Business of APIs Conference 2011 - Klout

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+K on API and Platform …

+K on API and Platform
Tyler Singletary, Developer Evangelist, Klout

More in: Business , Technology
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  • 1. ON API AND PLATFORMTyler Singletary@harmophone
  • 2. KLOUT~48 2009 SOMAEmployees Founded Location
  • 3. THE KLOUT API6B Calls a month, three 3000+ API Partners, 1100 Simple RESTesque design distribution channels: Active Applications in with minimal functions butMashery, GNIP, DataSift August 2011 useful data. Topics • api • San Francisco • Klout Influencer_Of • mansillaDEV • Jacobtell • Oniracom harmophone Influenced_by • episod • Rhythmsunholy • daddymention
  • 4. HOW WE MEASURE AND SEGMENT API CONSUMER VALUE Increased Value to Klout BrandAmount we charge Brand Awareness, Brand awareness, Impressions Klout has MEANING. Decreased Value To Klout Brand Amount we charge Consumer Usefulness Product Erosion: Perks Klout has MEANING. Negative Impacts: Transmits our unit of Targeting. value. Doesn’t transmit unit of value.
  • 5. HOW DO YOU CONTROL A PLATFORM? Incentivize B2C Platform Strategy Terms of Tariff B2B Service
  • 6. TERMS OF SERVICE First stop to enforce your core products.Control Points Strict Brand Impressions• Quotas (Calls per Day) • B2B: Must use Klout logo on public• Rate Limits (Calls per Hour) facing page. • B2C: Must appropriately title “Klout Score”, use as many styling resources as possible • All must link back to the platform endpoints: Klout Profile Prevent Poaching of Core Products
  • 7. TARIFFS ON B2B• 500,000 calls • Additional Topics • Pass-through ToS• 1,000,000 calls • Additional • Less flexibility on• 5,000,000 calls Strength of limits• SLA required Influence Enhanced DataTiered Pricing Competitors at Higher Cost
  • 8. INCENTIVIZE B2CKlout Everywhere! Relax limits• Score placement, using our style • In exchange for ToS conformance: assets higher calls per day, calls per second• Make Topics important! Lead back to Klout.• Applications evangelize the product• App Showcase Brand impressions is value to Company
  • 9. HOW’S IT USED? Influential topics Recommends you to engage with Score Analytics influencers.
  • 10. HOW TO GROW THE PLATFORM Developer Strategic Outreach, Partnerships Promotion More data Strengthen availability brand, Perks • +K • Abstract • Achievments Scoring • More networks
  • 11. WHAT’S NEXT New Better Data KloutDeveloper Availability Everywhere. Portal
  • 12. WRAP UP Tyler Singletary @harmophone @KloutAPI