee to explain coordinates with Senior lunch! rollout of program. Custodian. Meryl and Composting Adults provide quality Committee meet once Students monitor for control and feedback. Composting Committee Composting Committee with kitchen staff, lunch first month. DPW/parent meets to discuss training aides, custodians. volunteers also monitor Expansion of composting visits a composting of lunchroom monitors for first two weeks. to other areas is school during lunch. and to plan kickoff. Meryl and Composting explored, including Committee finalize slide teacher’s lounge, meals shows for assemblies. in the classroom.
  2. 2. Lunchroom Composting in Cambridge Schools Example lunchroom composting set up: Table for younger kids to set their trays down on 1. Trash barrel 2. Liquids bucket 3. Milk cartons bin 4. Compost barrel 5. Styrofoam recycling stand 1 2 3 4 5 Bob Medeiros, Senior Custodian at the King Open, shares: With composting, the trash is lighter and less messy, and that keeps my dumpster cleaner than before. Liquids are poured down the drain in the closet through a strainer. It works out just fine. Kids don’t always get it right, but it’s not a big deal to take out what doesn’t belong. Collection is easy. After lunch I tie off the bags of Read the compost and put them in special toters. The truck Step by Step Lunchroom comes by reliably once a week to pick it up. Composting Guide I’m really proud of the students. We have kept over at 24,000 pounds of food out of the trash from March(About Recycling> Schools> Recycling Collection) 2009—Feb 2011.
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