Media detailed analysis of 2/3 opening sequences

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  • 1. Final Destination 3 http:// =Nxo1am-1xQ0 The Ring http:// =4gIuCfnmPQg Cloverfield http:// =rw_380vJ0Mo Detailed Analysis Of 2/3 Openings
  • 2. The 3 opening title sequences are of the movies Final Destination 3, The Ring and Cloverfield. Each of these 3 films is a horror but each of the 3 films have a certain type of horror. Final Destination 3 is a horror where the main characters die from everyday things that have gone completely wrong. The Ring is about a when you watch a video tape you die 7 days after watching it by a girl who was killed by her mum and thrown down a well. Lastly Cloverfield is a film about a giant creature that is attacking New York City.
  • 3. The opening to Final Destination 3 is at a fairground and as the camera fades in and out from all the shots they show you ways of deaths that could happen throughout the film. This is used because the viewers who has seen the last 2 films know that there can be many ways of dying throughout the film and it shows a sense of horror and suspense, if that specific death may occur in the film. The opening to The Ring is in a girl's house and at the start the television turns itself on twice and what looks like is a person running past the girl in the background and upstairs to kill the girl who is upstairs, her victim for watching the film. This builds suspense and dramatic effect into the title sequence because of the girl being alone and frightened that something is in the house with her. The opening to Cloverfield is in a celebration party for the main character, the movie is being filmed from a point of view shot by using a hand held camera. The party get disturbed by what they think is an earthquake but when they go out onto the streets of New York the statue of liberty's head has been ripped off and thrown into the street. This suddenly builds suspense because we have not idea what kind of thing could do this.