The Business of APIs 2009 - Active Network


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What can be done with an API is limited only by imagination. However, what should be done using your API may have a more definable answer. Whether you are planning to leverage your API to extend your business model into new channels or to capture new revenue, it is The Business of APIs.

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The Business of APIs 2009 - Active Network

  1. 1. Intro Opening Active Data Jeremy Thomas Director of Product Development,
  2. 2. About Circa 1998: La Jolla, CA Map provided by Google Maps
  3. 3. About 1020 Prospect Street Map provided by Google Maps
  4. 4. About Circa 1999…
  5. 5. About Circa 2000…
  6. 6. About Then we upgraded (circa 2003)…
  7. 7. About And again (circa 2007)…
  8. 8. About Which brings us to today
  9. 9. The Chiefs Active is run by these guys:
  10. 10. Acquisitions And they’ve acquired a few companies over the years:
  11. 11. About 2009: North America, China Australia, UK Map provided by Google Maps
  12. 12. Data Together we are called , and we produce a lot of data. –  Events –  Event Reviews –  Classes –  Training Plans –  Registrant Details –  Leagues –  Memberships –  High school Sports Rankings –  Race Results –  Campsites –  Hunting/Fishing licensing
  13. 13. More Data •  Over 500,000 events are added to annually. •  We process over 40,000,000 transactions per year (event registrations, hunting/fishing license purchases, etc.). •  We rank 99% of high school football and lacrosse teams in the United States •  We rank in Comescore’s top 10 sports properties. •  We serve over 1,000,000,000 page views/year.
  14. 14. Closed Data Most of this data was protected and closed.
  15. 15. Open Data But we needed it to be more open.
  16. 16. Why Open Data? Prime Directive: Build the World’s Largest Directory of Things to Do
  17. 17. Why Open Data? Cross-silo communication
  18. 18. Why Open Data? Integration with Business Partners.
  19. 19. Internal Campaign To do this, I had to talk to this guy about our options.
  20. 20. Internal Campaign And he was convinced by: •  the “head” and “shoulder” argument (borrowed from Oren Michaels), not the Longtail Argument •  Easier Divisional Integration
  21. 21. Internal Campaign So we worked with Mashery to setup an API Gateway.
  22. 22. Open for Businesses We opened the API to business partners. I tweeted the fact that we were working on an API, and…
  23. 23. The community became interested. Somebody put us on (it wasn’t me).
  24. 24. Developer Community And they tweeted about the possibilities.
  25. 25. Developer Community They wanted to build: – race calendars – mountain biking websites – iPhone event search apps – high school sports ranking widgets – tennis tournament finders – things to do near you widgets – campground finders
  26. 26. Developer Community So what do we do with these developers who are interested in our data?
  27. 27. Community Talk this guy, ,into opening the door to a few of them to see what happens.
  28. 28. Community We screen every API key request.
  29. 29. Open for Developers •  With no formal marketing, we have over 130 Registered API users since March, 2009. •  Developer-originated traffic is a bonus, but will have material impact (5-10% increase in pageviews) in 2010 through: –  Increased publicity through social media. –  API-focused B2B relationships through targeted content distribution. –  Stronger API portfolio including easy to consume widgets. –  Self-sustaining API community.
  30. 30. API Thanks! Jeremy Thomas Director of Product Development, Several photos came from, and the maps on slide 2 and 3 are from Google. Old screenshots came from