Kentucky And The State Of Food

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This is a presentation I gave at the Ignite502 event

This is a presentation I gave at the Ignite502 event

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  • 1. Mason Roberts
    Executive Director – Louisville Grows
    Kentucky and The State of Food
  • 2. On the way to my mom’s house near Meade County
  • 3. Healthy Food
    Healthy Life
    What we eat not only affects the health of us and our children but also our community and environment
  • 4. Child Obesity & Foodborne Illnesses
    1/3 of Children and Adolescents
    Americans in general
    76 million are sickened
    325,000 are hospitalized
    5,000 die each year from foodborneillnesses
    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • 5. Food Industry Diseases
    Perfect Breeding ground for diseases
    Lives aren’t the only cost – millions of dollars lost from recalls
  • 8. Close Quarters
    10 billion animals are raised and killed in the US in a way that is detrimental to:
    The environment
    Creates new strains
    Increases resistance to antibiotics
  • 9. Waste Pools – Disease Breeding Ground
    Lots of animals = Lots of animal waste
    In times of heavy rain, this waste is spread over crops to avoid spill-over
  • 10. Self-Inflicted Diseases
    Pesticides and hormones
    Neurological disorders
    Small Diversified Farms use Less Chemicals, are More Efficient, and have Less Animal Diseases
  • 11. Industrial Farms:
    Local Diversified Farms:
    More oil for pesticides and medicines
    Transportation from far away farms
    On average 1500 miles
    Less pesticides and medicines
    Close to home, less driving
    Oil and Climate Change
  • 12.
  • 13. Total Control of the Supply Chain
    The Large Agribusinesses own:
    --The Farmers--
  • 19. Stats:
    2 Companies control 58% of the Corn Seed Market
    (DuPont and Monsanto)
    3 Companies control 90% of the Corn Market
    (Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge and Cargill)
    3 Companies control 90% of the Beef Industry
    (JBS Swift, Tyson, Cargill)
  • 20. Your dollar is a vote
    *Buy local organic*
    *Support a CSA*
    *Grow your food*
    An Option
  • 21. Do it often and everywhere
    Tell your principal
    Buy at Farmers Markets
    Cook large meals and take the leftovers to work
    Pack your kid’s lunch
    Eat raw foods
    Demand Local Foods
  • 22. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture
    Inexpensive way to support a farmer
    It’s like having someone to shop for you and your family
    Support a CSA
  • 23.
    Alazza's Farm
    Sulphur, KY
    Barr Farms
    2440 PophamRd, Rhodelia, KY 40161
    Earth's Promise Farm
    4306 Mt Eden Rd., Shelbyville, KY 40065
    Facing West Farm
    Campbellsburg, KY 40011
    Family Farm Project Cooperative, CSA
    P.O. Box 342, Bedford, KY 40006
    Field 51 Produce
    1205 S Buckeye Lane, Goshen, KY 40026
    Field Day Family Farm
    Oxmoor, Louisville, KY 40205
    Fox Hollow Farm
    8903 Highway 329, Crestwood, KY 40014
    Garey Farms
    5151 Lexington Rd, Paris, KY 40361
    Grasshoppers Distribution
    1501 Portland Avenue, Louisville, KY 40203
    Harmony Fields Farm
    5686 FinchvilleRd. Shelbyville, KY 40065
    Misty Meadows Farm
    Somewhere Special
    7635 Lawrenceburg Road, Chaplin , KY 40012
    Tenacity Farm
    7786 Hwy 55, Campbellsburg, KY 40011
    Finger Picking Farms
    885 Rose Dr NE, Palmyra, IN 47164
  • 24. We’ve Got a Lot - 25
  • 25. Start a Garden
    Call Metro 311 or 574-5000
  • 26. Why Gardens are Great
    Creates food security
    Supports local economies
    Provides environmental rehabilitation
    Fosters community relationships
    Allows for community beatification
    Offers recreation and relaxation
  • 27. Contact Us:
    Visit us:
    Thanks So Much