Mashery Presents: The Evolution of Distribution - Edwin Aoki, Chief Architect, PayPal/eBay


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Whether you are in retail, media, publishing, technology or travel, the ability to distribute information onto the multitude of internet connected devices has become a challenge for even the most nimble of companies. Everyone is vying for the attention and eyes of the consumer. It is a new world and consumer expectations have changed when it comes to the way content/data/inventory is distributed, discovered and consumed. This change in distribution, in part, is due to the adoption of APIs (Application Programing Interfaces). Businesses who have leveraged APIs have made it more than just a "database of stuff", but rather, have created a platform by which they are now basing their business strategy. Speakers from Mashery, Best Buy, eBay/PayPal and Netflix joined to explore the "Evolution of Distribution" and examined the notion of "why every brand needs an API".

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Mashery Presents: The Evolution of Distribution - Edwin Aoki, Chief Architect, PayPal/eBay

  1. 1. eBay and DevelopersPowering CommerceEdwin Aoki (@edwinaoki) June 2 2011
  2. 2. eBay and PayPal: A Brief Background•  Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar•  96 million active users worldwide (Q1 2011)•  $62 billion worth of goods sold in 2010•  Founded in 1998•  98 million active users in 190 markets (Q1 2011)•  Net Total Payments Volume (TPV) of $27.3 billion in Q1 2011 eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  3. 3. Our Developer Ecosystem•  Over 20,000 3rd party applications that take advantage of eBay, PayPal, and/or our other specialized marketplaces and tools•  A vibrant developer community –  150,000+ registered developers in the eBay Developer Program –  ~ 80,000 registered developers in the PayPal Developer Network –  Additional engagements through RedLaser,, Milo, and others eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  4. 4. eBay Developer Program•  Enable third parties to tap into the eBay marketplace to build, extend and expand their businesses•  Provides the technical resources and monetization opportunities that foster innovation and enhance the eBay marketplace•  Resources include: –  eBay APIs •  Trading API •  Shopping API •  Merchandising API •  Client Alerts •  Large Merchant Services –  SDKs and Toolkits •  Including XML, SOAP, Java, .NET, JavaScript, and Flash/Flex integration capabilities –  Access to forums, tools, sample code, technical documentation, release notes, technical support, and more•  Metrics (Aug. 2010): –  Over 13.5 billion web service requests –  More than 60% of listings via eBay Web Services. eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  5. 5. PayPal X Developer Network•  Provides technology, tools, and support to facilitate the integration of payments•  Resources include: –  APIs to Facilitate Payments •  Adaptive Payments •  Express Checkout and Mobile Express Checkout •  Mobile Payments Library •  Payflow Link •  Website Payments Standard and Pro –  APIs for Account Management •  Adaptive Accounts •  Authentication •  Recurring Billing –  APIs for Information and Reporting eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  6. 6. Factors to ConsiderTechnology Considerations•  Streamlining internal processes and technologies•  Challenging and changing internal assumptions•  Revamp and standardize messaging protocols and formats•  Rearchitecting internal systems to better reflect developer needs•  SecurityBusiness Considerations•  Questions about traffic patterns and usage•  Business models that benefit us and the community eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  7. 7. Strategic Benefits to Open APIsAccelerate Development of Internal Products•  Isolate new product development from our core•  Allow teams to more independently and nimblyPartner to Deliver New Capabilities•  GreenDot MoneyPak•  Discover Card Money MessengerEnable New Businesses•  FundRazr – social and group fund raising•  Yorder (Formerly iConcessionStand) – in seat mobile ordering for sports fans•  Kabbage – small business financing for eBay SellersOther Benefits•  Accelerate hiring•  Faster integration•  Better responsiveness to international and regional needs eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  8. 8. Beyond APIsA New Platform for Open Commerce•  Bringing together global commerce and payments capabilities•  Coming SoonOpen Source Initiatives•  Launched via•  Initiatives include: –  Turmeric – eBay’s SOA framework –  VJET – Javascript IDE eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  9. 9. Part of our Core Values eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce
  10. 10. Learn More•  eBay Developer Program –•  PayPal X Developer Network –•  Stay in Touch – –  @edwinaoki eBay and Developers: Powering Commerce 10